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Ashira Ward
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Ashira Ward

Ashira Ward
née Thorn
Name: Ashira Ward

Age: 31
Date of Birth: Vhalar 57, Arc 685

Race: Human

Marks: None

Factions Joined: Ward Family, Thorn Family

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common, Broken Xanthea

Partners: Everett Ward - Husband


Slight of frame and relatively short at 5'4, Ashira is almost always impeccably presented. The only exceptions to this are when she is actively treating someone, as one can't always avoid blood and the like, and when she is working with her plants. Upon finishing those tasks however, she will immediately cleanse herself.

Ashira prefers dresses whenever feasible. They tend not to be overly ornate, though they are well tailored and of good material. After all, the dress is not meant to be the focus, she is. Similarly any ornamentation she wears tends to be simplistic.

Wealth and privilege can be seen not only in her wardrobe, but also in the fact that despite work her hands are soft and her hair is long and glossy, meaning she has the time and product to spend on them.

Proud and Ambitious. These things summarize Ashira. She is also intelligent, driven and cunning. Usually she is controlled, calculated. Every now and again something, usually Everett, rouses her to true passion, whether positively or negatively.

Ashiras goals tend to be internal and based on markers she sets for herself rather than physical items or wealth. She wants to improve herself. To be the best she can be. Her pride does means that she thinks her best is better than almost everyone elses, and proof that this is not so can frustrate her.

She values self determination. She does not like when others have power over her, which perhaps explains why she resents her marriage to Everett as much and as often as she does. She does not want to have her life dictated. She does not want to be an after thought on someones arm.

Despite all this, there is rarely gain to be had in seeming angry and cold. In being as prickly as her original surname. She is a chameleon, and will be who and what she needs to be to thrive.

Ashira was born a Thorn of Oakleigh. The Thorns ran and supplied the only infirmary in the Eastern Settlements of Rynmere, and as such they were moderately well of, though not wealthy. They also enjoyed a fair amount of respect, as is wise to show the only ones around to care for you when you're sick or injured. Though relatively coddled, having been born early and small for all that she quickly made it up reaching a healthy weight and size under her parents tender care, Ashira is no stranger to work. She was raised with the plants and medicine her family made their living on, and often accompanied and assisted her family when they made house-calls to more prominent patients.

One of those patients was Amelia Ward. Born sickly, Amelia did not recover, though for many years she was stable. At ten arcs however, her condition suddenly worsened. Her bones became brittle, breaking under the slightest pressure, and where once she had only needed to be careful, now she was bedridden. This was quite frankly rather convenient for the Thorns. As true healers, they would have preferred to return her to health and not be needed, but they could not solve the msytery of her illness, all they could do was treat the symptoms, and profit.

Ashira often went to the Ward estate on these visits, and it was there that she first met Everett. In truth, they'd seen each other in passing often throughout their youth, but had never interacted to any great extent. Ashira was there to work. Everett was learning business and the heir to his house. Add to this the fact that Ashira was admittedly gangly and often had rashes from her learning with plants and medicines and was clad in work clothes, and there was not much interest going either way. Flash forward a few years and Ashira had noticed Everett, the dark intense boy, almost man had more than caught her eye. She was of course beneath him, and the status quo continued. Several more years and Ashira had blossomed, coming properly into her womanhood. By now she was fastidious about her personage. Always impeccably maintained. Her mind also had sharpened. Poisons had taken her interest. To hurt and surprisingly to heal in some cases. Her once upon a time fancy of Everett had fled. So it was of course at this time that on his trips home from Andaris that he noticed her.

Everett, forward and set on his goals as always, approached her. She wanted nothing to do with him and told him so. This did not seem to concern him. He continued to woo her, out of the public eye, and it wasn't long before she gave in to his charms, and the two became lovers. Secrets however, have a tendency of coming to light. Rumors began to spread, and rumors could spell death. A good name ruined was business lost, and without business.. Patriarch Elliot Ward acted almost immediately. Within the arc the two were married.

