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The City that Sailed. Blackbrine is a moving pirate city that deals in its own currency and doesn't take too kindly to trouble makers.
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The Loon

The Loon
The Loon is a gray-washed three-deck boat with cream-colored sails and is flying a flag of a loon: a black-headed bird with a white and black speckled body and red eyes. The Loon is known as a menagerie of birds, a place where people can purchase trained and untrained birds. The Captain of The Loon is an avian expert and is a well-known avian trainer. The top deck houses several perches and trained birds are often seen circling about the area of the boot, landing and taking off with frequency, while the crew mans the ship around them. Below deck is a big open area with cages housing untrained birds and those of a more simple variety, like geese. They can be found in gilded cages, awaiting purchase or training. In the belly of the ship lies the Captain’s Quarters, along with an all-in-one crew quarters, a small dining hall, and a storage galley that houses supplies and bird feed.


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Location NPC List

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Rufus Crestfall

Race: Human
DoB: 17 Saun 676
Title: Captain
Flag: Loon
Skills: Animal Husbandy: Avian 65, Seafaring 60, Leadership 45, Blades: Rapier 40, Strength 35

Rufus is a tall and thin man, standing about 6’2” and weighing only about 140 lbs. He is wiry but strong. He is often found spending time with the birds more than he is manning his ship. While his crew does most of the mundane caring for the birds, he takes care of exercising and training them. He is a quiet man that can usually be found reading when he’s not tending to the birds or his ship. He has shoulder length brown wavy hair, a matching beard and mustache, and pale blue eyes. He enjoys wearing obnoxiously large hats with decorative feathers.
Credit: Rei
word count: 330
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