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City Map & Location List

Old Sow's Ear
Developed by Tei'serin Nji'ryn
The Old Sow's Ear is Treth's local tavern. It is a popular spot for natives of the village, and farmers from the surrounding farms alike to come and relax. The food is simple fare, but good, as are the drinks. And all of it is produced locally.

Travelers who come to Treth on business can rent a room during their stay. There are five rooms available for rent. The rooms are small, and simple, but clean, and reasonably priced. Baths cost extra, as does renting a stall in their stable, or pasture room for a horse.

The tavern boasts of entertainment at each meal. They have a skilled bard who lives at the tavern, and local musicians will often come and perform in exchange for a free meal. It is a good way for them to get a chance to perform in front of a crowd, and begin to build a reputation for themselves.


Name: Hiram
Created by: Tei'serin Nji'ryn
Race: Mixed (Biqaj/human)
Birthday/Age: 27 Ashan, 682/35 arcs
Title: Owner
Skills: Business Management; 30, Brewing; 50, Medicine; 5, Mixology; 15
Details: Hiram is a friendly man with a watchful eye, and a ready smile. Very little escapes his notice in his tavern. He is a good listener, and usually knows the right things to say. And he always has a good story to tell. Hiram is the kind of guy that is almost impossible not to like, and he has the talent of making people feel comfortable around him. Like all good bar tenders, he will never betray any secrets his customers tell him.

When he was younger, he worked on his family ship, but an accident during a severe storm off the coast of Ne'haer left him with a leg injury that never fully healed. He walks with a slight limp, and his right leg pains him greatly during a storm. Since he was no longer able to work on a ship, his family left him in Ne'haer with enough nels to start up a business of his own. He did well for himself there, but he missed the closeness of a tightly knit family group. Since then, he met his wife, and moved back to Treth with her. Although Treth isn't as lively as the city, he has found the closeness of family that he craved.

Hiram brews his own ales, beer, cider, and mead. He has just enough knowledge about herbs to be able to create "special" drinks that contain one or more herbs for flavor, or "healing" properties.


Name: Arla
Created by: Tei'serin Nji'ryn
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 17 Saun, 684/33 arcs
Title: Cook
Skills: Baking; 45, Business Management; 5, Cooking; 50
Details: Arla was the daughter of one of the farmers who lives near Treth. But much to her father's disappointment, she had little interest in taking over the farm when he could no longer manage it. Cooking was her passion. Every spare moment she could find was spent mastering existing recipes, and experimenting in creating her own.

She met Hiram in Ne'haer when she was working at a restaurant there to perfect her skills. It was love at first sight, and they were married less than an arc later. But Arla was never truly comfortable with the hustle, and crowds of the city. So once she was satisfied with her cooking skills, she and Hiram moved back to Treth where they established the Old Sow's Ear. If one were to ask Hiram, he would say that his wife was the co-owner of the tavern. But Arla is quite content to leave running the business in his capable hands. That allows her to focus on what she does best; provide simple, but hearty, and delicious fare to serve her customers.


Name: Tar'isa
Created by: Tei'serin Nji'ryn
Race: Sev'ryn
Birthday/Age: 1 Vhalar, 694/23 arcs
Title: Bard
Skills: Field Craft; 30, Medicine; 30, Musical Instrument: Fiddle; 20, Singing; 20
Details: Tar'isa left Desnind several arcs ago in order to find her familiar. She was successful in doing so, but she fell in love with the small village she was staying in when she found him. So although she intends to return home someday, she is currently living at the tavern where she works. Hiram and Arla gave her work while she was searching for her familiar, and she became close friends with them during her quest. As a result, she continues to work for them.

Tar'isa earned Severath when she was a young child. She is very loyal to Moseke, and although she is still young, she has risen to Exalted through the hard work of protecting the Willow Woods, and those who travel through it. When not working at the Old Sow's Ear, Tar'isa will guide people into the forest to gather herbs, mushrooms, and fallen branches for carving, or firewood. She will not permit anyone to chop down a tree in her presence, however.

