[Halloween Event] The Dark Night

A former knight takes to the night.

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Here are all threads from before the Fall of Emea in 719 and all threads pertaining to the Fall. As of Ymiden 719 (1st June 2019), this forum is locked for new threads and is a repository for old content.

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[Halloween Event] The Dark Night

The city was sick.

Beneath its attractive veneer, Andaris was a land divided. The poor fought for survival in the gutters, while the rich dined on their carcasses. Each trial, a new noble stepped into the ring and began their battle for power. They used any means necessary to reach their goal: money, murder, even incest.

Corruption was woven into every alleyway and beneath every cobblestone, exploited by many and ignored by the rest. Even the Iron Hand had fallen, with its highest ranks in the pockets of the nobles or nobles themselves.

Only a few citizens spoke up – the brave few, the ones who often fell silent or went missing when their words grew too loud.

Gray had known one of them once. A scribe, one who talked too loud and cared too much. She had disappeared an arc ago, and he refused to let that happen to anyone else.

He crouched on the top of the cathedral and looked out over the city. Darkness fell around him like a cloak, shielding him from curious eyes and making the dark mask and cavalier hat he wore seem almost irrelevant.


He narrowed his eyes as he watched a mugger approach a lone commoner and hold her up by sword point. The woman screamed, but the few passersby in the far ends of the street turned away - too busy or too scared to get involved.


Andaris was a city that needed someone to save it from itself.

Gray tightened his jaw and leapt from the cathedral.

It was a city that needed…

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