• Location • Ywyngyll Forest

Part of the larger Unabor forest, located just west of Rharne.

Beyond the city of Rharne lies the Stormlands, which is home to a number of farms, forests, fields, Lake Lovalus, and the River Zynyx. This subforum also includes the Stormwastes to the south.

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Ywyngyll Forest

Ywyngyll Forest
The Ywyngyll (ye-win-gil) forest is located west of Rharne and is part of the larger Unabor forest that is spread throughout Central Idalos. This is not a typical forest, as the roots of the trees are connected in some way back to one entity, the Unabor. The Unabor controls all plants and can influence the habits of the creatures that dwell in its forests. It also treats all of its trees as children, nurturing and protecting them. The Unabor is able to partially transfer energy between trees, leading some to wither, known as 'dieback', while providing other trees energy to grow. This transformation can be slow or rapid. The trees often grow rapidly to seek better water sources, to evade fire, to block and even kill anything that provides great threat to the forest. The Unabor will not tolerate large areas being cut down, but will allow modest amounts.

The Unabor itself has little energy to govern the entire forest and thus created the Five Hearts to govern each section of its forest: Ywyngyll the Old, Scyn the Intolerant, Eurin the Resolute, Maguon the Benevolent and Lorne the Pioneer. These trees are able to move, but do this only when necessary by growing and wilting their branches and roots. These trees contain vast root systems that communicate to the forest in these areas. They each have unique personalities.
The Ywyngyll forest contains Ywyngyll the Old, a yew tree and the oldest of the Five Hearts of Unabor. Her branches are gnarled, knotty and twisted. She grows and withers her branches slowly. She manipulates her branches to 'groan' into words to be interpreted by almost any race she chooses to communicate to. She is known for her expansive knowledge and cleverness and as such, she has been trusted by the Unabor with even information from Unabor itself. With so much knowledge, her words are often too cryptic to be easily understood and on top of that, she is often unwilling to help those on their quests - for their short lives seem pointless to her.

In addition to Ywyngyll the Old, the forest is comprised primarily, but not entirely, of ancient yew trees known as Ywyngyll's Yew. Their wood is excellent for the crafting of bows due it its supple, elastic properties. These yew trees are all constantly in motion, groaning and creaking as they move. Mortals are advised to be cautious of yew trees, however, as all parts of the yew are toxic should they be ingested. Some of the trees can also release a pollen which can cause headaches, lethargy, itching, aching, and rashes.

The forest floor itself is covered with Unabor Moss. Green and lush, these rootless evergreen plants are the carpet of the forest. The Unabor feels the presence of those that walk upon the moss. If the Unabor wishes, it can provide healing to those that lay dying on the moss - but only to those who are worthy. Often, 'worthiness' to the Unabor is measured by actively protecting the forest itself.

Legends are often told of the Ywyngyll forest in local Rharne taverns, though it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction. Should a visitor to the forest do their research in advance, however, they will know one thing for certain: the forest should be treated with reverence and caution, as it is much more than it seems.

Notable Forest Flora & Fauna:
Blackcore Tree
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