Holiday Event: Niv

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Holiday Event: Niv

Holiday Event Notice
This post was provided to you because you are participating in the holiday event. In this post, you will receive your gift whether you reply to this thread or not. You are welcome to reply to the post to react to your gift if it is a new thread, and it is encouraged; however, skill points will not be awarded for this thread. There will only be one post from Saoire. As a gift, everyone that participated will receive the same knowledges as provided. Niv, you are receiving the following:


1 x crochet hook (appropriately sized for Niv)
1 x ball of yarn ('usual' size ~ blue)
1 x bottle of whisky ('usual' size ~ don't drink it all at once)
1 x dose of Maidens' Kiss

  • Saoire: The Holiday Woman
  • Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
  • Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
When she had picked up the gifts, she had been rather taken by the young man who had given them. Patrick had been clear, he had four gifts to give. Two for functionality and then, two for fun. What had delighted her was the thought and care that the flirtatious and very handsome young fellow had put into it. She had left with the gifts in hand to seek out Niv in hopes that these would bring as much pleasure as they were intended to.

She appeared before Niv in the same fashion as she appeared before others - in an elusive and unseen fashion. Saoire has a habit of just appearing from behind something tall that might have hidden her form. Only the scent of juniper and warm spices hinted at her coming. When she stepped from behind her hiding place, a cool mist seemed to build up around her as if she were some ghost.

“Niv, I have gifts for you. I certainly hope you enjoy them a lot of thought and care were put into them,” Saoire stated sweetly, handing over the gifts one at a time and taking care to make sure that they were on the ground and not being held by the small creature in front of her.

When Niv looked back up, she would only find a few flakes of snow and a bit of mist where Saoire had stood.
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