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Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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[Scalvoris Town] The Scribe

The Scribe

Tobias works where he lives. In an unassuming cottage nestled between two other very similar unassuming cottages. If you can’t find him, just ask a passerby and they’ll point you in the right direction. If you don't know his name, it doesn't matter, because you can just ask for "The Scribe" or "The Owl". They will both lead you to the same cottage.

Inside it would appear to be just as ordinary, aside from the truly incredible number of shelves everywhere the eye can see. Shelves, stretching up to the ceiling and lining nearly every wall are each one of them stuffed neatly with leather bound pages. What limited light there is comes from the small window in one wall and somehow there is a sense that those who own and work here are offended by that window, considering it a waste of valuable book space.

The place feels very crowded and smells of dust, ink, and candle wax. Some visitors, when they sit and hear old wood creek, wonder when the shelves will topple over. If there is a system to the storage of these books it is nothing so simple as the alphabet or sections per topic; yet any of those who live and work here can put their hands on a specific book straight away. How? If asked, they do not tell and the books themselves do not answer either.


Name: Tobias the Owl
Race:Mixed. Human/Biqaj
Birthday: 24th Trial of Ymiden, 644th Arc
Title: Owner and scribe
Skills: Storytelling(90), Writing(60), Intelligence(70), Discipline(50), Science(45), Teaching(40), Seafaring(30)

Other Information: Born to a human mother and Biqaj father on the shores of Scalvoris, they taught him to embrace it’s culture. Growing up, his father tried to ready him for a life of piracy on the sea, and for most of his young adult years he made his dad proud as a cabin boy and crew member. That was where he learned about seafaring, the workings or ships, and how to deal with pirates. However, the older he became, the more time he spent on land, wandering across Scalvoris. During his travels he realized how isolated and clueless some of the villages were to the happenings of the island and realized what he wanted to and needed to do. He would travel from village to village and write down the stories they told him. Collecting and binding them into leather book. It wasn’t long before people started calling him Tobias the Owl, Scribe of Scalvoris. Those in need of information sometimes travel to Scalvoris Town, where Tobias resides when he’s not travelling. But in most cases it’s best to wait until he comes to visit your own place of residency.In his old age travelling has become more difficult, so he relies on his understudy to travel in his place.


Crowther disappeared in Arc721. : details here - he may not be used as an NPC by players after 38th Ymiden 721.
Name: Crowther
Race: Biqaj
Birthday: 7th Trial of Vhalar, 689th Arc
Title: Scribe Understudy
Skills: Axes/Bludgeons(80), Fiddle(70), Research(60), Endurance(55), Storytelling(50), Fishing(40), Cooking(35), Writing(30)

Other Info: Something of a bard, Crowther and Tobias have a natural kinship. While Crowther sometimes thinks Tobias is boring and stale and Tobias doesn’t understand Crowther's lighthearted and juvenile demeanor, the two do enjoy each others company. When Crowther isn’t traveling for his mentor, he entertains him with music and makes songs from the stories he’s told. Providing more than just entertainment and filling the role of understudy, Crowther has taken on the responsibility of cooking his mentor and acting as protection against those who might mean harm to him. Because of the time consuming task of gathering information, behind his mentors back, he’s hired others to travel from Almund and Egilrun to meet him in Scalvoris Proper and report the happening in those corners of the island. It’s not a matter of being too lazy to travel the entirety of the island, but a matter of protecting his mentor so that he may die peacefully whenever the day comes.

Price List

Sometimes information is expensive. Depending on what exactly you’re searching for. He’ll ask you,
“How much is it worth to you,” and how much you offer will determine the usefulness of the information he gives. (I leave it to the sensibility of players and moderators.)

Information He’ll sell at the right price:
  • Pirate Lord info
  • Rumours
  • Flora, Fauna, Monsters
  • History
  • Geography
  • Politics
  • Immortals
  • Government People
  • Arcana

Job Information

If somebody want a job with the scribe, they need to speak with Crowther. You'll need skills in research, endurance, and writing.

Player Notes

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There are jobs available here!
There is more to discover about each of the NPC s
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