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A tavern with reasonable food, good bar fights and a quiet room.

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] The Buckle & Chain

The Buckle & Chain
A place to rest, put your feet up and indulge in a good supper, the Buckle and Chain Tavern has been the local Almund pub of choice for the general populace for over thirty arcs. With a long history of serving, there are many a patron who have become fond of the pub as returning customers. It is often thick with the smell of sweat and debauchery. Men and women often go there to drink, fight and copulate their way to an early grave. Although gambling would be welcome there, it generally doesn't take place in the Tavern as the moment a bar fight starts going (which is usually every other night) money goes flying everywhere.

Fond of the ongoing custom, the barwoman that owns the place tries to keep the customers under control but sometimes gets herself involved in a ruck. More often than not she has chumps begging at her door to let them back into their favoured bar, since they calm down eventually but somehow, have always got something new to fight about.

In this pub there are a couple of ground rules:

1. No Killing.
2. No Fighting in the Quiet Area.
3. The Kitchens are out of bounds.
4. You're not getting your money back.
5. Those that harass the employees get jumped by the regulars (unofficial)

Eventually after years of having to put up with the patrons antics the woman made a quieter area of the pub where the more rambunctious weren't allowed, so people could talk and dine in peace. It is there where gambling can be done and meals are to be had. Tilda is currently trying to expand upon the business by building a small brewery out the back to make her own beer. The patrons are excited for the woman's brew and the locals are helping her as much as they can.


Name: Tilda Klein
Race: Human
Age: 36
Title: Bar Woman & Owner of the Buckle and Chain
Skills: Business Management 67, Strength 40, Combat (Unarmed) 20, Brewing 67, Socialization 91, Detection 87, Singing 28, Seduction 69
Other Information: Tilda is a stout and charming woman with a warm and kind heart. She loves her beer as much as she loves her men, and puts a lot of time into both. Not much of a sailor the woman learnt to put her talents to a use of a more common interest, her father owned this pub before her and she was raised around it. She knows every nook and cranny of the place, even the dark corners where the one night wonders try to hide.


Soup 5 cn A basic broth, usually vegetable, at least it's warm. The bowl is fairly large and come with a piece of bread and butter.
Seafood Gumbo 6 cn Thick and hearty, this gumbo is a crowd favourite. The bowl is fairly large and come with a piece of bread and butter.
Stew 7 cn For those who don't much care for fish, there's usually a stew of some sort, where the only guarantee is that it came from something on land that probably didn't talk. The bowl is fairly large and come with a piece of bread and butter.
Steak & Ale Pie 8 cn This is a generous serving that tends to fill even hearty appetites. There is ale, because there must always be ale for it to be Tilda's.
Roast 1 gn Not necessarily cow, but some sort of red meat served smothered in gravy with a starch, often potato or turnip and vegetables.
Dessert 5 cn Anything that Tilda orders the kitchen staff to make, they specialize in cheesecakes


Water 2cn a mug -Seriously why are you here. Go home.
Ale 1sn a mug 6sn a flagon A cheap drink brewed from barley or oats, or any number of different grains.
House Beer - Polygamy Porter2sn, 5cn a mug1gn, 5sn a flagon With the tag-line of Why just have one? this extra stout brew is a hands down favourite. Of course this can partially be attributed to it's name. Some folks who might otherwise order a lighter brew still order it just for the innuendos.
House Beer - Bone Warmer 2sn, 5cn a mug1gn, 5sn a flagon Cinnamon, Ginger and Malted Wheat for a characteristic citrus-y finish mean this beer is definitely not to everyone taste, but it will warm you up on Scalvoris' notoriously cold night.
Beer3sn a mug2gn a flagonRich, hoppy flavours scented with allspice, juniper, resin, apples, bread-crumbs, sage, lavender, gentian, cinnamon, or laurel. These are usually high-flavoured beverages with a strong, natural taste.
Cider5sn a mug3gn a flagonA bitter-sweet flavour achieved by pouring water onto apples and steeping them to perfection. Fresh, crisp, and strong-flavoured, cider can be served cold, at room temperature, or heated.
Mead1gn a mug6gn a flagonA sweet alcoholic drink enjoyed by people from all classes, mead is and brewed using honey.
Spiced Mead2gn a mug8gn a flagonA sweet alcoholic drink enjoyed by people from all classes, this mead is specially brewed with cinnamon, cloves and a special blend of honey imported from Desnind.
Rum1gn a shot10gn a bottleMade from sugarcane juice and molasses and distilled into a clear liquid before it is aged in oak barrels, producing the dark, amber colour rum is famous for. It has a smoky, sweet taste and is very popular among sailors.
Juice 1gn a mug10gn a bottleVaries based on availability, but always has some sort of citrus. Scalvorians quite like keeping their teeth thank you. Much more expensive than other regions, as most fruits will not grow on Scalvoris and must be imported.
Akdov2gn a shot15gn a bottleA stronger form of Akdov, crisp and distilled for volume rather than flavour, Akdov has a strawberry-vanilla taste, and can best be described as cold and clean going down smoothly. This spirit is clear having no colour and is typically drunk straight, with a strong after taste and subtle bite.
Brandy2gn a shot20gn a bottleAn after dinner drink of the best quality and highest proofing, this brandy will leave a warm feeling in the mouth and stomach upon consumption.
Whiskey 2gn a shot30gn a bottleMade from fermented grain-mash including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whiskey is aged over time in wooden crates generally made of charred white oak important from different regions across Idalos.


There are jobs available here, players are welcome to enquire.

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There are jobs available here!


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