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Ivorian Oceanside Cavern

A large cavern system near along the coastline, fairly close to city itself. Too far into Ivorian's territory to be regularly occupied by outside forces and too close to the city to really be overrun with monsters, Ivorian maintains a guard on these caverns to keep an eye on the inhabitants. However, instead of being openly guarded, this cavern is watched from a distance, and small groups of bandits and monsters are known to occupy the cave with remarkable regularity. Instead of clearing them out with the whole militia, Ivorian prefers to use these caverns as a sort of training ground for fledgeling adventurers, mercenaries, guards, and members of the militia. As such, any citizen of Ivorian can use the cavern at their leisure, and guests in the city need only register with the Militia Headquarters to be allowed into the cavern.

Common Foes

Enemies that are commonly found within this dungeon. Enemies listed as Common do not require moderator approval. Enemies listed as Rare do not require overt moderator approval, but are subject to moderator intervention depending on the quantity of the enemy Enemies found solely in Events don't belong here, but in the Event that they belong too.
Unloaded Plague Rat - Common
Bandits - Common
Pirates - Common
Athartian Slave Raiders - Rare
Loaded Plague Rat - Rare


The walls of the cavern are made of naturally formed Standstone, with Stalagmite's falling from the ceiling and Stalactite's rising from the floor. The cavern is dark, with no natural source of lighting past the entrances and no easy places to light a fire or a torch. The entrance to the cavern is often littered with driftwood and detritus from the river, and during heavy rains can be flooded, requiring those who wish to enter to swim in.

Common Traps

Traps that are commonly found within this dungeon. Traps found solely in Events don't belong here, but in the Event that they belong too.

Occasionally, if bandits take root in the caverns, they will place simple trip-ropes attached to bells to alert them of people moving through the cavern. The cave is cleared out too frequently to allow for more sophisticated traps to be built with any degree of frequency.

Environmental Hazards

As mentioned above, the entrance of the cavern floods at high tide. In addition to this, the floor is littered with the bones of dead animals and monsters, making quiet movement difficult. The cave doesn't have any natural light sources, as mentioned above, so it's easy for monsters and brigands to hide in the dark and wait for unsuspecting passerby.

Common Rewards

Rewards that are commonly found within this dungeon. Rewards found solely in Events don't belong here, but in the Event that they belong too.

The Riverside Cavern doesn't have any known rare materials inside, but common herbs and metals can be find within if people know what to look for. In addition, one can find small amounts of treasure on the bodies of dead bandits and other enemies. Low grade weapons and armor can also be looted from bandits or pirates, whereas average quality leather armor and paralytic toxins, both in it's natural form and applied to weapons, can be looted from the rare Athartian Slave Raider that lurks in these caverns. Note that gear looted from the raiders is indicative of association with the same, thus it is advised that adventurers turn in such to the militia for compensation, rather than keep it themselves.


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