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A shadier alternative to the Order of the Adunih. Healing and drugs

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] Dukahrn's Medical Facility

Dukahrn's Medical Facility
Located in Almund, this centre has recntly located into a building which used to be a large cargo-carrying ship; with more space than they've ever had, new and interesting sorts of injuries popping up left right and center and business for Dukahrn is bustling. Plenty of former (or current) pirates go around hurting each other, explorers fall down abandoned mine shafts, stupid people eat unidentified substances on dares and a whole raft of things happen which lead them here. Dukahrn stitches them up and they come back. If he likes a person he will sometimes even give a discount to returning customers to do society a favour.

A lot of treatments here are backdoor at best, they will do some of the more unorthodox and trickier operations that some doctors wouldn't dream of because of the risks. Despite all of this, the actual treatment given is some of the best and Dukahrn pays his workers decent money. He and the Order of the Adunih don't get on and they often find themselves at odds in terms of how they think things should be done; at best they tolerate each other.

Some might wonder why individuals would come here rather than the generally cheaper Outpost. Firstly with more staff, service is often quicker. Secondly, there is rarely if ever any inconvenient questions or patronizing talks, no morals are involved. Thirdly, as long as they have the coins, drug seekers are welcome to come buy their fix.

NPC: Dukharn

Name: Doctor Dukahrn
Race: Human
Title: Owner
Skills: Medicine 93, Business Management 86, Leadership 79, Needlecraft 70, Alchemy 20, Blades (Cutlass) 27, Torture 85, Seafaring 34, Intimidation 51
Other Information: Once a pirate the local Doc spent his younger days out sailing, but didn't earn a lot of coin hunting for treasure at the time. With his busted knee the man turned to earning his money solely through his medical skills. He is a grouchy individual that is generally disinterested in what people have to say. "Pay for me to care," he usually says. Money is his goal and although he is a good medical practitioner if he doesn't like you, he'll make it hurt more than necessary or alternatively make it worse. He's always up for haggling with prices and loves to barter, though many a confused patient has found themselves paying more than the initially quoted price after trying to haggle.

NPC: Other Staff

Name: Eboryl Blackblunder
Race: Biqaj
Age: 24
Title: Head Doctor
Skills: Caregiving 69, Medicine: 74, Needlecraft: 30, Seafaring 41, Navigation 35, Alchemy 30, Singing 27
Other Information: Only a working practitioner as a doctor for a few years now Eboryl found his passion in helping people. Although fond of the sea like many of his Biqaj cousins, Eboryl is a very patient soul with a very down-to-earth attitude toward others. He is aware that his boss overcharges others for the wares that he sells and tries to sell the goods for a fair price. Usually with the excuse "I liked them, so I let them haggle it down." While Durkahrn is suspicious of his activity and tries to corrects him, the older man recognizes that Eboryl as a decent doctor and brings business to them in one form or another.
Name: Lilianna Joteyn
Race: Mixed Blood: Biqaj & Sev'ryn
Age: 31
Title: Head Surgeon
Skills: Medicine: 83, Detection 67, Animal Husbandry 52, Animal Training 35, Needlecraft 56, Storytelling 17, Cooking 38
Other Information: A sweet, kind, and welcoming lady at first sight Lilianna is a very loving and very caring person, at least until you meet her more sadistic side. Secretly all she wants to do is cut you up and look at you from the inside. She spends a lot of time watching people, most men and women often catch her staring at them and she often is; wondering what they look like from the inside. With a fascination for blood, she is often excited for the news of a surgery and lights up whenever she gets the opportunity. Lilianna has a pet otter called Troy. Much to Dukarhn's chagrin, he lets the creature skitter around her at risk of it sneaking in any way without her supervision and messing up the tools.
Name: Jim Chanter
Race: Avriel
Age: 67
Title: Head Psychologist & Nurse
Skills: Psychology 97, Medicine 70, Business Management 29, Caregiving 31, Seafaring 80, Storytelling 57, Detection 83, Enscrollment 27, Attunement 45, Meditation 30, Socialization 63
Other Information: An old man and once a pirate Jim was a seafarer and a feared pirate. His use of the magical arts made him a great ally aboard 'The Unstoppable' he retired however many moons ago. Growing too old to pirate a ship the man took an interest in the psychology of others. A patient man with a lot of time for asking questions, he enjoys telling stories and figuring out puzzles. More experience in medicine he help Dukahrn with the less surgical side of the infirmary, dealing with more of the drugs and medicines for patients.

Price List

One - off medical procedures (simple): Tier 5 (1wp if below)
One off medical procedures (complex) Tier 7 (2wp if below)

Long term medical care (simple): Tier 7 (2wp per cycle if below)
Long term medical care (complex): Tier 8 (3wp per cycle if below).

See Shoppe

See the Shoppe.


There are jobs available here, players are welcome to enquire. There will be an interview and, if the Doctor doesn't like you, you won't get a position.

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit Dukahrn's Medical Facility!
There are many secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs available here!


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