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The plot development forum is designed for players and groups to keep track of their plot lines, goals they wish their characters to complete in each season, and anything else that may tie into your character's past, present, and future. Please remember that this is not the Personal Journals forum and should not be treated as such. All information posted within this forum should be information that ties back to your character within the Standing Trials Roleplay.

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Re: Preparing for Greatness

The Story

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? - Bob Marley

Title Attribute Status Date
March of the Dramatic Ponces Collaborative Graded 12th of Ashan, 716
Looking for a Lead Job Graded 16th of Ashan, 716
Chasing a Headline Collaborative Graded 21st of Ashan, 716
Secondhand News Collaborative Abandoned 39th of Ashan, 716
Honoring the Andaris Collaborative Graded 64th of Ashan, 716
Questioning the Questionable Collaborative Graded 72nd of Ashan, 716
Truth and Lies Quest Abandoned 98th of Ashan, 716
The Dark Knight Rises Solo Graded 1st of Saun, 716
Blood Brothers Collaborative Graded 5th of Saun, 716
My Keeper's Cousin Collaborative Graded 9th of Saun, 716
Kill Them With Kindness Job Graded 12th of Saun, 716
Playing Pretend w/ Pretty Presents Collaborative Graded 17th of Saun, 716
For Blood & Bones Solo Incomplete 25th of Saun, 716
Down the Streets of Andaris Collaborative Graded 26th of Saun, 716
My Shattered Heart Collaborative Graded 1st of Vhalar, 716
No Rest for the Wicked Solo Incomplete 10th of Vhalar, 716
The Troubles of Twerking Solo Graded 18th of Vhalar, 716
Finding Pebbles Job Graded 21st of Vhalar, 716
When One Door Closes Collaborative Incomplete 36th of Vhalar, 716
Double Trouble Collaborative Graded 40th of Vhalar, 716
A Royal Tragedy Collaborative Graded 96th of Vhalar, 716
Of Bolts & Betrayal Solo Graded 6th of Zi'da, 716
We Stole a House Collaborative Graded 11th of Zi'da, 716
Corrupting the "Innocent" Collaborative Graded 11th of Zi'da, 716
Learning of Crushes Solo Graded 13th of Zi'da, 716
A Date to Remember Solo Placeholder 14th of Zi'da, 716
The Grand Advisor Solo Graded 15th of Zi'da, 716
For The Children Solo Graded 31st of Zi'da, 716
Brothers, Reunited Collaborative Graded 33rd of Zi'da, 716
The Holy Sister & The Hellion Collaborative Graded 93rd of Zi'da, 716
Five Days Ago Collaborative Ongoing 93rd of Zi'da, 716
Drinking Games Collaborative Placeholder 93rd of Zi'da, 716
Exercise & Opportunity Solo Graded 2nd of Cylus, 717
Kindled Spirits Collaborative Ongoing 5th of Cylus, 717
The Diary of a New Mother Solo Graded 6th of Cylus, 717
A Long Night Out Collaborative Ongoing 7th of Cylus, 717
Midwinter Masks Collaborative Graded 13th of Cylus, 717
Masked Ball: Slavery Collaborative Graded 13th of Cylus, 717
Good Impressions Collaborative Graded 13th of Cylus, 717
Embrace the Pain Part I Solo Graded 20th of Cylus, 717
Fight Me, Bro Collaborative Graded 22nd of Cylus, 717
Death in Disguise Modded Graded 27th of Cylus, 717
Morality of Superior Men Modded Graded 3rd of Ashan, 717
Warming Up Solo Graded 8th of Ashan, 717
Trial of Fire Collaborative Graded 48th of Ashan, 717
The Precipice Collaborative Graded 51st of Ashan, 717
Food for Thought Collaborative Graded 69th of Ashan, 717
Misery Loves Company Collaborative Graded 80th of Ashan, 717
When Old Meets New Collaborative Ongoing 81st of Ashan, 717
Whispering Woods Solo Graded 82nd of Ashan, 717
Consolation Collaborative Ongoing 83rd of Ashan, 717
The Morning After Collaborative Ongoing 99th of Ashan, 717
A Bird's Brain Collaborative Ongoing 103rd of Ashan, 717
We Need to Talk Collaborative Ongoing 6th of Ymiden, 717
Training with Margery Solo Graded 20th of Ymiden, 717
Title Attribute Status Date
A Boy and His Blade Solo Graded 100th of Vhalar, 702
Garden Confessional Solo Graded 12th of Ymiden, 703
Right or Wrong Solo Graded 9th of Ymiden, 704
Innocence Dismissed Collaborative Graded 67th of Zi'da, 705
The Sound of Music Solo Graded 20th of Saun, 707
Imprisoned Collaborative Graded 4th of Zi'da, 708
Unwanted Solo Graded 17th of Vhalar, 710
Title Attribute Status Date
Dreaming of Something New Collaborative Graded 2nd of Ymiden, 710
Wishful Thinking Collaborative Graded 44th of Ymiden, 716
Of Birds and Flirts Collaborative Ongoing 5th of Cylus, 717
word count: 642
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