• Location • [Scalvoris Town] Little Korlasir

A blacksmiths, jeweller and engravers.

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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[Scalvoris Town] Little Korlasir

Little Korlasir

Along the edges of higher society of Scalvoris Proper, the blacksmithing shop known as 'Little Korlasir' has become a place where people often go for their blacksmithing goods. Currently it is manned by residential Scalvoris local, Hurk, with the intention of passing it onto his son, Carl. Hurk has a friendly demeanour and is well known throughout Scalvoris. In truth, his level of skill means that he could do well in a more populated area, but this is his home and he loves it here so why would he move, he asks anyone who mentions it. He loves his job and sees himself as part of a large community.

'Little Korlasir' doesn't only create weapons, armor, and various parts. It also creates jewelry, reinforcing of locks and picks, as well as to make sure that any item one wishes to engrave or use for ceremonial purposes receives the finest pair of hands Scalvoris Proper has to offer. Nestled between a Bakery and a General Goods store, Hurk is happy to lend his talents to his neighbors, if not to increase his prestige and renown as a Blacksmith.

NPC: Hurk

Name: Hurk
Race: Human
Age: ARC 663
Title: 'The runt of Korlasir'
Marks: N/A
Skills: Smithing: 90,Strength: 84, Endurance: 82, Mining: 78, Needlecraft: 75, Appraisal: 74, Woodworking: 62, Jewelry Crafting: 50, Business Management: 48, Polearms, Great Hammer: 48

Other Information:
Hurk is a simple man with simple goals. His dream of becoming blacksmith started out when he had gone to the market with his mother to pick up some cooking utensils made by a local smith. The roar of the forge called to little Hurk and became the goal he sought out. His father, long passed, was from Korlasir. Hurk only saw the beauty of Korlasir once, the beauty of their craft reinforcing his dreams of becoming a notable blacksmith. For years, Hurk toiled away, ignoring the woes of a married man to instead, remain a firm bachelor with eyes only upon his forge and his anvil. Hurk lived his life simple; with no affairs, no romance save for his passion, only a single child was made after Hurk impressed one of his customers with his hard-working determination to make himself big in Scalvoris so that the smiths of Korlasir would acknowledge him as one of their own. Unfortunately, she did not stay for long, with rumors of her 'occasional visits' being when ever Hurk takes one of his vacations inside of his own shop.

NPC Carl

Name: Carl
Race: Human
Age: ARC 691
Title: N/A
Marks: N/A
Skills: Smithing: 62, Musical Instrument: 62, Socialization: 52, Athletics: 52, Seduction: 45, Singing: 32, Running: 20, Endurance: 20, Acting: 1

Other Information:
Carl never liked the simple life, always day-dreaming and losing focus of the legacy his father had set out for him. Carl was given his name due to his father's obsession with Korlasir and their culture. Unfortunately for Hurk, Carl was more interested in their women rather than the culture itself. Carl wished to be an artist in his own right, not in the legacy his father created. He wished to be the life of the party, the center of attention surrounded by adoring fans. Although he practices the art of blacksmithing out of conditioning, rather than habit, Carl still seeks his own name and fortune. Carl has, more often than not, been seen associating with a peculiar raven. There are claims that the raven is actually Carl's mother visiting her son, to make sure that Hurk and Carl are taking care of themselves.

NPC: The Raven

Name: Carl's Raven
Race: ???
Age: ???
Title: 'Carl's mom'
Skills: ???

Other Information:
One thing is certain about the raven's appearance. It has been, largely out of speculation and relation to Carl, that it is actually his mother using her raven totem. Not many remember who she was or what she looked like, but all agreed that she had certainly spent one too many trips to Hurk's shop. Since Carl was but three, that particular raven has been visiting the shop every warm season it can. Despite Scalvoris' naturally cold temperatures, the Raven prefers to visit during Saun mostly, with occasional visits during Ymiden and rare visits during Ashan. Vhalar is the last Season the Raven will visit before returning to the Unknown.

Job Information

Carl is always in search of women, as well as fellow patrons of the arts. Though, adoring fans will always taken priority in his attention seeking ways.

Hurk occasionally needs assistance with the safe-guarding of his imports, as well as make sure Carl returns home on time. Errand-runners that do not mind the long trek to Gunvorton to make sure his suppliers' goods are always welcomed.

Player Notes

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