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A comprehensive list of the most important NPCs of the Empire.

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Ivorian Empire Master NPC List

The Master NPC List
Arm Superior NPCs

Dex Oldinn

Title: Dex Khazera Oldinn

Rank: Imperiator Primus

Race: Ithecal

Skills: 95 Endurance, 95 Blade: Gladius, 79 Acrobatics, 76 Leadership, 75 Ranged Combat: Shortbow, 70 Tactics, 65 Detection, 61 Medicine, 60 Teaching, 58 Smithing, 55 Politics, 48 Intimidation, 41 Interrogation

Mark: Champion Taithir

Equipment: Masterwork Gladius, Masterwork Hunting Bow, 100 common arrows, Masterwork Plate Armor, Masterwork Heater Shield, Masterwork Plate Gauntlets, Masterwork Plate Pauldrons, Masterwork Plate Fauld, Masterwork Plate Helmet, Red Wool Cloak w/Fur Trim, Onyx Pendant

Personality: Khazera is an even tempered man, known for his patience and wisdom, as well as his combat prowess and tactical skill. However, he is strict about members of the Arm Militant following the rules, even Phaestus assigned to shadow triums. Despite his strict attitude, he is fair and kind, forgiving mistakes and helping people improve their abilities. He is also somewhat shy, not feeling comfortable in the public eye, but capable rousing a crowd despite this.

History: Born to the city of Yithiral, Khazera was raised as all Ithecal were to protect the people of their city, and grew into a proud Immunatum in the service of the Arm Militant. As time passed, he grew more and more devoted to the ideals of the Arm, and began to study the other Immortals and the world of Idalos, so that he might better defend the people of Yithiral. As he grew, Khazera was held up as one of the shining examples of a prime member of the Arm, humble but confident and skilled. In time, he grew to embody the ideals of the Arm and other began to follow him almost without thought. Eventually, several years after becoming a Legatius, Khazera was recommended for the title of Inperiatim Ultimatum and Ethelynda herself appeared to judge his worthiness. Finding him fit to lead the defense of her people and those that relied on him, Ethelynda granted Khazera her approval and with it, the Taithir Mark of Nobility so that he might better lead the Ivorian Empire. When the previous Imperiatim, Reyga, was forced to retire, Khazera stepped up to lead the city.

Dex Brenet

Title: Dex Mabel Brenet

Rank: Imperiator Superior

Race: Human

Skills: 95 Blade: Scimitar, 95 Throwing Weapon: Knives, 90 Acrobatics, 87 Endurance, 83 Detection, 78 Stealth, 75 Ranged Combat: Composite Bow, 73 Mount: Hyx, 71 Shield Combat: Kite, 68 Politics, 64 Fletching, 60 Navigation, 55 Tactics, 48 Investigation, 40 Surgery, 32 Teaching

Mark: Adored Taithir


Personality: While Khazera is known as the calm, Mabel is the storm that surrounds him. She will never hesitate to openly berate anyone who she believes is doing a poor job, by her standards, and sometimes even her mentor doesn't seem to meet them. Firm in the belief that 'to make an omelette, you need to crack some eggs', she has a tendency to break even some of the hardened commanders under her control, constantly pushing for better results and never satisfied by what she sees. However, her merciless attitude is nothing compared to what she's been known to do to those found breaking protocol under any circumstances. As well as being the chief second-in-command and earning her own personal title of 'Storm Mabel', she has one other duty that is never spoken of - she is the Imperiatim executioner.

History: Born and raised in Talonir, Mabel's volatile attitude was first fuelled into bullying outsiders from the city, to which end she raised her own gang of thugs. A string of thefts, attacks on innocents and various other charges eventually got her thrown before a court, where she was sentenced and fined until she owned little more than the shirt on her back. Tossed out of Talonir, she travelled to Yithiral and became a soldier, earning a string of insubordination charges and a few charges of assaulting superior officers before her hidden talents for drawing out the best in her followers were unveiled. Climbing the ladder, it wasn't long before her abilities were noticed by higher commanders, until her current mentor, Rex Khazera, scouted and recruited her as his personal second.
Military NPCs

Rex Yitham

Title: Rex Yitham Metsys

Rank: Legatius Militant

Race: Ithecal

Skills: 95 Sword: Gladius, 95 Shield: Tower, 95 Endurance, 91 Strength, 86 Tactics, 74 Mathematics, 71 Leadership, 64 Siege Combat, 55 Ranged Combat: Longbow, 50 Smithing, 36 Intimidation, 21 Investigation

Mark: Favoured Taithir

Equipment: Masterwork Gladius, Masterwork Hunting Bow, 100 common arrows, Masterwork Plate Armor, Masterwork Heater Shield, Masterwork Plate Gauntlets, Masterwork Plate Pauldrons, Masterwork Plate Fauld, Masterwork Plate Helmet, Grey Wool Cloak w/Fur Trim, Steel Pendant

Personality: To his inferiors, Yitham is as stern and as stone-faced as they come. It's claimed that the man could watch an entire legion die and not flinch. However, this is only the appearance that he has grown to take over his arcs. To his superiors and close friends, he is very open and friendly, prone to throwing witty jokes at often inappropriate times, and was once left inconsolable for an entire cycle when his beloved Velox pet died from old age.

History: Yitham is one of the few soldiers of a superior position that arrived there from the bottom. He was born to two Evocatal parents who rarely spent any time with him as a child, and he quickly grew to form relationships with the city guards, joining them on their patrols for conversation and, as he grew older, to unofficially help them. As soon as he was of age, he joined - and but a few arcs later, he surpassed both his parents, becoming a Yalical. His qualifications were earned from scholarships and nothing more; his skills tried and tested through constant, rigorous personal training. Through all of his time, he turned down offers to join any affiliate, and now stands at the undisputed head of the Arm Militant.

