Holiday Event: Rei

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Holiday Event: Rei

Holiday Event Notice
This post was provided to you because you are participating in the holiday event. In this post, you will receive your gift whether you reply to this thread or not. You are welcome to reply to the post to react to your gift if it is a new thread, and it is encouraged; however, skill points will not be awarded for this thread. There will only be one post from Saoire. As a gift, everyone that participated will receive the same knowledges as provided. Rei, you are receiving the following:

Ice Block Tea
Wool Scarf
Dose of Frostbite

  • Saoire: The Holiday Woman
  • Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
  • Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
  • Holiday Gift: Given by Someone Small
This little gift had been very fun to pick up. The little creature that had put thought into this gift had been quite peculiar, and Saoire had attempted to insist upon a meeting between the recipient and the gifter. The little creature had been far to shy, so Saoire had promised to keep it as anonymous as possible.

Saoire approached Rei for the second time now, a small box and item of clothing in her possession. They met in the same fashion as before. Saoire was very good at simply appearing at the appropriate moments. Carefully, Saoire bent over the bench where Rei sat, setting the box and wool scarf down.

“You have a little angel looking out for you Rei. She wants me to tell you that she ‘prays these gifts protect you during Zi’da, when the white mould blankets everything and lulls it to sleep.’ These little creatures see the world very different than you do - than I do. I certainly hope you appreciate these gifts. She’s watching…” Saoire smirked, flicking her eyes to a nearby bush. The rustle of the ears hinted that someone was watching from above. It had to be awfully small to remain hidden.

Inside the box, Rei would find a dose of Frostbite and some Ice Block Tea. Saoire stayed long enough for Rei’s eyes to flicker up to the bush. It was then that she would disappear, leaving behind only a sprinkling of snow and the hint of spices on the wind.
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