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A tavern serving some of the best food in Scalvoris. Try the pies!

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] O'Rourke's Tavern

O'Rourke's Tavern

Technically 'Mad O'Rourkes Dun Cow Pie Shop', this establishment is usually either known just as Mad O'Rourkes or the Pie Shop. The place is known for its strange and rather weird staff members and the fact that there is a cat who is more important than any staff member or customer. Still, assuming you can get over the colourful characters and eccentricities, it is one of the best places to eat in Almund, and the prices are reasonable. It's usually kept warm with several roaring fires, and the scent of cooking floats through the air. The place has it's own unique ambience, each table and chair is different and you are as likely to find a bowl filled with nik-naks as your table decoration as you are a small sculpture of a scarecrow made by a child (it seems) or even a delicate glass vase or exquisite wooden carving. Eclectic weirdness notwithstanding, it's kept clean and respectable.

Mad O'Rourkes provides food and drink, but nothing else. Occasionally a musician might entertain in return for food or tips, but O'Rourkes has no women, cots or anything else on sale.


Name: Mad O'Rourke
Race: Human
Age: 54
Title: Owner
Marks: None
Skills: Unarmed Combat (Boxing): 28, Business Management: 25, Intimidation: 40

Other Information: Mad O'Rourke had his money as a boxer. He eventually won enough to open his own business. Since the majority of his boxing had been done in Taverns, he figured he knew enough about how they ought to be to open his own. As well as meaning that he wasn't getting punched in the head everyday, always a bonus, this meant he had somewhere safe and secure for his Mother to live in her old age.

Mad O'Rourke is an interesting fellow. He still feels most problems or disagreements can be solved with his fists, but he is very protective of his establishment, and the people who work in it, seeing them as sort of an extended family.

The only sure way to win his approval is to help his Mother, win favour with his Cat, or beat him on one of the days he feels like reliving his glory days and indulging in a little boxing.

Name: Mama O'Rourke
Race: Sev'ryn/Human
Age: 76
Title: Cook
Marks: None
Skills: Cooking: 70, Brewing: 30

Other Information: Mama O'Rourke is, while undoubtedly an extremely good cook, starting to go a little funny with age. When not actively cooking, she is often slightly confused, and has become lost on more than one occasion. Mad and his employees all do their best to keep track of and care for her. Insulting or reacting badly to Mama O'Rourkes eccentricities is perhaps even more dangerous than not liking The Cat.

She also owned a dun cow in her youth, she was quite fond of it, but not fond enough not to make meat pies out of it during a particularly hard season. She feels they were the best pies she'd ever made, and what she's been aspiring to recreate since 'If I could just find a spice like hunger!'.


Name: Ripi Dj'Akor
Race: Sev'ryn/Biqaj
Age: 21
Title: Waitress
Marks: None
Skills: Dancing: 20, Cosmetology: 40, Socialization: 40

Other Information: Ripi is perpetually cheerful, and has a quick and clever wit. Born and raised in Scalvoris, Ripi found herself a job when The Cat tooking a liking to her and O'Rourke was understaffed. Probably one of the wilier employees of the Pie Shop, Ripi helps keep any hucksters away.

Name: Raeburn
Race: Human
Age: 18
Title: Bartender
Marks: None
Skills:Brewing: 40, Socialization: 30, Cooking: 15, Seduction: 21

Other Information: Rae is O'Rourkes admission that his mother might not last for ever. The cheeky young man is an up and coming brewer and cook. He does tend to suffer from too much cockiness and an inflated sense of his own appeal to women. Luckily his fellow employees, especially Ripi, help keep his ego under control.

Name: Dunha Qua'Ihadi
Race: Biqaj
Age: 26
Title: Waitress
Marks: None
Skills: Seduction: 40, Socialization: 30, Woodworking: 40

Other Information: Dunha loves life. She loves good food, drink, company and songs. She has a kind word for everyone and an ample bosom for those who need a hug. She remembers people names, and quite often their life stories. On her breaks, she can be found making tiny wooden toys for the children, and when asked nicely, will give them away.

The Cat

Name: The Cat, Kitty, Darlin', Princess, Her Highness, The Queen

Other Information: The Cat is probably one of the main reasons for the 'Mad' in Mad O'Rourkes name. He loves that cat. No ones quite sure where it came from, it just sort of showed up one day and he took a shine to it. It now basically runs the Tavern. If The Cat likes you, free drinks might be in your future. If The Cat decides it doesn't like you, you might meet Mad O'Rourkes fist, regardless of whether you've done anything to deserve it.

The Cat, like all cats is fickle. Favour one day does not mean favour the next. In addition, any drinks knocked over by The Cat will not be replaced by the establishment.


Soup Tier 2 Warm and comforting, the soup changes by the trial based on availability and what Mama and Rae feel like making. The bowl is fairly large and come with a piece of bread and butter.
Chowder Tier 2 Thick and hearty, this seafood chowder is a favourite, the ingredients caught fresh daily. The bowl is fairly large and come with a piece of bread and butter.
Stew Tier 2For those who don't much care for fish, there's usually a stew of some sort, where the only guarantee is that it came from something on land that probably didn't talk. The bowl is fairly large and come with a piece of bread and butter.
Meat Pie Tier 2 Mamas specialty, the crusts are light and flaky and the filling though constantly changing is always moist and expertly seasoned. This is a generous serving that tends to fill even hearty appetites. If requested, you can get a slightly smaller slice with vegetables on the side.
Roast Tier 3 Again, not necessarily cow, but some sort of red meat served smothered in gravy with a starch, often potato or turnip and vegetables.
Dessert Tier 2 This changes wildly, since it's whatever Mama or Rae feel like making, it could be as simple as cookies or as complex as baklava.


Drinks at O'Rourke's are cheap- someone with a Tier 2 lifestyle could drink beer and ale here 5 nights out of 10 and not lose wealth points. To drink here every night, you'd need a Tier 3 lifestyle. To drink spirits / good quality drinks every night, it'd be Tier 5.

The House Beers - Mad Cat (cranberry ale) and Mama's Cooking (chocolate and nut dark beer) are what the place is "famous" for.

Job Information

Though not actively seeking new employees, if another person arrived who fit in with the current team, and met the strange and cheerful requirement, it's quite possible O'Rourke would take them on.

Player Notes

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