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A poison shoppe also specialising in cursed goods and spirit glass.

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] Berlwin's Brews

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As of Ymiden 38th, this location is abandoned. It is locked and secure, but there is no sign of Berlwin
Berlwin's Brews
A dark gloomy air hangs around Berlwin's Brews. Located in the back alleys of Almund, the shop is only known to those who know where to seek it. As a trader of poison Berlwin, the owner, spends the most of time preparing lethal poisons from creatures of the local environment and sometimes, some stranger substances traded to him by the dangerous, foolhardy or brave souls who walk into his shop. A bitter and vengeful man, cast out from the mainlands of Idalos, he takes pleasure in the idea that his work slowly and painfully kills or harms people. Stories say anyone who finds out the secrets of his past soon gets to try out his wares.. Personally.

As a front to this less than friendly trade, to anybody who might ask the man deals in herbs and cure-all treatments, sells some small antiques and specialises in fine glassware. The rumours are that the antiques are often more than they seem, and not in a good way, and the glassware is actually magical in nature with souls trapped inside it. Whether this is true or not, of course, is completely open to interpretation and for all that it might be discussed in a tavern at night in low whispers, no one knows anybody who has been brave enough to ask.


Berlwin disappeared in Arc 721. : details here - he may not be used as an NPC by players after 38th Ymiden 721.
Name: Berlwin Shnifer
Race: Human
Age: Born Arc 623
Title: Poison Master
Skills: Medicine 100, Alchemy 86, Business Management 70, Intelligence 63, Blades (Daggers) 57, Intimidation 67 Deception 73, Stealth 40, Endurance 59
Other Information: A collector of cursed goods Berlwin is a passionate man, obsessed with pain. His wares are considered questionable to most and he isn't great at conversation. Cunning about his work the man finds it easy to lie and overcharge for his goods, his customers are mostly thieves, cutthroats and questionable folk. As an old man, he knows he has to be careful of the strength of the younger folks. He has a reputation for being shady, not a man to make a deal with if you can avoid it but his poisons are known to be some of the most lethal and he is, therefore, one of the most feared men in Scalvoris.[/mod]


Please refer to the Shoppe.


There are jobs available here, players are welcome to enquire. No guarantees!

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit Berlwin's Brews!
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs available here!


Credits to: Vakhanor
Submitted for Development: September 2016
Reposted here January 2017: Pegasus
Major edits in repost
Updated NPC following The Forging seasonal event: August 2021
Checked for Skills Scale Down by Elisabeth. Amended skill for NPCs August 2021
Updated to the Wealth System: August 2021: Peg.
Developed by: Vakhanor
word count: 524
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