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The plot development forum is designed for players and groups to keep track of their plot lines, goals they wish their characters to complete in each season, and anything else that may tie into your character's past, present, and future. Please remember that this is not the Personal Journals forum and should not be treated as such. All information posted within this forum should be information that ties back to your character within the Standing Trials Roleplay.

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Sol's Plotnotes

Skill Goals, in order of Importance:

Aberration -> 100
Dustforge -> 75
Blades -> 60
Meditation -> 50
Strength -> 25
Running -> 25
Endurance -> 25
Research -> 30
Linguistics -> 40
Writing -> 50
Discipline -> 25
Detection -> 25
Abrogation -> 50
Rupturing -> 50
Things to Accomplish (No particular order)

Flay an Immortal or Mortal Born (Preferably former, very late game goal)
Form a Guild? (Cult?): Maybe move to eastern settlements, establish frontier operations?
Investigate Harvester Origins
Get chased out of Andaris for MAGIC THINGS, eeeevvillll
Meet an Immortal? Maybe
DREAM THREADS (Dream Walking hooray)
Get a horse/learn to ride said horse

  • Dustforge
  • Abrogation
  • Rupturing
Goodship Friendships:

None yet :<
Things Accomplished:

Nadda :<
word count: 106

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