Hungry for plots!

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Hungry for plots!

Hello boys & girls!

I've recently found myself yearning for more and more threading, and it's just so happens that solos have began to bore me. However, considering we've got an amazing community of very talented writers, I thought I'd ask for help to fulfill these needs of mine. Hopefully, we can satisfy yours too!

What I can offer:
  1. Memory threads: Kovic is very young, and so this window for opportunity is very limited. If your character has been in Western Idalos from the 711th to the 716th Arc (until Saun), we can always organize something!
  2. Present day threads: Kovic is currently in the Etzos area, so if you happen to visit, do give me a poke!
  3. Peer Moderation: That's right! If you want a 'moderated' thread, I can be of service to you. Let me know what you're after, the themes you wish for the thread, and I can organize something for you. I'm not a moderator, of course, so we'll have to abstain from Immortals, artifacts, and such grandiose themes.

Dream threads are, unfortunately, not something I am after. I am very fond of plots that advance slowly, and I have a knack for focusing on small details/hints. The themes I enjoy most are investigation-type threads, politics, adventure, and horror.

Reply to this post or send me a PM if you've got any questions, or if you're willing to sign up for something!
Thanks to Sabine for this amazing template!
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