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A piece of park land in the Glass Quarter collectively gardened by local citizens.

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Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Community Garden

Community Garden
The Community Garden is located on the far side of a larger park within the Glass Quarter. The formerly vacant land was converted into a complex of planting boxes for local citizens to engage in gardening. A multitude of plants are grown here: everything from herbs to flowers to vegetables - and the occasional drug. The location is quite popular with those who have green thumbs and allows Rharnians to own a small garden without needing to purchase a large swathe of farmland. Gardeners must purchase their own seeds (though the boxes and soil are provided) and are asked to be conscious of what can realistically fit into each box.

Each planting box is outlined with wooden planks or, for the bigger ones, with wooden fences. The boxes range in size from 3x3 meters to 9x9 meters and are rented by the season. The smaller boxes are intended more for small plants like herbs, while the larger boxes often house a small vegetable garden.

A small stone building is located at the Community Garden’s entrance where the community’s free-to-use gardening tools are stored. The caretaker, Gregory Plains, can usually be found at the building’s only desk if he is not tending to the gardens. Anyone who wishes to rent a planting box must do so here. A mountain well is located on the opposite side of the garden and may be used to draw water.


Planting boxes are rented by the season.

3x3 meter box: 1 WP/season or Tier 2+
6x6 meter box: 2 WP/season or TIer 3+
9x9 meter box: 3 WP/season or Tier 4+

Community Garden NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Gregory Plains

Race: Human
DoB: 3rd of Saun, 665
Title: Caretaker
Skills: Gardening: 60, Agriculture: 45, 40 Strength: 40,Endurance: 30

Gregory Plains is an older man with grey and white hair and a scruffy beard. He had kind brown eyes and is known as one of Rharne’s top gardeners. Although those who rent land are expected to provide upkeep on their own crops, Gregory works to keep the whole area tidy and occasionally helps out when advice is needed or if a renter is absent for health reasons or unexpected travel. He can usually be found tending to the gardens or, barring that, in the small stone building at the property’s entrance.
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