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Odd jobs for hire on a job-by-job basis.

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] The Kennel

The Kennel

The Kennel is a fairly recent addition to the streets of Almund, only a few arcs old . Originally, Gibney Connick took on odd jobs by himself, ranging from deliveries to simple merc work to investigations. He found he was so in demand that he was turning jobs down. A conversation about this over a drink or seven with his business minded friend Dana saw the two coming up with the idea for and eventually opening the Kennel. It was opened originally while the Pirate Lords ruled Scalvoris but with the new order there were as many opportunities as before, and so the Kennel continued.

Now individuals, referred to as Hounds while they're under contract, can stop in and after a quick vetting with Dana, see what jobs are available and take those they're most suited to. While usually simple solo jobs, occasionally larger contracts come through the door and Hounds may even find themselves going out with Gibney and Ari. The changes in Scalvoris mean that there are a much wider variety of jobs available so it is worth noting that swordsmen and scholars are equally in demand (almost)


Name: Gibney Conneck
Race: Human
Age: Unknown - looks to be Mid-50s
Title: Hound Master
Marks: Blessing of Velduris, Favoured
Skills: Animal training: 70, Animal Husbandry: 40, Investigation: 40, Larceny: 40, Unarmed Combat (Brawling): 30

Other Information: Gibney just barely missed making a living as a criminal. Brought up rough as many Scalvorians are, he very nearly turned to a life of crime, until he realised that those same talents could be put to use in other endeavours. He started running errands for those around town, and made a name for himself as both reliable and close-mouthed.

It wasn't until he began using his pet hound to help him that he became truly successful. He very first hound was a mutt of no particular breeding he found on the street and kept for company. Aside from defending him, it had no real talents. Still, he used it as an effective lookout, scout and guard. When it eventually died, he looked for another, this time choosing more carefully. It was this second hound that eventually led to his current, Ari. It was also at about this time that he was noticed and marked by Karem.

Gibney doesn't care about much beyond his hound and his own simple pleasures, though he does look after his partner Dana even if they don't always see eye to eye. These days, Gibney can afford to only go out on particularly lucrative jobs, or ones that take his interest, otherwise contracting out to his Hounds.
Name: Dana Guiscard
Race: Ellune/Human
Age: Born: Ymiden, 699
Title: Kennel Master
Marks: None
Skills: Business Management: 60, Socialization: 40, Appraisal: 40, Intelligence: 60

Other Information: At very nearly seven feet tall, and with skin more grey than not, Danas Ellune side is clear. Many who do not know the man find him intimidating. The truth is that although he possesses a keen intellect and a flair for business and nels, Dana is a gentle man, and a gentleman.

His friendship with Gibney might come as a surprise then, the two being very different, but they both possess a love of nels, and their differences are usually complimentary, even if they do clash occasionally. Its usually Dana who will chat with a prospective Hound and see if they are suitable to take on a job, and to represent the Kennel.

Name: Ari
Age: 3
Skills: Intimidation: 30, Hunting: 60, Endurance: 30, Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons): 30

Other Information: There's nothing uncanny about Ari, though she is the result of several generations of careful breeding, her grandfather was Gibneys first scent hound.

She is a highly trained, extremely loyal scent hound, and once on a trail will not be deterred by anything except a command from Gibney or a perceived threat to him. Though fairly smart for a hound, and able to recognise and respond to a fair number of commands, she is still a hound, and it is possible to outsmart her.

Gibney plans to eventually breed her, in the hopes that at least a few of her pups show the same potential as their mother.

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Kennel
There are still some secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs here!

Secrets Discovered!

 ! Message from: Secrets Discovered!
In Zi'da 717 in this thread Max and Merces discovered that it seems like the Kennels have a very good spy / intelligence network.
They also discovered that they have good links with the Merchants' Guild.


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