Looking For A Thread Partner?

Players can use this forum as a way of connecting with other players for roleplaying purposes whether it's for finding friends for your character, family members, group members, etc.

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Looking For A Thread Partner?

Need A Roleplay Partner?
Well you've come to the right place! This forum is dedicated to helping players, new and experienced, find partners for their plots and adventures. All it takes is a simple advertisement for what you're looking for; a mother, father, sibling, lover, rival, teacher? Make sure to be descriptive when you make a request for an RP partner. Where is your character located? Will they be traveling? Are you looking for a character with a certain personality or skill set? Being descriptive will help attract players to your character's story.

You can also use this form to recruit players for your factions or businesses. If you require certain skill sets, please make sure to put that in your post. If you are willing to mentor or teach characters skills, list that as well.

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