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Date of Birth: 697th arc Zi'da the 13th


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Languages Spoken: Xanthea, and poor common


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Soft spoken and soft hearted, Nel is patient and contemplative, his thoughts and words are slow and weighted and his ability to empathize with others and try to understand them is defining. Nel is a healer, of flesh and mind Nel considers it his charge to care for others just as nature and the spirits care for him.

Some Sev'ryn are born loudly, with a goal in the world and a kindled spark in their heart, great hunters and storytellers and legends come from this stock, but this was not so much the case for Nel he was born quietly and humbly, coming into the world with quiet mouth and wise eyes. As he aged little changed about that, content with silence Nel was known by his family to be one of great contemplation, though they wished upon him more spine, never interested in the hunt the child grew listening to the stories of his elders retaining in him the wisdom of his people, there were days when it was said that Nel spoke not a single word, but sat and though for many hours watching the wold through his dark eyes. When he grew a bit older and the times of innocent childhood were replaced with responsibility he still deigned to join the hunt happy with the quiet and necessary work of the healer. If asked why he became a healer the boy tended to respond cryptically, sage lines like, "I heal others to heal myself," and so on, never one for conversation Nel is one to listen much and say little, in his mind words are mirrors to the heart and to waste them is a tragedy. In conversations he's known to pause at times for uncomfortably long moments and reply with as few words as possible. Though quiet and steady Nel is by no means a slacker, anyone who watches him work could tell you his hands move with a steadiness that belays a compassion for life and others that supersedes his interest in himself. In some ways this was perhaps the greatest boon of his character, but perhaps also a curse. His desire for understanding of the world slowly made him unhappy with life within Desnind. A world so wide and large had much to offer and yet his only window had been the voices of the elders. So when he came of age, he set sail for the heart of the world looking out to see what the world had to offer, it was not an easy choice to leave behind friends and family but he vowed to return when he "better understood the world." Setting sail proved to be it's own challenge for the boy, spending his first week aboard the ship seasick and morose, homesickness had been hard for him to overcome, but when a storm struck this ship and great waves tossed the vessel he had boarded a sort peace found him, in the panic and chaos of the oceans rage a Sailor who had been wounded by the snapping of a a mast was brought below deck, and when he saw the wounded man his worries and doubts were replaced by compassion as he moved to save the man's life. A fellow sailor who witnessed the site remarked that, it was like the world outside didn't exist to the young man, he worked quickly and quietly as the storm pounded outside. Saving the man's life had given Nel perspective. Whether he was in Desnind or not, there would always be people who needed to be healed, and in that aspect all living things were the same, no mortal lived without needs and it was within his power to bring aid and comfort to those suffering. in the wake of the storm Nel spent many hours mending flesh and setting the bones of sailors wounded in the storm. But behind the joy that Nel experienced at so early into his journey having already learned about the world, he too was faced with another realization, one much darker, the mast had been lost in the storm and while the ship had oars, making it back to land had become a long and arduous process for the crew. Not prepared for their travel time to be amplified so greatly by damages rations aboard the ship began to dwindle and the first of the hostilities began. The man of piece that he was Nel vowed not to eat until peace was had and for the first few days aboard the lurching vessel he was ignored, but as his convictions became apparent so too did he calm the fearful souls of them men aboard the ship. So did Nel learn that the world outside had hardships that he had not learned of in Desnind. Rescue did eventually come to their ship, but it came in the form of pirates. Captured and chained Nel's freedom was stripped from him. His time in chains though unpleasant too was a time of learning for him, when those about him were torn by panic and worry Nel waited and thought, he was in some ways worse off than he'd ever been, but at the same time he'd escaped death into the embrace of shackles, his life was not over as such he still must have purpose in the world, even if knowing what the purpose was was hard. So he waited for the time when he would again be free.

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Favored: Enchanting Rhythm
Favored: Strangely Appealing
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