Holiday Event: Freya

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Holiday Event: Freya

Holiday Event Notice
This post was provided to you because you are participating in the holiday event. In this post, you will receive your gift whether you reply to this thread or not. You are welcome to reply to the post to react to your gift if it is a new thread, and it is encouraged; however, skill points will not be awarded for this thread. There will only be one post from Saoire. As a gift, everyone that participated will receive the same knowledges as provided. Freya, you are receiving the following:

Box with Treatment for Panorium Powder Addiction
Wool Scarf

  • Saoire: The Holiday Woman
  • Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
  • Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
  • Holiday Gift: Given by Someone Small
This particular gift gave her hope that Idalos could recover from its drug addiction. She had picked this particular gift up in a completely different city, as this kind woman was sending it all the way to a different region for delivery. It sounded like Freya could use some help with her addiction with Panorium powder, so the herbalist had crafted a treatment for the drug. Hopefully the recipient would be open to using it. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but sometime in the future when she decided to turn over a new leaf.

Saoire knocked on Freya’s door, a wool scarf over her wrist and the wooden box in hand. “Ms. Ducarinos? My name is Saoire,” Her voice was delicate with a hint of bells floating along with it. She wore a white robe and her holiday crown. “These are for you. Across all of Idalos, people are celebrating the holidays by giving gifts to one another. This particular person hoped that she might help you in your struggles.”

Saoire handed over the scarf and box. A small note was attached to the top of the box:

Take one leaf once per day at the time you would most usually have your 'powder'. Start with the first leaf revealed.

Take liquid three times per day. Suggested starting dose of ten drops per dose. Adjust up as needed. Adjust down as trials progress. No more than fifty drops per day!

Be less stupid.

Inside were all of the items that the note mentioned for about 7-10 trials, depending on consistent usage. While Freya busied herself with reading the note, Saoire stepped off the stoop, allowing the winds to pick up. A flurry blurred her from Freya’s vision if she happened to look up. Once the winds and snow died down, there would be no one standing there. Only a few flakes fluttered to the ground.
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