The Viper


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The City that Sailed. Blackbrine is a moving pirate city that deals in its own currency and doesn't take too kindly to trouble makers.
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The Viper

The Viper
The Viper is a ship of dark-washed wood and blood red sails that have worn holes from use. The Viper is the home of an infamous poison dealer. It is a smaller ship with only two decks. Below deck is the Captain's Quarters, the crew quarters, a dining hall, and- most notably- the Poison Den. The Den is a large and dark room illuminated only partially with dim lantern light. There is a smell of a few small burns and the toxic smell of chemicals. There's a large rectangular table in the center holding the burners and vials and flasks of concoctions in the works. On the shelves lining the walls are the completed poisons in a rainbow of colors and in the drawers are the ingredients, including plants. There are a few glass cases dotted throughout the room that house various venomous snakes and other dangerous things like spiders or scorpions. Because Blackbrine is a moving city, the poison collection encompasses those from all across Idalos. Stories tell of a small hidden room that is used for torture.


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Location NPC List

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Orlan Fallon

Race: Human
DoB: 9 Ymiden 681
Title: Poison Master and Captain
Skills: Poisons 65, Chemistry 60, Deception 45, Torture 35

Orlan is a tall man at 6'2" with broad shoulders and weighing around 170 lbs. He has medium length dark hair with gray streaks that's kept slicked back and brown eyes. He had a cut running from his forehead down to below his cheek on his right side and the right eye appears milky. He is pale and commonly seen wearing a large red coat with golden buckles, black leather gloves, and a dark green scarf wrapped around his neck and covering his face from nose to mouth. He is a quiet man and very skilled and lying and cheating people. His knowledge of poisons is unrivaled in Blackbrine. He is a smooth talker with a deep, silky voice and rumors say for the right price he engages in torture.
Credit: Rei
word count: 366
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