Preparing for Greatness

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Preparing for Greatness

The Plots of Andráska Venora

Quest Ideas

  • Collect Veljorn's Body for Zvezdana - 0/7 pieces collected
    • Andaris, Venora, Warrick, Burhan, Krom, Gawyne, Endor
109 Vhalar 716:

Veljorn's bones have been dried and fired by a Jacadon. They were then coated in gold and gifted to noble houses in each of the regions to scatter. Ryns believe that if a person's bones are scattered that they will never rest and that their soul can never move on from this world. Andaris keeps the skull, Venora takes the chest, the right arm goes to Warrick, left to Burhan, right leg to Krome, left leg to the region of Gawyne, and Endor keeps the organs in a big glass jar, buried deep in the heart of the underground city.
  • Travel to Haakon's Isleand have fortune told by the The Goddess of Earth.
  • Obtain a Delana Gem from the Rharne underground.
  • Break a stubborn mount (Sigh)
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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Andráska Venora wrote: Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:33 pm Image

The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside us while we live. - Norman Cousins

word count: 75
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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Andráska Venora wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:20 pm
  • [columns=4]Alias: András, Cole
    DOB: 10th | Saun 694
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6 ft 2 in
    Build: Athletic
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown
    Profession 1: Ouroboros Guard
    Profession 2 Baron
    Faction(s): Iron Hand
    Fame: +247
    Location: Rynmere
    Marks: N/A
    Fluent: Common
    Broken: Xanthea[/columns]

I have a very busy personality. - Daniel Radcliff

  • Appearance
    András is tall and lean at 6'2", with a broad set of shoulders and expressive features. He has a strong jaw, and a thick head of hair that deeply resents taming, sticking up in all manner of directions. Often dressed in more neutral colors, this noble has opted for a simpler style than he grew up with, hoping to fit in among the poorer folk by wearing garments of standard make. Moving with a grace obtained through a lifetime of noble training, and a swagger that shows his defiance, Andráska steps lightly and with purpose. Never far from trouble, this wild youth enjoys toying with the ideas of wealth and power, testing waters better left alone. Overall, the change hasn't been too hard on the youngest Venora sibling, and he has found that such a lifestyle is far more comfortable than stuffy frills and buckles, although his green eyes still linger on the finer things in life - women and weapons, in particular.
    • Personality
András cares little for politics and political agendas. That's not to say this noble son isn't aware of them or been forced to use them, but he tries to avoid back handed word games when he can. Living a life where you have to questions everyone's intentions around you is tiresome, and boring. Instead, Andráska enjoys being brash with what he says, finding delight in the reaction of those around him. He does what he wants and how he wants,
and as such has become a bit of a pariah to the higher classes. Laid back, his anger rarely gets the best of him in most scenarios, however he's been known to pout when he's failed to get his way.

Despite all this, Andráska is no fool. He grew up with a grand education and despite a few missed classes over the years, picks things up at remarkable speed if the effort keeps his interest. Archery and music are his most notable hobbies, having learned it early on and took a shine to them. He also enjoys reading if not forced to, and just about anything but a formal event. Gods, how he loathes mingling and the tiptoeing of insignificant conversation.

Andráska is also quite the sensitive soul, with a great sense of right and wrong. While he is willing to bend society's rules to fit his own definition of "good", he most often stands up for the oppressed and in need. He detests injustice and vindictive deception, and believes in treating others with compassion, unless given reason not to. Due to his lack of self control and impulsive nature, this often leads to him getting into trouble from starting a fight or putting his nose where it doesn't belong.

Starting Alignment: Chaotic Good
Current Alignment: Chaotic Good


Earned Location Description
96th of Vhalar, 716 Left Thigh Two inches long. Received saving King Cassander's life.


Received | Description
word count: 631
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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Andráska Venora wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:21 pm

My two natures had memory in common... - Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Past

András never took his heritage seriously, at least not as seriously as he was urged. Third in line, youngest and most easily ignored, the youth kept to himself. Given wonderful tutors and all the desires a child could want, he found himself looking for more - to things he couldn't have. Finding joy in sneaking off, teasing the help, and often walking the grounds with a group of stable boys he befriended, overall, he had an educated and carefree childhood. Except... when his father was around.

In his youngest days, Andráska tried to be just like his older brother, but their differences were obvious even at their age. Where Alis was capable of controlling his emotions and his focus, András could not. His father often separated the two, eager to fawn over the first born and isolate the last. With Alistair the favorite and Zvezdana, their father's secret play thing, this left Andráska to just... be there.

And so he craved attention. Andráska began to act out in small ways, slowly picking up in intensity over the years. Their father continued to degrade him with cruel words and occasionally a strong hand, and thus the relationship stagnated and then declined. Compassionate and hopeful, András held out hope for longer than most have, but eventually it began to die, along with his self esteem.

Things changed little as he grew up, finding himself feeling more alienated from his family. His father doted on the first born, leaving András feeling like a hurricane child, and his sister became distant, reserved and strange. Never taking to his studies nearly as passionately as Zvezdana, the energy in their home shifted. Secrets permeated the air, and the tense atmosphere nearly suffocated Andráska. He avoided and often skipped his etiquette classes all together, rolled his eyes at his mother's disapproval, and spent more time outside where he felt at peace. Being a noble felt like a chore, although he enjoyed the attention and the things money could buy, he always felt happiest when he was free.

