The Dusty Duchess


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The City that Sailed. Blackbrine is a moving pirate city that deals in its own currency and doesn't take too kindly to trouble makers.
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The Dusty Duchess

The Dusty Duchess
With seventy-five arcs (years) of business and sewing experience combined, locals and visitors to Blackbrine can’t go wrong in choosing workers from the Dusty Duchess to repair their worn garments and tattered sails. Anna Monico, the woman who runs the ship and day to day business aboard the Dusty Duchess, is also fond of nurturing young talent. For this reasons she takes on at least three new apprentices each arc. Not everyone sticks with the trade, but if one in ten stay, and the rest leave with some skill or qualifications, Anna believes she is doing her part to help better the community of Blackbrine as a whole.

The Dusty Duchess is quite a large vessel with private quarters for all of the workers who sail with the ship from Ashan to Zi’da (Cylus being the only season the people of Blackbrine don’t work). There is a communal room all of the seamstresses and tailors work in downstairs and a shop on the top deck that visitors can come and go from. The shop has changing rooms for customers to try on different items of clothing, and a fitting room where tailors do suit measurements and seamstresses can discuss what clients want changed regarding new and old dresses.

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Anna Monico

Race: Mixed Blood (Biqaj x Human)
DoB: 91 Vhalar 687
Title: Captain Monico
Skills: Seafaring: 65, Navigation: 70, Blades, Arming Sword: 50, Sewing: 55, Drawing: 35.

Anna was taught to sew by her aunt Sarah who she eventually got into business with. Her aunt recently retired, leaving the sewing and tailor business to Anna, after Anna bought out her share. Now Anna is responsible for making and mending a lot of the clothes worn by the Brineborn people. She is very good at embroidery, and has started extending the business to try and do work on sail repair. To do this, however, Anna needs a number of assistants, thus, she is currently hiring for very good rates.
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