Taking A Gamble

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Taking A Gamble

"My two natures had memory in common."
35th of Zi'da, 716 Arc
  • Tension buzzed in the thick air of the old inn, emitting from a circle of men hovered around a wobbly table. Three faces. One, tan and weathered like prized leather, another bearded and tired, and lastly, a youthful, dashing figure. Each protectively had a bottle within arms reach, and a cigarette pinched tightly between their lips. Puffs of smoke rolled and twisted into the air, and they stared intently at their hands, then to the faces of those around them. Each man was unreadable stone, and hands lingered on hilts of swords. Hand painted cards were fanned between their fingers, and a small stack of gold was sitting in the center of the table. "Well?" The voice that broke the silence was the oldest of the three. His arms were scarred from years of hard work, and his hard jaw was set into a hard line.

    András popped his neck, scooting forward, "Hn..." he took a deep drag from the cigarette and leaned his head back, blowing the dark cloud above their heads, "...Go fish."

    "Sonofabitch!" Fists flew downwards, and the wood shook from the force. Coins clattered, some rolling and falling to the ground. Andráska's laugh filtered upwards at his opponents dramatic reaction and watched the man shove the table back and throw the cards on the table, "Real fishing makes more sense than this blasted game!"

    The noble was grinning from ear to ear as the fisherman ranted, eyes mischievously falling to the cards in his hand. More than a few guesses had been in his possession, finding that lying was more amusing than giving the man what he wanted, "Oh, relax,
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