An Unexpected Path

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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An Unexpected Path

20th Zi'da, 716

Rey'na walked through the graveyard, the snow covering her feet. She was wearing her black dress tonight, and the mask to go with it. Her cloak covered her, protecting her from what would be painful cold if it wasn't for her mark. Her eyes were prominent due to the darkness surrounding her, the glowing hard to miss.
After a few paces, Rey stopped to look at a grave. She'd found it a short while ago - her fathers. It mentioned nothing of him, just his name. Not even his daughter. She thanked Lissira for that much, at least. Having to be associated with that scum-bag was the last thing on her mind. She knelt down beside his grave.
"I don't know if you can hear me down there, father. But know this. Wherever you are - I hope you rot."

She turned away from the grave and looked out to the distance. Somewhere out there was her friend, Denebah. She then looked to the graves around her, scanning the names. From what she could see, none of them were him. It was paranoia, beyond that even. Denebah was strong and powerful - he always had been. He wouldn't just die like that, and if he did who would have buried him? But it was soon to be a habit she would learn to hate.
"Stay safe" she said audibly, looking out where she guessed Denebah would be. In truth, she had no clue, but the illusion helped.

To take her mind off of her long-gone friend, she wandered through the grave-yard some more, reading the names with fascination. She wondered if any of them were her fault. Now that would make her night.
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