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A strange little tea house built in a spiral and filled with books and academics

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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[Scalvoris Town] The Scholars' Nook

The Scholars' Nook

More or less in the middle of Scalvoris Town there sits a tower. Four stories in height, circular and complete with conical roof, this is 'The Scholars' Nook'. Inside, the tea house is built in a spiral with a bar and serving area at the core which twists around and is built to conceal a service lift. Although the building itself is roughly four stories high, there are many more levels than that, stairs dot the place throughout and there are small mezzanine levels in an apparently haphazard manner throughout.

One thing which is obvious as soon as one enters the Scholars' Nook is that this place is well named. There are books everywhere, from the shelves cleverly carved into bar to almost every available wall space. Different mezzanine levels seem to be dedicated to different disciplines; historians sit surrounded by books, archaeologists examine fossils and relics, alchemists pour over strange ingredients and botanists study plants. One would be hard pressed to find an academic discipline not represented in this sprawling spiral tea house.

One of the things which make the Scholars' Nook unique is the "Book Exchange Tariff System (BETS)". This is explained throughout the place with small signs to be found everywhere. If the server doesn't recognise you, they'll tell you about it too. The BETS system is simple ~ you bring a book to the Nook, you get a small token. Those tokens can be used to exchange for other books found here ~ therefore, knowledge is continued and passed on. There are three colours of token which can be gained from bringing books into the Nook.
Color of Token Value of Book Exchange Rate
A Red Token A 'regular' book NA
A Blue Token An 'unusual' book 5 red tokens
A Green Token A 'rare' book 10 blue tokens
All of the books available to be purchased in the exchange have a "Token Value", ranging from one red token to three green. As Caz says, though, everything is negotiable. Caz, the proprietor and owner of 'The Scholars' Nook' is herself a passionate student of just about everything and she loves people. Therefore, opening up this place was her dream and she demands the highest standards of service from her staff. People are going to love it here, she is determined and so it will be the best it can be.


Name: Cassandra "Caz" McNulty
Race: Biqaj/Human
Age: Arc 683
Title: Owner & Proprieter: The Scholars' Nook
Marks: N/A
Skills: Business Management: 65, Psychology: 60, Mathematics: 50. Furthermore, Caz seems to know something about almost every subject out there. If she doesn't, then she does know where there's a book here on the subject!

Other Information:
Caz is a friendly woman who is either blessed or cursed with an insatiable hunger to learn. Unfortunately, this has led to her never settling down to do any formal studying because, as soon as she starts one thing, her attention shifts to another. She has read every book in the Scholars' Nook, knows each of her regulars and she is absolutely loving life. She has never wanted qualifications, much preferring to just soak up knowledge. Therefore, the Scholars' Nook is her dream, she is absolutely delighted to be, finally, where she has always wanted to be. She is going to make it a success and her passion, drive and determination are all one hundred percent focused on customer satisfaction.


Name: Theodore "Flea" McNulty
Race: Biqaj / Human
Age: Arc 691
Title: Server at the Scholars' Nook
Marks: N/A
Skills: Writing: 60, Socialization: 50, Research: 50, Linguistics: 50.

Other Information:
Flea, as everyone knows him, is a student of words. He loves words, language and all things associated. He spends most of his time in a state of mild bemusement and often appears a little lost. However, if you get Flea talking then it becomes apparent that he would not ever use one word where twenty would do. He is verbose in the extreme, but he is also always excited about what he is saying.

Flea is Caz's younger brother. Whilst, obviously, the two of them know the origin of his nickname, neither of them are telling and so it is considered to be the best kept secret in Scalvoris.

Name: Maz
Race: Sev'ryn
Age: Arc 689
Title: Server at the Scholars' Nook
Marks: None
Skills: Unarmed Combat: Brawling: 65, Basketweaving: 55, Art: 55, Socialization: 50, Meditation: 20

Other Information:
Maz is the muscle of the Scholars' Nook, something which she is often teased about. She is generally a friendly and outgoing young woman who is willing and eager to help people. Maz, however, will be the first to admit that she has 'a bit of a temper' and, should anyone ever insult Caz or Flea, that temper will certainly spark. When she loses her temper, Maz has been known to break things ~ usually bones and noses. She is working on calming down and is trying to meditate but the young Sev'ryn orphan finds it hard to control. She loves her job, though and, unless provoked, she is a truly pleasant individual for whom nothing is too much trouble.


Scalvblack (Pilar's Tea) Scalvoris specific feel good tea which promotes the imagination and relaxes the drinker.
Lemon Tea Fresh squeezed lemon is stirred into hot water with plain tea to enhance the flavour and entice the senses.
Mint Tea [/td Plain tea leaves are enhanced by fresh peppermint for a refreshing drink.
Apple Tea A firm favourite, sweet and flavourful best served with a teaspoon of honey.
Coffee Fresh ground on the premises
Milky Coffee Made entirely with warm milk, this coffee is rich and flavourful
Hot Chocolate Warming and sweet!
Milky Hot Chocolate Hot chocolate made with warm milk. Yum.


There are jobs here in the serving team, Caz also hires people to do odd jobs and find rare books etc.

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Scholars' Nook
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs here!


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