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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The Rusty Anchor

The Rusty Anchor

Located at the Docks in Andaris, The Rusty Anchor is a pub with the seafolk and sailors as target clientèle. It doesn't look all that clean and great from the outside, more like a shack than a tavern, but the inside is surprisingly tidy. Wooden tables and chairs are scattered across the chamber, empty rum bottles hold candles and are placed everywhere. At the far wall of the room a hearth burns with a pleasant warmth.

The Rusty anchor has a rather limited choice of drinks one can get, but it's cheaper than the city's Inns (per mug, that is), and the sailors doesn't have to walk to the Andaris proper to enjoy them. Of course, since the customers are rather rowdy, there are the occasional brawls that start here, but the owner of the place is pretty competent in smothering those quickly.

There is entertainment aplenty to be found in the Rusty Anchor, most of which come in the form of games of chance. Any who asks may borrow a set of dice or cards from the bartender. Recreational drugs can also be bought, though one has to know who to talk to. Often there is at least one dealer present at night, who will gladly exchange his wares for those with the coin. Officially though, there are no such people present.

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Race: Biqaj
Age: 57arcs
Title: Geoff the One-eye, Old man Geoff
Skills:Storytelling21, Socialization53, Weapon: cane48, Intimidation 79, Sailing42
Languages Common, Rakahi

Geoff The One-eye, or commonly called 'Old Man Geoff' by the regular customers and friends, is the owner and bartender of The Rusty Anchor. With his grizzled appearance and eye patch over his right eye, he's rather the stereotype old sailor. However, he is a pleasant man to talk to and while his sense of humor might not be all that funny as he thinks it is, he is liked by many.

In the past, Geoff was a sailor who never married or raised kids, preferring to call the sea his home and his ship, 'Anne de Chantraine', his bride. When he grew too old to conquer the waves and his ship was eaten by the ocean, Geoff decided to give up sailing and started a pub instead. He can often be persuaded to tell tales about his adventures in the past, but whether they are true of not is not something one can be sure of.

Despite his friendly nature, Geoff does not tolerate troublemakers and if a fight starts he will make sure it is canceled right away, using his skill in intimidation to freeze the troublemakers in their spots. Should that not be enough to break up a brawl however, he will throw them out using his cane as if it were whip. Often he will get help of the regulars, all of which are rather fond of the old man and his pub. Yet, it isn't that Geoff hates a brawl, no. Rather, he has spent quite a bit of coin on his ramshackle tavern, and would rather not see his property damaged. Despite not holding the outbreak of a fight against his customers, if they break things he expects them to pay for the damages, and can be really convincing to make sure they do. Those that start a fight but cause no damage to the furniture often get off the hook with just a warning.


Ale (Mug/flagon) 1sn/6sn
Mead (Mug/flagon) 8sn/6gn
Beer (Mug/flagon) 2sn/2gn
Rum (Shot/Bottle) 8sn/10gn
Credit: Yanahalqah
word count: 635
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