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Black market adventure

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Delving in the dark

28th Zi'da, 716
There's something to be said for the pro's and con's of anonymity, on one hand if you;re unknown or easy to overlook you have opportunities to hear things you might not if people were cautious of your presence, Though there were perks of notoriety as well adoration was just as powerful as fear for some. So to be known in some ways might benefit you more than being unknown. Then again perhaps it was just a matter of preference.

Symbri had been pondering what she wanted as she walked, she wanted to be able to do things without attaching her name to them, it was too easy to do a dead good or bad and then have to deal with the repercussions of it, but if one were to hide behind a mask, even if it was cowardly they'd be able to do things they wanted too without having to answer to them. The question was, was it worth it to wear a mask just to get away with things? What was it she wanted to wear a mask for? She wanted to help people, to be a hero, but... fame simply seemed inconvenient to her grandeur was not something she felt like she needed or wanted, governments and people alike seemed to like to depend on people who proved dependable, but if they were encouraged from the shadows, perhaps society could learn to take care of its own woes if such methods were used. People were oft so much like cattle, lowing about waiting on a shepherd to guide them or a wolf to eat them. But what if one of the sheep proved that they could be independent? would they learn or would nothing change at all? it was so hard to know what the outcome would be without trying.

As she walked through low town Symbri watched her steps and surroundings. this was lowtown, home of the beaten and broken, but it was also a place for quiet beginnings. Symbri made her way towards the lesser known market a darker place where people could go to disappear, or one could go to find people or really anything you could want... for the right price anyway. It was likely unwise to go to the black market, but Symbri felt the risk was worth it, she knew what the was looking for, and if delving into the shadows a bit was what it would take to get it. then so be it. She was secure in her convictions and unafraid of the imposing stories the location held.
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