Rex Aergent

Title: Rex Allande Aergent.

Rank: Legatius Militant.

Race: Ithecal

Skills: 90 Leadership, 90 Tactics, 75 Endurance, 75 Armed Combat: Combat Spear, 75 Ranged Combat: Long Bow 70 Observation, 65 Medicine, 61 Dodging, 60 Tailoring, 60 Teaching, 58 Intimidation, 55 Interrogation, 51 Politics, 30 Charisma, 20 Carpentry, 10 Socialization

Mark: Exalted Taithir

Equipment: Masterwork Combat Spear, Masterwork Long Bow, Masterwork Large Tower Shield, Masterwork Plate Armor, Masterwork Plate Gauntlets, Masterwork Plate Pauldrons, Mastework Plate Fauld, Masterwork Plate Helmet, Purple Wool Cloak w/ fur trim, Gold Pendant

Personality: Aergent is not, by nature, a calm person, instead possessing a passionate intensity to her actions that makes it hard to avoid getting caught up in whatever she's doing. This leads to an occasional lack of patience with people that cannot keep up with her, and she purely loathes laziness. She can also be short tempered if awoken early, and is frequently reticent and prone to going entire Trails without speaking if she feels there is no reason to do so.

History: Born to the city of Yithiral, Aergent practically lived in the Arm Militant headquarters as a child, but instead of marveling primarily at the martial skill of the Arm Militant, as young Ithecal are wont to do, Aergent spent her time studying the Immortal the Ithecal served. By the time she joined the Arm Militant, Aergent had already dedicated herself to following Ethelynda's example, and made Euralcal with remarkable speed, quickly being held up as a prodigy due to her extreme devotion to the Militia's beliefs and way of life. It wasn't long before she was promoted to Legatius, and is currently touted as the next Aethesti, though she currently lacks the experience to achieve the position.

Fex Aleon

Title: Fex Aleon.

Rank: Quaestor Militant

Race: Ithecal

Skills: 70 Observation, 65 Woodcarving, 61 Armed Combat, 61 Armed Combat: Scythe, 41 Leadership, 41 Tactics, 41 Dodging, 41 Medicine, 41 Investigation, 30 Etiquette, 25 Rhetoric, 21 Politics, 21 Interrogation, 21 Public Speaking, 20 Linguistics, 10 Charisma

Mark: Exalted Taithir

Equipment: Masterwork Scythe, Masterwork Plate Armor, Masterwork Plate Gauntlets, Masterwork Plate Fauld, Masterwork Plate Pauldrons, Brown Wool Cloak w/ fur trim, Gold Pendant

Personality:Aleon is the youngest of the Quaestor by a few arcs and it shows. Less physically skilled than the others and less experienced, Aleon is still shy and nervous around his peers, making him somewhat hesitant to voice his opinion around them. Around subordinates, he is still getting used to his authority and sometimes acts as though he were still an Aethestium. Friendly and easy going, Aleon is easily the most approachable of the Quaestors, always willing to help out if he is able. He has a special fondness for those who find themselves lagging behind somewhat, as he remembers his own difficulties quite well, and is constantly helping them improve themselves.

History: Born to the city of Ethelanaum, Aleon grew up with the same passion to join the Arm Superior that possessed any other Ithecal. However, he was an ill child and never had the physical abilities of other Ithecal, being unable to train until he was fully grown. This led to him being unable to immediately join the Arm Superior as he would have liked. Despite this, and lacking any physical talent for combat, or mental talent for leadership or strategy, Aleon worked as hard as he could, eventually joining the Arm Militant and rising to the esteemed rank of Aethestium through sheer determination. He has only recently made the rank of Quaestor, and at first some suspected it was out of respect for his effort rather than in recognition of his abilities. This rumor was squashed shortly after his appointment, when the Immortal Ethelynda appeared and told everyone that Aleon had in fact been chosen for his abilities and offered anyone who still doubted to take it up with her personally. Aleon hasn't had to deal with doubtful rumors since.
Religious NPCs

Rex Cardinal

Educational NPCs

Governmental NPCs

Rex Consul Thrami

Title: Rex Cardinal Thrami Vuillard

Rank: Legatius Senatia

Race: Ithecal

Skills: 90 Investigation, 90 Observation, 90 Interrogation, 90 Intimidation, 80 Endurance, 80 Polearms: Spear, 65 Leadership, 61 Tactics, 61 Dodging, 61 Medicine, 50 Woodcarving, 50 Politics, 36 Negotiation, 29 Research, 20 Storytelling, 10 Hunting, 10 Tracking

Mark: Exalted Taithir

Equipment: Masterwork Broadaxe, Masterwork Plate Armor, Masterwork Plate Pauldrons, Masterwork Plate Gauntlets, Masterwork Plate Fauld, Green Wool Cloak w/fur trim, Gold Pendant

Personality: Thrami is the sternest of the Euralcal, having little patience for lawbreakers and troublemakers. That said, he strives to be as fair as possible in his rulings and listens to all who wish to speak on a matter, so that when he passes judgement, he can be sure of the fact that he made the right decision.

History: Born to the city of Ivorian, Thrami took an early interest in law and order, and as he grew and joined the Arm Militant, he found himself devoted as much to that as he was to physically protecting the people of his city. As soon as he became an Euralcalus, he joined the Senate, and in time his devotion saw him recommended to become a Legatius, a post he accepted with pride. Thrami now serves as the primary judge of Ivorian, and one of the most senior heads of the Senate with it.
Bloodline NPCs

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