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[Rynmere] NPC Lists

Faction: Seeker NPC List

Y'gel Gareheart

Name: Y'gel Gareheart
Created by: Vera
Race: Human
Age: 42
Born: Cylus 3rd, 674
Title: Sorcerer of the Seekers
Skills: Illusionism 61, Attunement 34

Other Information: From a young age, Y'gel was groomed by his father to become a member of the Seekers. He was not proven to be of the right mind for the occupation until his mid-thirties, and as such has only woven magic for the past several years. Still, his accomplishments thus far have been exemplary. He is a kind man with a deep and wise voice who spends most of his time helping Acolytes to further their magic and assisting his peers with their research.
word count: 143
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