Her familiar is a male falcon named Ter. He represents her need for freedom, and independence.


Name: Jared
Created by: Tei'serin Nji'ryn
Race: Mixed (Sev'ryn/human)
Birthday/Age: 15 Ymiden, 682/35 arcs
Title: Bouncer
Skills: Blades: Dagger; 30, Intelligence; 26, Intimidation; 14, Unarmed Combat: Brawling; 30
Details: Jared is Arla's cousin, and they have been close friends ever since they were young children. He has always taken a protective "big brother" role towards her, and this has not changed now that they work together. Jared serves as protection for the tavern that Arla and her husband love so much.

He may not look all that menacing, but when trouble stirs, he is all business. A dangerous look appears in his eyes that may stop some would be trouble makers in their tracks. But for those who insist on causing trouble in "his" tavern, his skills with brawling, and his trusty blade, are more than enough to stop rowdy drunks intent on causing a fight.

Jared is a stern, no nonsense kind of man with a strict policy; don't cause trouble in his bar, and you won't get trouble from him. He has a soft spot for children, and is prone to giving them treats, especially on festivals. But he has a darker past, and at times, that past still haunts him.

Arcs ago, Jared was obsessed with earning nels to help save his parents' farm. In the attempt to earn as much money as he could, he fell into a dangerous crowd. He took a job as a body guard with a man named Thorin arcs back that lasted for several arcs. When he realized that he had become little more than a thug for Thorin, he quit working for him, and returned to Treth, where he got a job working at the Old Sow's Ear.

But once an employee of Thorin's, that past can never be left behind fully. From time to time, Thorin will contact him, asking for "one more favor." And Jared has little choice but to agree. If he doesn't, Thorin will let slip all of the work that Jared did while in his employ. At best, that would completely ruin his reputation, and likely force him to flee Treth. At worst, he would find himself arrested, and facing trial for a number of unexplained disappearances and deaths over the arcs, both in Treth and the surrounding farms, and in Ne'haer.

Mostly Thorin's "favors" are requests for information. Who is spending more than usual in the tavern? Who looks like they have a lot of nels to spend? What are the latest rumors, and gossip? Things of that nature. But at times, he is asked to gather information on a specific person, or to intimidate someone while "passing on a message."

Price List


Per night: 5 GN
Per season: 2 GN, 5 SN per night
Baths: 1 GN each
Renting a stall: 3 GN per trial
Renting a stall with care for one's mount (grooming, exercise, feeding): 5 GN per trial
Renting Pasture lodging: 2 GN per trial


Stew; thick, hearty stew filled with a variety of vegetables, and whatever kind of meat is on hand, served in an edible bowl made out of bread: 5 SN

Bread and Cheese Plate; contains a selection of local cheeses (soft and hard), breads, and herbal butters: 3 SN

Vegetable Platter; contains a selection of local vegetables (both raw and cooked) with a variety of dipping sauces on the side: 3 SN

Sandwiches; a selection of sandwiches made out of leftover meats, cheeses, and vegetables from the previous trial: 3 SN

Salad; a large, hearty salad filled with local fruits and vegetables, and a dressing of your choice (oil and vinegar, vinaigrette, tangy tomato dressing, ginger dressing, or poppy seed dressing) meat can be added at an additional expense: 3 SN (5 SN with added chicken)

Meat Pies; can be filled with chicken, beef, or rabbit in a savory sauce: 5 SN

House Special (changes each trial); a meat or poultry dish served with a variety of side dishes, and a dessert; 1 GN

Fruit Pies; filled with any kind of fruit that is in season: 5 SN

Juices (orange, apple, pear, peach, grape): 2 SN


Tanker of Ale: 3 SN
Tanker of Beer: 3 SN
Tanker of Mead: 5 SN
Tanker of Cider (hot or cold): 2 SN

*with herbs added, add 1 SN per herb; only common ones are available
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