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An orphanage which occasionally has children disappear...

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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Mountainside Orphanage

Mountainside Orphanage
On the edge of Viden lies a large building, one constantly in the shadow of the cliff edge. Tall and ornate, the Mountainside Orphanage is haphazard to look upon. The main part of the building was perhaps once a stone cottage, but over time and with the transformation from small dwelling to housing the forgotten youth of Videnese streets, appendages and areas have been tacked onto the main part of the building. Turrets and towers grow upwards in the middle of Viden. It is one of the few buildings in the city that does not fit with the rest of the architecture... a sad allusion to the lost souls who are housed in its walls. The building seems large, gothic and ominous. A large cast-iron gate locks the children in night and day, but clanging on the gates with an insistant fist will bring a spritely young woman, Miss Farrier, out from the recesses of the dusty, cobweb ridden orphanage.

Once questioned by Miss Farrier, the visitor will be invited in, up a narrow cobblestone path through a garden of white snow covering all by dead plants: the remnants of a half-hearted effort to bring joy to the orphanage. The front door to the orphanage is large and dusty, and carved into the door is a strangely threatening image of a child with a too-wide grin: almost a grimace.

Once inside the orphanage, the visitor is greeted with the welcoming sight of a large welcome hall, housing a constantly roaring fire which adds warmth to the room. To the right of the room are a few raggedy and worn sofas, with books and papers piled up against the far corner. Clearly this room doubles as an overflow communal area for the children. At the left of the room, there lies a winding staircase, leading up into the towers where the orphans sleep. To the left of the entrance hall, there is a small door which does not match the rest of the entrance hall. It was as if the designer hoped the door would not be noticed, but the stark difference of the door shouts out to all visitors.

This unassuming door opens up to a small cramped room, which is littered with toys old and new: from dolls with only one eye, to rocking horses donated by the wealthiest families. If Mrs Tanely, the Matron of the orphanage, hears that a potential "adopter" has come through to see the children, the children will be forced into their best clothes and before being allowed to play in the room. If a visitor wishes to adopt one of the orphans, the child, the prospective parent and Mrs Tanely move through to her study, where paperwork is gone through and a "donation" is given to the orphanage in order that they may buy the child from the orphanage. The child's few belongings are gathered and the new parent takes the child home immediately.

The children's residence in the two towers is somewhat satisfactory: the fires are kept well-stoked at all times, the beds are replaced if broken, and linens are constantly cycled to keep the children clean and healthy. The rooms are cramped, but the building was not designed to cater to such numbers of children, who are split into rooms by and and gender.

During the day, as is expected for all children growing up in Viden, they are educated in the Academy as standard. Once a child has completed secondary education, if they have not already been adopted, they will be given a stipend by the orphanage in order to find their own accommodation, as well as advice and assistance in finding employment. For the rare few, grants are provided by the Academy to fund (fully or partially) an orphan who shows extreme potential.

Sometimes, only sometimes, a child will simply disappear from the orphanage. None of their items will remain behind, as are all records stricken from the books. It would be as if the child had never been there. and if their name is mentioned by one of the children, Mrs Tanely is quick to punish them. Nobody knows where they go.

NPC - Mrs Aislin Tanely

Race: Human
Date of Birth: 18th Day of Ashan, 658
Skills: Intelligence - Competent
Organisation - Expert
Interrogation - Competent
Negotiation - Expert

A severe older woman, Mrs Tanely runs the Mountainside Orphanage in Viden. Whatever happened to make her so severe and cruel, it has left a lasting impact on the woman, who holds back nothing in unleashing her strict rules and expectations on the orphans under her care. Mrs Tanely expects nothing but complete and utter obedience. It is her belief in the old saying, "children should be seen and not heard," that governs daily life in the orphanage. Never reluctant to use corporeal punishment, she is a harsh woman, holding no bars and speaking frankly and honestly about her distaste: unless in the company of a potential adopter.

NPC - Miss Ellie Farrier

Race: Eídisi
Date of Birth: 98th Day of Vhalar, 687
Skills: Intelligence - Competent
Medicine - Expert
Childcare - Expert
Endurance - Competent

The polar opposite of Mrs Tanely, Ellie Farrier is a young girl just recently out of the Academy, having gained a Letter in Childcare. She is much more modern in her opinions about how to raise the next generation of Videnese children. Her ideas are hardly innovative, but she has brought light and joy into the orphanage and is slowly chipping away at her boss' hard and cruel exterior. The children adore her, and her life has become so much more meaningful because of them.
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