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42nd of Vhalar 716

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Satisfaction brought it back

42nd Vhalar, 716

It was a sorry sight they made, she knew, trudging through the streets. Thanks to the change in the weather for the last few breaks they had finally dried off, but the pair of them had slept on the forest floor, soaked through to the skin after being swept up in a rapidly flowing river, deposited on the opposite bank to where they started and they had used leaves and mulch as the only blanket available to them. They both had cuts and scrapes and bruises from the journey in the water and if Padraig maintained a slightly rumpled look usually? Well the pair of them looked like they'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. Dirty, cut, bruised, exhausted and hungry and they looked it.

And yet, she could not help but smile at him as they walked in to the gates. "If this was all a ploy so that I might lose those shoes, it seems to me that you went to a lot more trouble than needed, you know" she sounded (because she felt) tired, but she gave him a grin which was genuine. It had to be said, people did look some askance at them as they walked towards Tristan's home ~ and it was not really a surprise. "And you know, if nothing else, Mistral will be delighted to see you again" she added with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Their encounter with the cat was fresh enough that they probably both still had scars from that. "It does occur to me, though, that you and I seem to end up in most odd situations where we are both dripping wet with small cuts, on a semi-regular basis. This is twice now in .. in fact that was ten trials ago today." she arched an eyebrow at him quizzically and then smiled a smile of pure apology "I seem to keep getting you into trouble. I am sorry, most genuinely" she did feel contrite about that and she added, with a serious tone "Please don't stop my lessons. I enjoy them enormously and they are the highlight of my week".

As they grew close to Tristan's house, Faith smiled at Padraig and motioned "You know where it is. When we get there, I'll get you something to eat, you must be starving. I.. you'll meet my owner, I suspect. Oh. Look"

And there, laying on a wall just at in front of the house, with an expression which could only be described as satisfied in the extreme, was said cat. Faith stopped in her tracks and sighed. The beast slowly, oh so slowly, licked up and down one paw and leg, looking at them both with what seemed to be a smile before it jumped down, stuck its tail in the air and turned it's back on them and walked in the house. Faith opened the front door and called "Hello? Master are you in here?" she had no idea how Tristan was going to react, whether he'd notice that she had been out all night or how he might react. But in truth, she was pleased and relieved that Padraig was here too as he would be able to verify her story. Tristan, after all, knew that she had been going collecting herbs with him so hopefully, she thought, he would not be angry at a circumstance she could not control.
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Satisfaction brought it back

Padraig had emerged from any number of brawls less bruised, battered, scraped and banged up than from what was intended to be a leisurely stroll in the woods, for the most part. He was filthy, his clothing had dried rough and rumpled, every part of him ached from a miserable night spent leaning against a knotty tree and as they'd passed through the city gates, he'd only just pulled yet another dead leaf out from the back of his shirt. No, they hadn't raced home. For his part, he'd hobbled there.

He'd have argued that he should just return home, clean up. But they'd been through so much he decided it was better to see her safely home before he did. Surely, her master must have been concerned when she didn't return the trial before. "I might've found an easier way, but I can't say I'm sorry for the loss," he said dryly, regarding the shoes. As to the cat? "He must've lost at least one of his lives that trial, and probably blames me for it." Shame it hadn't been the ninth one. "But yes, I'm aware of the trend." Her, trouble, he meant. "But I won't hold it against you and I will tutor you as long as you like." Implication being, he must not mind living dangerously.

"Don't worry about feeding me. I can fend for myself once I return home," Padraig argued, then looked up and spotted the cat in question, which had clearly spotted them in return. Thing would have held a grudge. He was sure of it. Still, he didn't argue further when she opened the door and urged him inside. He'd only stay a moment, he said, until she'd explained to her master where she'd been, and reassured him that she was unharmed.
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