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Wrenera Virdu

Wrenera Virdu

"Oh hello, I forgot you were there. You may go now."

She came from the sky; winged, intrepid, beautiful, an apex predator.
Full Name: Wrenera Virdu
Race: Avriel
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 150 lbs

Profession: Huntress
Housing: Burning Mountains in Rynmere

Likes: Flying, hunting, devouring, fighting, junk collecting, sleeping, exploring
Dislikes: Injuries, storms, foolish people, baths
Merits: Confident, strong, sensual
Flaws: Stubborn, haughty, nonsympathetic

Fluent: Lorien
Broken: Common

Marks: Blessing of Sesser pending

Current Location: Rynmere
Wrenera's body is is a graceful blue and shows apparent muscle tone with a shimmering transparent quality to her skin. She is long, especially her legs, walking with a bold strut and a carriage to match her personality. Wren has golden hair that cascades in disheveled chaos. Azure eyes swirl like mini hurricanes when her ire is sparked or her passion is elevated. She is nearly six feet tall and weighs close to 150 lbs. As is the case for all Avriel, Wren possesses beautiful wings that shimmer an opal white with streaks of light blue.

"Death finds us all in the end. So live fiercely and fully in the moment. It could be your last!"
Wrenera is uncivilized and instinctive by nature. Mistrusting of humans and other intelligent races. Much of her daily routines revolve around her own survival. There is little for her beyond that. But this is not completely true. There is more to the Avriel woman than meets the eye. Beneath the layers of conditioned brutality. It shows itself in the moon lit night, when she studies the creatures of nature, watching intently the harmonic dance they all sway to. It flickers in abandoned caverns and the lofty perch of ancient trees. A tool lifted from wreckage, and puzzled over before being hugged to her breast. Most never get to see that side of her though. They see only what their eyes wish to see. A cruel animal that only exists to slaughter and terrify.

Wrenera is not above killing humans if they prove a threat. She considers all creatures in her domain, either a food source or a potential slave. Friendship is alien to her outside of her own race. Perhaps a possibility if one was able to get past her rugged exterior. But mostly she prefers to avoid humans if not properly disguised. She understands if one goes missing, many will come looking. Wren is adept at socializing when the need arises, though many find her braggadocios manner a bit overbearing and her blunt words far too rude. When she does interact with other intelligent creatures, it's usually straight forward needs that motivate the parley. She's not one to beat around the bush. While she is suspicious of humans, and their massive cities, she is also curious about the things they do there. There are times she stalks very close to those high walls, to catch a glimpse beyond the gates. Do not mistaken her curiosity for foolhardiness. She takes every precaution when near such settlements. Including using an illusion to mask her true origin lest she be hunted down like a prize eagle.

"The past is over. My future is all that matters now!"
Wren was brought up in strict Avriel fashion by a mother who thought her best was never good enough and by a father who had little to say in way of compliment and who'd much rather be hunting. Wrenera is the middle child of three. Her older sister, Venyira was the one she looked up to and strove to be like. Vynkel, her younger brother was the one she often spent the most time with and had the responsibility of taking care of until he was old enough to do so on his own. The storm fell upon them when she was on the cusp of adolescence. Tragic news of Ven's fate came to them and she still remembers to this day her mother's wail of grief and rage. Ven had been gone for several years, exploring the realm as all Avriel do. "Coming to age" or "Earning your wings" is how she heard tale of it from proud parents boasting of their offspring. Wren longed to set off on her own and earn the respect of all the Avriel-- including her mother. But the dreadful news of her elder sister's demise did not deter her from following in her footsteps. She vowed to avenge her sister's slayer and bring pride to her family and people. Thinking that such a claim would appease her grieving mother to know she had children still there, willing to do what was best. But her mother had no love in her gaze nor did she seem to care that Wren might be putting her own life on the line to fulfill such an act. Only Vyn offered words of encouragement and a joke to make her laugh and mask his own fears, as was his way. Thus she left her home in Athart to explore the world and find herself.

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Wrenera Virdu


"We are what we do. So do it well and make your ancestors proud."
SkillPoints AcquiredPoints SpentLevel
* Denotes Fast Track Skill
Skill Point Ledger
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Starting Pack500050
Blades - Scimitar..1040
Endurance4(PG)..CS Reward
Hunting4(PG)..CS Reward

"It's better to know things than to be ignorant."

Location: Athart Layout
Intimidation: Techniques for getting under the skin.
Blade: Getting the initiative
Hunting: Tracking prey in the Burning Mountains.
Endurance: Pressing on through exhaustion and fatigue by way of routine exercise.
Flying: Flying in pairs for safety
Flying: Protecting others while you fly
Endurance: Practicing in order to ensure that you can follow those before you
Endurance: Grief can be physically painful
Hunting: The meats that a hunter can bring home


"Infamously respected."

Fame Ledger
Starting Fame+10+10
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Wrenera Virdu




One set of clothing (cloak, shirt, pants, boots and undergarments of standard quality)
One set of Weather Gear ("")


Scimitar (Heirloom)
Leather Armor

Misc. Gear

One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
100 feet of rope
One tinderbox.
A set of six torches
One Lantern
One bedroll
A compass
A fishing net or fishing pole with a set of thirty hooks.
A blanket
Four rucksacks
A knife
One waterskin
One set of toiletries
Two rags.


A steel scimitar given to her by her now deceased older sister. The hilt is shaped like a pair of wings and the curved steel blade is adorned by Avrielian Script marking the long bloodline of warriors who had wielded the excellent weapon.

"Home is where the slaves are."
Currently Living in a cave in the Burning Mountains west of Andaris.
Starting Pack+100 gn100 gn
Leather Armor-10 gn90 gn

The Adventures of Wren.
word count: 165
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