Their marriage, while it certainly had passion, was not one based on love. Ashira had never intended to marry Everett, she had wanted to make a name for herself on her own terms. Not only that, but she was painful aware that she was the lesser. Almost a commoner. That it had been a close thing, Elliots determination of what would bring more shame. A discarded lover or a baseborn wife. Ashira was a proud woman, and she resented this deeply. Her family was respected, many men would have seen her as something to aspire to, instead there was derision. Add to that growing pressure for an heir, with the knowledge that once one was produced she was expendable, but if she was thought barren she was doubly so, and the tempers in their household ran high.

Still, she is determined to succeed at whatever she does, and while they may fight, often viciously, behind closed doors, to the rest of the world they present a unified front.

From Oakleigh and Berwick respectively, the Thorn and Ward families maintain their estates in those regions, that of the Wards making the Thorns look positively meager in comparison, diamond magnates versus relatively humble healers. Following Everetts ambitions however, Ashira and her husband no longer maintain homes or dedicated rooms there, though they are welcome to visit. Instead, they've moved to and currently live in an 800 square foot residence in Andaris.

The residence is not nearly as plush as either party would prefer, but it is well maintained and all it contains is of good quality. Ashira is not a cheerful nor particularly willing housekeeper, but she will not be seen as slovenly. The house has a small garden, barely worthy of the name as far as Ashira is concerned which currently bears only the single potted plant she brought with her when she married. It has started to thrive, but will not be a respectable shrubbery for at least an arc (as of 716).
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Leadership25/100 (25/251)Competent
Poison25/100 (NA: FT)Competent
Medicine26/100 (27/251)Competent
Gardening25/100 (25/251)Competent
Writing 25/100 (25/251)Competent
Animal Handling11/100 (11/251)Novice
Etiquette9/100 (9/251)Novice
Intelligence5/100 (5/251)Novice
Deception5/100 (5/251)Novice
Cooking0/100 (0/251)Novice
Appraisal0/100 (0/251)Novice
Business Management0/100 (0/251)Novice
Dancing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Politics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Persuasion0/100 (0/251)Novice
Tactics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Logistics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Chemistry0/100 (0/251)Novice


  • Cartography: Location: Grimvale
  • Cartography: Location: Hang Wood


  • Detection: Finding correct herb types


  • Discipline: Not showing irritation
  • Discipline: Not showing disgust
  • Discipline: Hiding your Anger
  • Discipline: Controlling Tears


  • Etiquette: Know your place [PG]
  • Etiquette: Social hierarchy [PG]
  • Etiquette: Always choose the lesser of two evils in terms of scandal [PG]
  • Etiquette: Fashion: Appropriate Mourning
  • Etiquette: Moseke’s Mist: Not grown by a lady of stature


  • Gardening: Swallowwort: Soothes and keeps infection away
  • Gardening: Jimsonweed: Dried and burned leaves help asthma
  • Gardening: Herb of Grace: Many medicinal properties
  • Gardening: Groundcones: Many medicinal properties
  • Gardening: Basic Plant Care
  • Gardening: Growing herbs [PG]
  • Gardening: The healing properties of plants [PG]
  • Gardening: Plants can cause rashes [PG]
  • Gardening: Extracting seeds
  • Gardening: Using a spade
  • Gardening: Pulling up plants by the root
  • Gardening: Careful harvesting keeps plant producing
  • Gardening: Grimvale: Full of magical plants


  • Intelligence: Keep your Eyes and Ears Open
  • Intelligence: Hang Wood: Full of criminals


  • Medicine: Oakleigh; Common Medicinal Plants
  • Medicine: Degenerative disease [PG]
  • Medicine: Analgesics [PG]
  • Medicine: Keeping the patient stable [PG]
  • Medicine: Heat Interaction with Drugs
  • Medicine: Sedatives
  • Medicine: Small Town vs City
  • Medicine: “Treat the Symptoms, Leave the Disease”
  • Medicine: Appropriate Times for Bedside Manner
  • Medicine: Asthma
  • Medicine: Treatments for Asthma
  • Medicine: Explaining Illness to Children
  • Medicine: Herbalism
  • Medicine: Clean is Good
  • Medicine: Sedatives: Mildly Hallucinogenic
  • Medicine: Asthma: Condition of the Lungs
  • Medicine: Asthma: Lifelong Condition
  • Medicine: Asthma: Panicking is Half the Problem
  • Medicine: Instant Blisters mean Serious Burn
  • Medicine: Cold Water over Burns (Don't)


