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Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Accomodation Contractor

The Accommodation Contractor
Located not next door to the Employment Contractor, the Office of the Accommodation Contractor is responsible for overseeing the thousands of housing units in the cliffs and fortress of the city of Viden. Owned by, Silas Desin, the Accommodation Contractor houses roughly four fifths of the city's population in its various housing units, known as Prisms.

The housing system is decided based on a citizen's income and social class, or how much a visitor is willing to spend. Accommodation is situated in what the Videnese have called "prisms" and are named after a few of the precious gemstones quarried from the cliff as they were excavating it when first building the city. Anyone living in a prism is given accommodation based directly on social class, however there are a number of families and individuals who live in buildings outside of the two areas of Viden, yet still within the walls of the city proper. Individual housing units are allocated based on income and family size.

The vast majority of accommodation is found in the cliff face. Due to the very nature of the cliffs, not everyone has the luxury of having rooms with a window, which cost a little extra. The two highest social classes are housed separately, within the main fortress building of Viden, which is the more metropolitan area of the city.
  • Malachite Prism
    • At the bottom of the cliffs is the Malachite Prism, which takes up a single level. It houses the lowest social class of the Precariat. Often, these rooms are shared, possibly even between strangers. As per law, the room will contain a stove, as ell as a bed, a storage chest and a chamber pot per person.
  • Tsavorite Prism
    • On the next two levels of the cliffs is found the Tsavorite Prism. This prism houses one of the largest castes: the Unskilled Labourers. The units themselves resemble large inns complete with common room and kitchen facilities. The housing cubicles resemble rooms one may find at the common inn. They vary in size from small to medium and contain the basic furnishings such as a bed, table, a couple of chairs, a small wardrobe and a chamber pot. Dining facilities, bathing facilities, and common ares are shared between approximately 6 people.
  • The Carnelian Prism
    • The Carnelian Prism is positioned directly above the Tsavorite Prism, and is occupied by students of the Viden Academy (both citizens and visiting students). The housing cubicles also resemble rooms one may find at the common inn. They vary in size from small to medium and contain the basic furnishings such as a bed, table, a couple of chairs, a small wardrobe and a chamber pot. Dining facilities, bathing facilities, and common areas are shared between approximately 6 people.
  • Amber Prism
    • The topmost two layers of the cliff is known as the Amber Prism. It houses the Skilled Workers and Business Owners of Viden. These luck souls do not share any common facilities with their neighbours, and are afforded their own self-contained flats within the prism. These flats contain enough bedrooms for a family to live comfortably, a combined kitchen, dining and living area, and a private bathroom.
  • Moonstone Prism
    • One of the towers of the fortress is named the Moonstone Prism, and is found on the southern edge of the fortress. It is occupied by the Masters of the city - the highest rank a citizen can climb based on merit. These housing units are also self-contained flats for individuals, with no shared facilities, however they are much bigger than the units found in the Amber Prism. Each room is individual, and an extra function room is added for the hosting of parties.
  • Obsidian Prism
    • The final prism, found on the western edge of the city, not far from the cliffs, is the Obsidian Prism. Here, the aristocracy live in large apartments and attached houses with grand rooms. The Desin family, who live in the Obsidian Prism, have nothing to do with their housing arrangements; the contract is passed down from parent to child. These units are even bigger than the units found in the Moonstone Prism. Their interiors are obscenely ornate and extravagant, compared to how the lower classes live.
Security is handled by the Accommodation Contractor, who has officers stationed at the entrance to each prism. These employees are also responsible for collecting the rent and taking care of major maintenance issues.


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NPC - Chiet

Date of Birth: 11th Day of Zi’da, 690
Skills: Intelligence - Competent
Interrogation - Expert
Organisation - Expert
Writing - Competent
Singing - Competent

Cheit is a young son of a junior brother of Silas Desin's. He is a diligent and hardworking lad. Having completed his Letter in Psychology, he is glad of the opportunity to have work quickly, even if it wasn't exactly what he had had in mind. Silas, with no children of his own, has offered to make Cheit his heir, and successor to the family business. But only if Cheit can prove that he understands how the business works, right from the bottom up.
Prophet's Note: This location requires no permission to self-moderate or post in, however Local Prophet approval is required to live in the Moonstone and Obsidian Prisms. A PC must also be working and paying correct expenses (e.g. you cannot be living a Common lifestyle and living in the Amber Prism)
word count: 936

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