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Anyone wanting citizenship must register here.

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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Citizen Registration Centre

The Citizen Registration Centre
Found within the Halls of Ivy, the Citizen Registration Centre is one of the many areas of the official building. The modestly sized rooms resembles its neighbours, boasting sweeping arches, stout pillars, and intricate carvings surrounding stained glass windows. Its interior could be described as cold and foreboding. There is a wide waiting hall with limited wooden seating, supervised by a plain-clothes member of the Intelligence Authority. He or she also serves to guard the singular office; the door is always shut when the registrar is seeing an applicant.

All potential citizens of Viden, young and old, must register at this office. This includes the registration of births (though most parents leave it until they are sure that their child will survive) so the hall is often filled with Videnese and their young children, as well as outsiders wishing to live in the city - most often those who wish to study. Most often found are those born of eídisi, human or ellune parents. Near-human folk are also relatively common, and all races are welcome to apply, though the more unusual races may receive an odd look. Only one race has has yet to set foot in the office - a naerikk... it is truly unknown how such a creature would be received.

The office itself is an unnervingly small room with a single, large desk. Bordering the room, large bookshelves hold dozens of old and new tomes: copies of Videnese law that may be retrieved viewed at any time during the registration process. In the waiting hall, just outside the office, thick paper forms are neatly stacked on a narrow table. A few nearby desks supply quills and inkpots for visitors to fill out the aforementioned forms. Once the form is filled out, the applicant must present it in person to the registrar in her office. The applicant is then asked to verbally acknowledge and promise to abide by the laws set forth by the Directorate. The new citizen is then given papers that identify them as such and copies of these papers are kept on record in the Vaults beneath the Halls of Ivy.

Beneath the offices in an underground chamber, a grand vault holds copies of identification papers for each registered citizen in Viden - alive and deceased. Only the five members of the Directorate and a few high-ranking members of the Intelligence Authority have the means to access this vault.

Registration Process

Once approved, the newly registered citizen is immediately immune to being enslaved directly from the city and falls under the protection of Yvithia and the Directorate. There is a probationary period of two full cycles that the citizen must wait out before he or she is considered a full citizen of Viden; he or she must live inside Viden for the entirety of this period. Although the rights of a newly registered citizen and a full citizen are the same, a new Videnese who commits crimes against the city will have his/her citizenship revoked (petty crimes may be forgiven). If a new citizen leaves the city for an extended period of the time, the registration is considered forfeit and reregistration is required to restart the probationary period. A full citizen of Viden does not have to renew his citizenship, even if he leaves the city.

OOC Note: Native Videnese characters do not have to visit the Registration Centre to be considered full citizens, though in-character they might have done so in their childhood (this doesn't need to be done in a Memory). To be added to the list of Videnese citizens and receive citizenship papers though, you still have to fill out this form and PM it to a local Prophet.

If your PC is a new character moving into Viden for the first time, and you want to register him/her as a citizen, please make an IC post including the application in this thread.

Registration Form

Place of Birth:
Highest Level of Education:
Current Employment (or Most Recent):

NPC - Tessa

Race: Human
Date of Birth: 10th Day of Vhalar, 687
Skills: Intelligence - Competent
Interrogation - Expert
Organisation - Expert
Writing - Competent

A registrar in the Citizen Registration Centre, Tessa has a talent for making everyone around her feel uneasy. She smiles too often and maintains unwavering eye contact, as if she's trying too hard to feign interest - or perhaps she's just always interested. Her voice is high pitched and very simpering, taking on the sound of a nasal whine, which gives the impression of a giggly girl who doesn't have two braincells to rub together. Although her demeanor seems almost friendly, there is just something off about her. She is unpleasant to talk to and nearly impossible to read. The woman is either very clever, or she's just a bit dull. It's difficult to know for sure.

The shrewd woman will serve you quickly, and you will not be waiting for long to receive your application back - which will either be stamped green with [Accepted] or red with [Rejected].
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