  • Poison: Basic Poisons
  • Poison: Spotting Hogweed
  • Poison: Drugs: Effect of Body Size
  • Poison: Ergot Extract
  • Poison: How to create an Extract
  • Poison: Distilling requires Time
  • Poison: Sterile is Safe
  • Poison: Inhaling Poisons can Lead to Hallucinations


  • Politics: The Wards and their Reputation
  • Politics: Playing the Game
  • Politics: Sabotage and Subterfuge[/list[


  • Seduction: Kissing your Husband


  • Surgery: Clean is Good


  • Writing: Taking dictation
  • Writing: Keeping the meaning, even if some words are changed


  • Everett: Doesn't stoop to Hitting You
  • Everett: Assertive
  • Everett: Saviour
  • Everett: Mediocre Singing Voice
  • Everett: Cared for You
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Leadership [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Gardening ..1040
Poison ..1030
Medicine ..10 20
Etiquette..5 10
Intelligence..5 5
Deception..5 0
Gardening [PG] 4 00
Medicine [PG] 4 0 0
Etiquette [PG] 4 0 0
Blood Into Ink 10 0 10
Poison .. 5 5
Writing .. 5 0
Dark and Deep 10 0 10
Poison .. 5 5
Gardening .. 5 0
I Got Your Crazy 10 0 10
Poison .. 5 5
Medicine .. 5 0
A Hot Night in Lowtown 10 0 10
Medicine .. 6 4
Writing .. 4 0
A Breath of Fresh Air 10 0 10
Medicine .. 2 8
Writing .. 6 2
Gardening .. 2 0
That Which We Carry 15 0 15
Writing .. 15 0
Dressed in Overalls 15 0 15
Gardening .. 4 11
Animal Handling .. 11 0
  • City Dweller's Starting Package
    • Typical City Dweller's Pack



  • Black Chiffon Dress
  • Leather Knee High Boots
  • Leather Tunic
  • Leather Pants
  • Wool Coat with Fur Trim
  • Wool Gloves with Fur Trim
  • Wool Cap with Fur Trim
  • Wool Scarf
  • Wool Socks
  • Basic Starting Clothes
  • Chiffon and Lace Olive Green Dress
  • Dancing Shoes
  • Black Womens Silk Undergarments
  • Blue Womens Silk Undergarments
  • Green Womens Silk Undergarments
  • Purple Womens Silk Undergarments
  • Black Lace Trimmed Silk Chemise
  • Brown Woolen Dress
  • Purple Linen Skirt
  • White Cotton Blouse
  • Brown leather Belt


  • x3 Folding Cots
  • x3 Student Study Desk
  • Small Dresser
  • Small Mirror
  • Vanity


