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A high class brothel in the expensive area of town.

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] The Siren's Embrace

The Siren's Embrace
For arcs 'The Siren's Embrace' has made business situated in the heart of Almund, offering a more 'exotic' variety of men and woman for customers than man most brothels. Finely decorated in cool shades of blue, purple, green, gold and silver; it has become known as a centre of elegance and status in Scalvoris. Home to whores of all races, this establishment is proudly run by none other than Zihida Reinhardt who formally reigned among the pirate lords until she eventually decided to settle onto land. The reasons for this settlement are largely unknown, but many a rumour has made its way around Scalvoris.

Rumours aside, as one of the higher class brothels in Scalvoris, the men and women that work there are well kept and trained to please their customers and occasionally for even for more questionable requests, as long as the pay is well. Those who visit often know the unspoken rule that if you mess with Zihida's investments without giving the right payment, she'll mess with you. For these reasons, despite the rambunctious and rowdy lifestyle that Almund holds, the business has kept safe running.

The place itself is beautiful and boasts all sorts of 'theme rooms', each one catering to a different fantasy or fetish. Clients can expect bowls of fresh fruit, drinks and good food all alongside the more obvious services here. Nothing is too much trouble and, the motto of the house is that they aim to please and never miss.

Never be in doubt, though, the price is always reflective of the standard of service one can expect.

Zihida Reinhardt

Name: Zihida Reinhardt
Age: 29 (Arc 697)
Race: Biqaj
Title: Owner
Skills: Seduction 90, Seafaring 60, Unarmed Combat 82, Business Management 95, Endurance 79,
Other Information: A former first mate on The Guardian, Zihida had a reputation for being elegant, thick skinned and dangerous for her wiles. Negotiation was known to often go in her favour, she was a hard woman to resist and broke many a man's heart. The sea only grasped her interests, she was in love with it... at least until her other half died. Nobody really knows the full details, but after that Zihida retired and started a business on land. Pirates and residents of Scalvoris a-like come to her brothel, keeping Zihida well connected with the private lords. Although crime is well known throughout Scalvoris, thanks to her reputation and connections; most don't try to mess with her property. Those who have tried have suffered greatly.


Name: Yuloen Neyundarni
Age: 25
Race: Avriel
Title: Right of of Zihida
Skills: Seduction 75, Athletics 53, Endurance 40, Business Management 37, Medicine 43
Other Information: Yuloen is Zihida's right hand, a soft woman with a lot of patience for people and when she is not working is often the first point of contact in the store. She helps all the women in the brothel with any problems that they may have, she is a bright, cheerful, and loyal woman who enjoys the lifestyle she lives.


Name: Zaxis
Age: 27
Title: Left Hand of Zihida
Skills: Seduction 70, Strength 32, Endurance 53, Socialization 29, Business Management 35, Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 40
Other Information: Zaxis is Zihida's left hand, he is a strict man with a sharp wit and despite his mer heritage is often a point of sales. Popular with many of the women Mer or otherwise, Zaxis has had to earn his keep from the start and believes in hard work. He is very close with Yuloen and is protective of her despite being aware of some of the job descriptions that are taken in the Siren's Embrace.

Price List


Prostitute with Novice Seduction: Tier 3 / 1 WP if below Tier 3
Prostitute with Competent Seduction: Tier 5 / 1 WP if below Tier 5
Prostitute with Expert Seduction: Tier 6 / 1 WP if below Tier 6
Prostitute with Master Seduction: Tier 8/ 2 WP if below Tier 8

Multiple prostitutes are allowed.

Please refer to the Shoppe and keep your drinks within your Wealth Tier.


There are jobs available here, players are welcome to enquire. Prostitutes, bouncers, servers, chefs, waiters etc.

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit The Siren's Embrace
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs available here!


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