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Name: Dogwalker
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Quick Facts:Large, bush-like plant
Height: 2-4’
Width: 3’
Fruit: Large, apple-like fruits tasting more like grapes
Native to: Wilds around Athart
Locations: Grasslands across the world.

Appearance: Dogwalker was discovered and classified in conjunction with Young’s Bite by two colleagues. Somewhat ironically, the two each claimed to have found them both, and their relationship imitated that of the plants they had discovered. Each claimed one, naming it to spite the other. Dogwalker is rumoured to be a jab at the researcher’s family business- dog breeding- but many think there may be another meaning.

This plant is a large plant that shoots out branches in every direction from its central root. The bark is a pale green colour, yet woody in texture. It grows medium sized flowers that cover its branches, making the plant seem like a large pile of flowers. When the plant blooms the sight takes your breath away. Vibrant colours cover the branches, one colour fading seamlessly into the next.

Habitat: It typically will grow in grasslands, clumped in areas of significant moisture. It is extremely common along riverbanks or lakes where it can get full sun. This plant requires plenty of sun, and will quickly fade if some of its branches do not receive enough light. The plant has been grown in greenhouses as a common houseplant. When blooming, the tree is breathtaking, but it requires significant work to trim and water it correctly.

This plant has had an unending conflict with another plant, Young's Bite. The Dogwalker originated on the East continent, near Athart, but due to travel, both have invaded the other’s territory. The Dogwalker relies heavily on moisture to grow, as does Young’s Bite, but the Dogwalker is a far more demanding plant. As such, it was at a disadvantage, however the roots of the Dogwalker secrete a fluid that kills off the roots of Young’s Bite. As such the two plants are both found in identical environments, but you will never find the two together.

Lifespan and Development: The plant is self germinating, bearing many similarities to a mushroom. Most of the plant is actually underground, with a deep and rich network supplying the plant with its required nutrition. The plant flowers overnight, the petals curling up during the day, and will bloom for the Hot Cycle. The flowers are then slowly turned into the plant’s fruit over the course of Vhalar, and it is left barren for the remainder of the arc.

The plant can last a long time if cared for properly and rarely dies from age. Often it falls to burrowing insects such as termites that eat away at its roots, or competition growing and blocking out its sun. By ingesting the root, the burrowing insects mutate the trigger, absorbing it throughout their body. By burning their powdered bodies with the leaves of Young's Bite, a thick smoke is created that acts much like a laughing gas.

Uses: This secretions of the roots of this plant are used as the trigger for the inhibitor created from the leaves of Young’s Bite. The apple-like fruits are eaten as an oddity, few willing to spend the time and energy necessary to successfully grow these plants.

Credit: Vluharqih
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Since the previous issues have been addressed, I'm going to approve this submission. Thanks for the write up, we appreciate it. Added to wiki.
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