Holiday Event: Ashira Ward

A settlement east of Rynmere across a stretch of water called 'the eastern trench' broken into three regions: Welles, Oakleigh, and Berwick.
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Holiday Event: Ashira Ward

Holiday Event Notice
This post was provided to you because you are participating in the holiday event. In this post, you will receive your gift whether you reply to this thread or not. You are welcome to reply to the post to react to your gift if it is a new thread, and it is encouraged; however, skill points will not be awarded for this thread. There will only be one post from Saoire. As a gift, everyone that participated will receive the same knowledges as provided. Ashira, you are receiving the following:

Extravagant Seraphinite Silver Chain and Flower Pendant
Extravagant Seraphinite Silver Drop Earrings
Extravagant Seraphinite Silver Bracelet

  • Saoire: The Holiday Woman
  • Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
  • Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
This gift had been incredibly well thought out, and Saoire herself was admiring the craftsmanship. It was a set of jewelry - a bracelet, necklace, and pair of drop earrings - made to look like delicate flowers. When she had picked up the gift, she had been asked to keep the gifter anonymous. This person had spoken of peculiar things like her crawling through the chimney to leave the gift behind. Saoire had only chuckled. She definitely had more class than that. It sounded like something a fat man in a red suit might do.

She appeared before Ashira with the small box in hand. “Ashira Ward. You worked so hard on your gift that I have brought you a gift from a good samaritan who has taken notice of your work. Hopefully you will find it only amplifies your already natural beauty,” Saoire stated sweetly, handing her the long gift box.

The set was extravagant quality, matching silver across all the pieces. The silver chain of the necklace held a flower pendant. Various leaves and vines dangled from it and further attached to the chain to provide extra support. The bracelet was crafted to look like leaves, encircling a single flower. Simple flowers were dangled from leaf studs. All of the pieces had seraphinite gems, mostly decorating the leaves or the center of the flowers. The set was quite marvelous to behold and probably held Ashira’s attention for some time.

When she looked back up for Saoire, she would only find a few flakes of snow drifting to the ground and a dissipating mist where she had stood.
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