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Quio goes looking for a woman's lost cat and ends up following a rumor to the Blacksmith's Arms

33rd of Vhalar 716

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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"Here kitty kitty kitty" "Have you seen this cat?"

33rd of Vhalar, Arc 716

Quio had just taken his first job as a novice investigator, and he was out looking for a cat. A cat named Pebbles.

Well, he supposed it could have been worse.

Ever since he'd found out that the 80 gn debt Hart owed to Harlow was actually worth 300 gold, Quio had decided to get a second job. The law firm paid well of course-- but he was a junior member, and paying well didn't mean it paid enough. Not to make up 300 gn in time.

He had considered simple labor, but neither did that pay well, and transporting passengers on the Blackheart around Rynmere was out of the question, though that's what he would have turned to any other time-- but as it was, he couldn't be working at the firm and down at the docks and all over the island, it just wasn't manageable.

Eventually he'd had an idea. Before the trial was out, he'd busied himself putting up notices in the local pubs and the community boards, and had considered even buying an ad in the Gazette. All to advertise himself as an investigator.

Investigating fit well. He could do freelance jobs when he wasn't too busy with cases, and it wasn't all that large a step from apprentice lawyer. He had already learned some about investigating leads thanks to working with Guttey. Even though he was a novice at it still, he figured-- how hard could it be?

And then his first client, a woman by the name of Cecilia Blythe, had asked him to find her cat. And, faking a smile, he had agreed.

Only to walk out of her house and put a palm to his face. A cat. How in all the realms was he supposed to find a cat?


The first part of the day was spent 'investigating' the streets of lowtown around the woman's house. "Here kitty kitty kitty," Quio called in a low voice, shaking a little baggie of the cat's food the woman had supplied as the people around him performed real jobs and focused on patching up the destruction of the war. He ignored a couple of curious stares and continued calling. "Here, Pebbles!" he added every once and a while in Common, just in case the feline didn't understand Rakahi. He was fairly certain Jack hadn't, at least not when he'd first got her.

"You haven't seen a cat around?" he asked one of the passerby, and the man stared at him like he'd had a bit too much to drink.

Joke's on you, Quio thought sourly, and turned to the next person to ask. I can't get drunk.

But boy, taking this job, he surely wished he could.

By the time a few breaks had passed, Quio had canvassed the nearby streets not once, not twice, but three times. He'd asked dozens of people if they had seen an orange cat with one ear. No luck. Someone had already accused him of being a "pussy hound." He was earning a lot of strange looks.

But as crazy as he felt at the moment, at least he knew he wasn't the nuttiest person out and about that day. Because he had already freaking met the man.

Oh yes, he'd met him.

The man had claimed, after Quio had questioned him, in the sort of googly-eyed, loud-voice usually reserved for ostensibly crazy people, "Dun cat's probably with that awful cat gang!"

"Cat gang?" Quio had asked. He shouldn't have, he knew that now, but he hadn't known then and he couldn't help himself.

"Yes, duh cat gang! Buggers dey are, and some say they t'aint even cats at all!"

"What?" Quio asked. Already beginning to regret the conversation. Stealthily he began edging away.

"Dey come out, they does, out at the night! Cats upon cats. Duh whole gang-- the, the, the whole clowder!"

"Clowder?" Quio asked. He was about ready to run.

"It's what you call a group of cats," someone else murmured from behind him, and when he turned to look a young man smiled and shrugged apologetically. "Don't ask me how, but I know what I know," he said, and scurried off.

Quio stared after him.

"Duh clowder, they's a comin' for us all!" the crazy man was saying, getting really worked up about it now, nearly foaming at the mouth, his eyes rolling in his head, and okay, that was it, Quio was done. He began to hurry away from the man pretty quickly after that. Leave me alone, he thought, just leave me alone.

No such luck. "Don't believe me, just you wait!" the lunatic called behind him, trying to keep up, following him down the street.

"I don't know him," Quio insisted to the nearest person, who was watching with bemusement as the Yludih was chased by a complete madman.

"Duh Blacksmith's Arms!" the man yelped from behind him, panting heavily, trying to grab Quio by the sleeve. "Mark my words, dem cats will git us all!"

And with that, Quio gave up his jogging and flat-out ran.



...he ran to the Blacksmith's Arms.

He couldn't help it. He was investigating a cat for the immortals' sake. What else was he to do?

Once inside the tavern, which he realized was a lot shadier than he'd thought it would be having never been inside before, he moseyed up to the bar and leaned against it heavily. Wanting to get this over with already. He'd ask, and then he'd leave. And he would be able to tell Ms. Blythe that he'd followed every lead. Every lead.

So sighing, he asked, knowing it sounded stupid but doing it anyway, "You haven't heard anything about a gang of cats out and about at night, have you?" And waited to be ridiculed all the way back out of the seedy bar.
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