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A place to have your fortune told, all read in the bones!

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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[Almund] The Bones

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On the 38th Ymiden 721, Efah was found dead in her shop. The bones closed that day.
The Bones

Tucked away down an alley in Almund, the entrance to the Bones is an unassuming wooden door, until one looks up and sees the skulls of the former proprietors mortared into the lintel, forever watching those who pass or enter. There is no sign outside the building, no advertisements of what happens here are evident on the outside and yet, everyone knows what this building is and what those who visit it are seeking.

Although one might be able to find other fortune-tellers or dabblers in Almund, its generally agreed that the Bones is where you go when you want real answers. At the Bones, Efah does not use tarot cards, doesn't care about the bumps on your head, or the lines on your hand. There are no crystal ball, or bubbling brews. There are only the Bones, and they are all she uses.

Several sets of rune carved bones are used, depending on who is asking and what they are trying to find out. For the squeamish or the odd child who wanders in, there are runes carved onto sheep bones. For those who are a little braver, only human will do. Some are carved from great Captains of the past, many who wanted their remains used in such way. These are considered to be willing and helpful bones. More are carved into former enemies, although whose enemies they were is not clear and Efah does not say. She is clear, though; the fiercer they were, the more they can see into the future, or so the belief goes.

But do you really want these once-scourges, now moved beyond the mortal coil to turn their dead eyes and attention on to you and your life? Your future? Everything has a cost, it's rarely just in coin.


Efah died in Arc721. : details here - she may not be used as an NPC by players after 38th Ymiden 721.
Name: Efah Chazon
Race: Human
Age: 48
Title: Reader
Marks: None
Skills: 50 Meditation, 30 Storytelling, 20 Psychology
Other Information: Efah does not claim to see the future, she herself possesses no mystical arcane powers. What she has done however is dedicate her life to learning to interpret the runes on the bones thrown in her shop. Whether her customers believe or not does not make very much difference to her, she will speak what she sees all the same.

Price List

A reading has no set price, with the customer paying what they feel the knowledge was worth, but a minimum of one gold nel is expected just for walking in the door. Some more superstitious will pay far more than that, in the belief that pleasing Efah will cause her to lend her influence to the bones and alter the outcome. Though she's never confirmed this, neither does she discourage the practice.

Job Information

Currently Efah works alone, but as she is childless and knows that all die eventually, she would not be averse to taking on an Apprentice, if the right person were to come along.

Player Notes

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Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Bones
There are secrets to be discovered here!
There are jobs available here!
There is more to discover about the NPC
Feel free to self mod / solo here, or ask for a modded thread if you wish one.
PM a Scalvoris mod if you want more info!


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