  • Lipstain
  • Rouge
  • Kohl
  • Blank Journal


  • Herbalist Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Scribes Kit
  • Chemists Kit
  • Large Plant Box
Starting Package 100 100
Herbalist Kit -45 55
First Aid Kit -22 33
Scribes Kit -18 15
Black Chiffon Dress -7 8
Healing Vhalar Pay 597 GN 7SN 8CN 605 GN 7SN 8CN
Scrivener Vhalar Pay 597 GN 7SN 8CN 1203GN 5SN 6CN
Embroidered Black Wool Gloves -10GN 2SN 1193GN 3SN 6CN
Embroidered Black Wool Scarf -9GN 1SN 1184GN 2SN 6CN
Sparkling White Bottle -13GN 1171GN 2SN 6CN
Nanutha Bottle -15GN 1156GN 2SN 6CN
Rib Dinner x2 -4SN 1155GN 8SN 6CN
Chocolate Cake -6SN 1155GN 2SN 6CN
Vhalar NPCs -30GN 1125GN 2SN 6CN
x3 Folding Cots -15GN 1110GN 2SN 6CN
x3 Student Study Desk -15GN 1095GN 2SN 6CN
Small Dresser -30GN 1065GN 2SN 6CN
Small Mirror -10GN 1055GN 2SN 6CN
Opening Bank Account -10GN 1045GN 2SN 6CN
Bank Account Deposit -500GN 545GN 2SN 6CN
Zi'da Rumors -20GN 525GN 2SN 6CN
Chemists Kit -115GN 410GN 2SN 6CN
Leather Knee High Boots -4GN 406GN 2SN 6CN
Leather Tunic -4GN 402GN 2SN 6CN
Leather Pants -15GN 387GN 2SN 6CN
Wool Coat with Fur Trim -15GN 4SN 371GN 8SN 6CN
Wool Gloves with Fur Trim -8GN 4SN 363GN 4SN 6CN
Wool Cap with Fur Trim -5GN 7SN 6CN 357GN 7SN
Wool Scarf -2GN 2SN 355GN 5SN
Wool Socks -2GN 2SN 353GN 3SN
Lipstain -1GN 352GN 3SN
Rouge -5SN 351GN 8SN
Kohl -1GN 350GN 8SN
Blank Journal -5GN 345GN 8SN
Chiffon and Lace Olive Green Dress -45GN 300GN 8SN
Dancing Shoes -2GN 298GN 8SN
Black Womens Silk Undergarments -2GN 5SN 296GN 3SN
Blue Womens Silk Undergarments -7GN 5SN 288GN 8SN
Green Womens Silk Undergarments -9GN 279GN 8SN
Purple Womens Silk Undergarments 20GN 259GN 8SN
Black Lace Trimmed Silk Chemise 6GN 2SN 5CN 253GN 5SN 5CN
Brown Woolen Dress 8GN 8SN 244GN 7SN 5CN
Purple Linen Skirt 4GN 8SN 239GN 9SN 5CN
White Cotton Blouse 7GN 2SN 232GN 7SN 5CN
Brown leather Belt -1GN 231GN 7SN 5CN
Large Plant Box -50GN 181GN 7SN 5CN
Vanity -30GN 151GN 7SN 5CN
Ginger Root -4SN 151GN 3SN 5CN
Passionflower Root -5GN 146GN 3SN 5CN
Ginseng Root -3GN 143GN 3SN 5CN
Velvet Beans -6GN 137GN 3SN 5CN
Lingzhi Mushrooms -15GN 122GN 3SN 5CN
Kava Root -20GN 102GN 3SN 5CN
Jam Fixin's -4GN 4SN 97GN 9SN 5CN
... ... ...
Fame Ledger
]Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Starting Fame +20 +20
Healer Profession +10 +30
Scribe Profession +10 +40
Dressed in Overalls +2 42
A Breathe of Fresh Air +1 43
... ... ...
Thread List

3 Vhalar Blood Into Ink - Done - Graded
7 Vhalar That Which We Carry - Done - Graded
12 Vhalar Dressed in Overalls - Done - Graded
20 Vhalar Dark and Deep - Done - Graded
22-23 Vhalar I Got Your Crazy - Done - Graded
28 Vhalar A Hot Night in Lowtown - Done - Graded
29(-31?) Vhalar Getting On Top of Things - In Progress
36 Vhalar The Wounded Veteran - Done
42 Vhalar Horses Make for Horrible Victims - Dead?
47 Vhalar We Stitch These Wounds - In Progress
57 Vhalar Nowhere I'd Rather Be - In Progress
62 Vhalar A Breath of Fresh Air - Done - Graded
78 Vhalar Wet Cement - Done
96 Vhalar A Spoonful of Sugar - Done
107 Vhalar Winter Mist Festival - In Progress
109 Vhalar In Our Hearts Alone - In progress

1 Zi'da Calm Waters - Done
15 Zi'da In the Garden - In Progress
24 Zi'da In the Bleak Midwinter - Done
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