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Ini'ra makes a new dish from her grandmother's recipe book.

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Chicken à la King

Hunter's Fire Pit
It was her father's birthday, meaning a celebration. Each year her mother and grandmother always made a dish and invited friends and family over for an elaborate meal around the hunter's pit. Ini was now old enough to think about making something of her own, and that was exactly what she planned to do.

Leaving her tree house, her vanilla plant sat ripe and ready to be harvested. The beans were a proud green and full of life. She appraised them for a moment before she gave a light tug and plucked the ones that looked ready, leaving those that were still small or colored differently. Once she had the amount she wanted, she wrapped them in tattered rag and tied it off with a sturdy knot. Sliding the bag off her shoulder, she tucked them away and double checked her supplies.

Chef knife, measuring cup, measuring spoons, filled canteen, gauntlet... With her recipe book tucked safely under her arm, she grabbed her cooking pot and locked her door. It wasn't a terribly long walk to The Stone Oven but she would have to go past the hunter's fire pit. Perhaps they would have something she could use. 'I think I want to try cooking meat,” she thought, hoping the falconer's glove would be enough to get the amount of meat she wanted. She had won it in a game, but had no use for it other than trading. Perhaps one of the men or women would have better use for it.

As she approached, she was pleased to find it bustling with activity. This is where she had met Ti'niva just a season ago, and wondered if perhaps she would see him, but his face was nowhere to be found. She tried not to feel too disappointed and approached a group that was bartering, waiting for her turn. The two came to an agreement, a swapping of hides, and then the hunter's eyes fell upon her. A variety of different meats were before him and he looked at her with a smile.

“How can I help you, little one?”

Ini smiled back shyly. Little one. She hadn't been called that in a long time, but when she looked at the man before her, his hair was pulled back in a bun and his shoulders were nearly two of her side by side. He was a large, intimidating figure. She'd hate to be prey and happen across his path in the forest.

“What do you have to offer?”

“Offer? Did you not come to me?” he teased, but leaned back, motioning to the fresh cuts before him, “Venison, Icaphern, rabbit, just caught this morning. Chicken, thanks to my wife. Anything catch your interest?”

Ini admired the red coloring of each. The venison cuts were mostly very large – and she wasn't sure she could cook it properly. Icaphern was foreign to her in cooking, and she set down her pot to flip through her recipe book. “Um... Yes. Can I see the chicken?” There was at least a few recipes that called for it that she felt she could follow well enough. The hunter nodded and pulled forward a bundle of paper, tied off with some string. He untied it for her to see, some fresh chicken breasts expertly cut with a lovely pink coloring.

“You like? Do you have anything to trade?”

Ini nodded, but had to ask, “How much meat is there?” she asked, tucking her book back under her arm and grabbing the gauntlet.

“I would say about...” he weighed it in his large hands, and looked up to think, “Four pounds?”

That would be plenty, and it looked just as fresh as the game kills.

“Okay,” Ini agreed, lifting her prize to show off, “This is what I have,” she handed him the glove, watching as he wiped his hands off and turned it over in his hand, “It's for falconers”.

He made a noise of appraisal and tugged on the leather, rubbing it between his fingers, “I don't have any falcons, but-” he slipped in on his hand, wiggled his fingers and flexed his hand before tugging it off, “I know a few who do.”

“You could trade it,” Ini insisted, nervous that he would decline it.

“Yes, I could.” he inspected the stitching and finally nodded, “Deal”.

Excited, Ini was beaming when he bundled the poultry back up and handed it to her. They shook hands and the young girl slipped the paper wrapping that contained the meat carefully into her bag and had to restrain herself from skipping to The Stone Oven.

So far, so good.
Note to Reviewers
Desnind has a special bartering system unique to that city and as a result, doesn't often use nel as a means of purchase. For the sake of the rules, I have deducted the cost of the falconer's glove in my ledger, and it's worth is the same amount of 4lbs of chicken meat (4gn). Trade is of equal value, and thus does not require mod approval. For more information, please read the city lore.
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