Saoire Soiree

A Gift of Confusion

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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Saoire Soiree

The look on Lord Aranaz' face suggested that he doubted the full truth of Linika's explanation of her presence so far into the estate. His dropped comments about the possibility of requesting confirmation of this official delivery did not faze Linika in the least. She gave no more than a smiling facial shrug in response to his obvious suspicion. If anything was to bring a twitch to her face, it was more likely to be the irony that she found herself "hiding" behind the truth this time, rather than the usual lies. The truth was so much easier.

Lord Aranaz clearly thought his slave had been too accommodating in allowing the naer to get a look at every single greenhouse. He apparently found it unlikely that all six previous facilities had had some fundamental problem. But of course, he took his irritation out on the slave instead of the "guest". Linika's calm gaze became a hard glare as the slave was driven off with warnings of punishment to come. It was not that she had any moral qualms about slavery in general; Augiery had embraced it all her life.

But this 'Tasar' had not behaved insolently or foolishly. She had been doing exactly what she thought was in her Lord's best interest. It didn't matter that Linika had been misleading her. As a slave, she had every reason to worry that she might have brought disfavor from the Academy if she had kept Linika waiting while she sought out approval for a delivery that had already been cleared at the gate.

It was not until this Tobren did a double take, to glare back, that she realized she had not yet broken her accusing eye contact. "What do you think you're looking at, Miss?" the man growled.

Linika's responding smile somehow only seemed to make her gaze colder, "I thought I was looking at a man that might have had the insight to consider that a partnership with an employee of the Academy, that got this far into his guarded installation, could have benefits. But I guess coming up with reasons to punish a loyal and helpful slave is as much as your brain can handle at any one time."

She took a step down to bring her eyes level with his, her glare narrowing to a contemptuous squint. "Would it help if I returned with a list of the other grounds-crew members that contributed to my penetration of your secure estate? Or is it entirely upon one single girl to coordinate all your security measures?"

For a moment, she thought the man might strike her. She honestly hoped he would. He'd learn a thing or two about the severity of naerikk retaliation. But he appeared to be reconsidering the possibility of some sort of partnership. He offered a cursory apology, and Linika responded with an equally cursory promise to return when the opportunity arose. In truth, she had no idea when that might be, given that this was her first delivery to this estate.

But she left with a last condition that if she found undeserved bruises or lacerations upon the body of 'that girl', no deal would be forthcoming. The image of this wretched male, bullying a female, even a slave, had her nearly as angry as when she first arrived.
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Saoire Soiree

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Always interesting to read an alchemy thread—I can’t get enough and I love to live vicariously through others who pursue the skill. Linkia was really into her work and then she got caught, but she handled it well enough, I suppose. Nice! Ha. Sorry it became an abandoned thread, though.



15 | These points cannot be used for magic.

-2 breaking and entering, -3 getting caught


-3 vials of Frostbite, +1 small vial of frozen Brightfern spores

Injuries + Overstepping



Skill Knowledge:
Alchemy: Burned Ice Worm Skin an Inhibitor in "Frostbite" Process
Alchemy: Ice Worms "Boil" in Room Temperature Water
Alchemy: Ice Worm Mixture, Boiled Dry and Scraped, Yields "Frostbite"
Chemistry: Recognizing Brightfern Spores When Frozen
Deception: Citing Storage Requirements, to View All Facilities
Deception: Claims of Harmful Effects on Flora, from Some Greenhouse Glass
Endurance: Delivery Jobs in Viden in Zi'da
Intelligence: Small Talk with a Slave to Learn of Master's Standing
Investigation: Opening a Tied Bundle Without Leaving a Trace
Persuasion: Citing Special Herbal Care Needs, to Get inside Gated Estate
Sociology: Are Videnese Human Slaves' Status Higher than free Naerikk?
Teaching: Explaining Germination to a Slave

Other Knowledge:
Aranaz Estate has Seven Greenhouses
Offered a Position in the Viridian Wing
NPC: Tobren Aranaz, Master of the Estate
PC: Tasar: Aranaz Family Slave
Viden Location: The Aranaz Estate
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