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The healing faction found throughout Idalos

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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[Scalvoris Town] Order of the Adunih Outpost

The Order of the Adunih

The Order of the Adunih are found throughout Idalos and the branch here on Scalvoris was one of the very early outposts to open. At the time, it was needed because of the violence which was so common on the island. However, after the events of Vhalar 716, the increase in exploration has led to a whole raft of new injuries and injury types. As the island, too, has become more populated and busy, the Order are finding themselves more and more stretched. There is some talk of opening a second Outpost in Almund.

The Order of the Adunih Outpost in Scalvoris Town is a small, neat building. The front door is always open when the weather permits, the place is meticulously clean and there is a sense of order which is impossible to miss. No one is ever turned away from the Order, anyone is welcome here. Those who work here also live here and there is a small garden out the back and a library on the first floor. Even at it's most dangerous, to wear the cloak of the Order of the Adunih is to be immune to danger in Scalvoris. The residents here will not allow harm to come to 'their' healers.


Name: Galena Valed
Race: Human
Age: 38
Title:Mistress, Healer, the Gold
Marks: None
Skills: 70 Medicine, 55 Discipline, 50 Logistics, 20 Etiquette, 30 Teaching
Other Information: Galena has studied in Viden and Rynmere, and is quite frankly, absolutely baffled about how she wound up on Immortal-forsaken Scalvoris. Some healers join the Order because they want to see the world. Galena was not one of them. At the very least, the sheer size of the area she is responsible for and the need to provide care for the whole island means she is kept busy and does feel like she's progressing as a healer.

Her harried attitude is not helped by her three greencloaks. Rami is entirely too unfocused, and her cloak while green is certainly not regulation, though her needlework cannot be faulted in skin or cloth. Dhatri winds up the patient rather than the healer far too often with his attempts to woo Rami when he's meant to be learning. And Squid! What sort of name was that for a child? At the very least, he might grow up to be something, if she can just make sure he doesn't fall in with the wrong crowd.

In short, Galena is not only a mother hen, she's a decorative breed who's somehow found herself in a flock of seagulls trying to keep track of three exuberant chicks.

She has very little patience for self-inflicted woes, and people she suspects got what they deserved tend to be treated without any anesthesia, their medicine unsweetened. Despite this, she'd never dream of denying anyone treatment.


Name: Dr. Aaron Shelby
Created by: Hookor Crook.
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 5th of Saun, Arc 677/40 Arcs
Title: Senior Surgeon, Scalvoris Hospital/Clinics
Skills: Medicine (Expert: 66/100), Socialization (Expert: 52/100), Leadership (Competent: 40/100)
Details: Doctor Shelby, or "Shelby" as most call him, has been a senior member of the medical staff in Scalvoris for some time. He left his position as chief of staff at a hospital in Rynmere, under mysterious circumstances. Some say he was tired of the politics, still others say it was more personal in nature. Regardless, he now considers the north eastern island his home. Well established as one of the best surgeons in Scalvoris, he works tirelessly to save lives, often working late into the night. He has even been known to give occasional lectures at the Viden Academy Campus, though he misses more invites then he attends, as a case often causes him to be a "no show".

Price List

Although they will tend anyone regardless of means, patients are expected to cover the cost of materials used to treat them and add something for the Healers time. Much to Galenas dismay, this often takes the form of goods, which is fine when it's useful, but is more often fish ~ a foodstuff she is severely allergic to..

The drugs and medicines they have access to is much improved since the mist and shadow beasts of Vhalar 716. Now that there are links with Viden, also, this is a source of both teaching and information.

Job Information

Galena is always happy for help. Although she feels up to her ears in Greencloaks already, there is enough work to be done on Scalvoris that she would gladly take on other healers. Information on the faction can found here

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Order of the Adunih Outpost
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There are jobs available here!
There is more to discover about each of the NPC s
Feel free to self mod / solo here, or ask for a modded thread if you wish one.
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Re: [Scalvoris Town] Order of the Adunih Outpost

My fellow brothers and sisters,

Havardr is in dire straits.

After answering their call for Order involvement I have learned disturbing information. Linca has indeed taken to his bed but I fear it is not as simple as we had initially expected. Lince now lies asleep in a coma, with no physical signs of affliction. No fever, no shakes. No signs of internal trauma or distress. Initially, I was confounded, but... After a thorough examination, I was able to discover that the councilman now bears the Mark of Lisirra, known commonly among us as the Plague Maiden. In my professional opinion, if this curse is not lifted by the last frost, we may be facing a terror unlike Scalvoris has seen in decades.

The insects will return.

And if this curse attracts them...possess them...

There will be a plague if we do not act soon. Please send anyone you can spare. I know I ask much, especially in times of war, but I fear the thought of a future where I did not implore guidance. Linca must be given complete medical surveillance, at all hours of the trial. We must know at once if his condition begins to worsen.

I will continue to put my full effort into doing what I can. As it stands, none of the villagers seem to know how this curse came to be, or why it was laid upon Linca. I believe that is something that I must first uncover and it may require me to travel across the island for the answers I seek. Please aid me in any way you can. I know I am nothing more than a blue cloak ranking, but... if there was ever someone who could believe in miracles, it's me.

Yeva of Rharne
Written: 9 Cylus 721 Received: 11 Cylus 721
 ! Message from: Peg
As a result of Yeva's actions here, a small group (10) of Order members travel to Harvardr. They stay and set up an outpost. Yeva is able to be involved in this and, if she wishes it, she can head up the outpost here
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