But freedom comes at a price and living in poverty as a regular street urchin is farther than this noble is willing to go. Instead, he maintains a thin illusion of an average citizen of Andaris, pretending to be something he's not, and even going so far as to move into an apartment in the city while he figures out what he wants. His biggest fears? Being forced to shoulder the responsibilities and politics that come with his heritage, and never being truly loved.

With the cold chill of Zida 716, Andráska Venora finds himself both lonely and determined. Given more purpose than past seasons, the childhood molestation of his sister has been revealed to him, causing the young lord to rekindle his sibling loyalty to the false queen, vowing to give her peace of mind after the death of her husband, Qe'dreki leader, Veljorn Burhan. Unfortunately, both Zvezdana and Alistair have vanished with no correspondence to their location other than cryptic letters, leaving the youngest to feign responsibility. Relationships between him and his family are as strained as ever, with the communication between his brother dying shortly after he discovered Alistair to be an illegal necromancer keeping bodies of preserved, belated companions in his home. If that didn't top it all off, Andraska is trying to balance his duties as a knight and in a surprising turn of events during Saun, has played music for his cousin's sucessful play and bravely stepped forward to stop the assassination of the boy king.
Physical Injuries
Received Injury Duration Healed By Thread
17th of Vhalar, 710 Bruised throat, back, cheek 10-14 trials 27-31st of Vhalar, 710 Unwanted
1st of Saun, 716 Bruises (Face & Ribs) 10 trials 11th of Saun, 716 The Dark Knight Rises
9th of Saun, 716 Scraped Knuckles 3 trials 12th of Saun, 716 My Keeper's Cousin
^ Bruise (Cheek) 5 trials 14th of Saun, 716 ^
^ Cut Lip 5 trials 14th of Saun, 716 ^
^ Bump on Head 4 trials 13th of Saun, 716 ^
^ Shoulder Cuts 7 trials 16th of Saun, 716 ^
^ Bruised Arms 5 trials 14th of Saun, 716 ^
20th of Cylus, 717 Bruised Arms & Shins 15-20 trials 5th-10th of Ashan, 717 Embrace the Pain Pt I
48th of Ashan, 717 Concussion 7 trials 55th of Ashan, 717 Trial by Fire
^ Fractured Ribs 42 trials 90th of Ashan, 717 ^
^ Cuts From Glass 12 trials 60th of Ashan, 717 ^
^ Broken Arm (Left) 50 trials 98th of Ashan, 717 ^
^ Burns (Chest/Arms) 15 trials 63rd of Ashan, 717 ^
^ Cut on Wrist (Right) 18 trials 66th of Ashan, 717 ^
^ Sliced Achilles Tendon 35 trials 83rd of Ashan, 717 ^
Psychological Injuries
Received Injury Duration Healed By Thread
20th of Cylus, 716 Waterboarding PTSD 2 seasons Ymiden 717 Embrace the Pain Pt I

The Present

As Andráska settles into the a new arc, Ashan 717 brings with it some radical changes in his life. Still training tirelessly to avenge the abuse of his siblings and eventually kill his father, his hard work has not gone unnoticed. Saving the kings life has proved to be a double edged sword, granting him new status and power (much to the anxiety of our poor noble), but has tested his own loyalties. Is Andráska ready, or even capable, of giving up his free spirit at the servitude of someone else? Will he find a way to preserve the last piece of his identity or lose himself in the process?

Economic Status: Commoner

word count: 1059
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Re: Preparing for Greatness


Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. - Napoleon Hill

Quick Skill Overview
[columns=2]Fast Track: Unarmed Combat
Racial Bonus 1: Ranged Combat
Racial Bonus 2: Leadership
Starting Package: Ranged Combat (20), Blades (10), Mount (10), Politics (5), Persuasion (5)
CS Approval (KG): Disguise (5), Research (5)
Instrument: Cello
Blade Preference: Bastard Sword
Ranged Preference: Crossbow
Shield: Heater
Mount 1: Avian
Mount 2: Equine[/columns]

Reviewer's Section
Note to Reviewers
Knowledge Requirements

Novice - 0
Competent - 5
Expert - 10
Master - 15
Legendary - 20
Skill Breakdown (251)
Skill Points Required [/td][td] Equivalent (/100)
Andráska was created before the August 3rd, 2016 skills update, and as a result, has two racial bonuses instead of one. For convenience in my CS, I have also decided to use the 251 point system, instead of out of 100. The chart above has been approved by moderator Nymph for the x/100 equivalent. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused upon first glance. Thanks~

Skill List


Skill Points Spent Current Level
Unarmed Combat 100/100 Legendary
Ranged Combat 76/251 Expert
Melee: Blades 79/251 Expert
Mount 26/251 Competent
Shield 5/251 Novice


Skill Points Spent Current Level
Endurance 76/251 Expert
Strength 76/251 Expert
Acrobatics 30/251 Competent


Skill Points Spent Current Level
Leadership 76/251 Expert
Seduction 30/251 Competent
Politics 26/251 Competent
Persuasion 26/251 Competent
Detection 26/251 Competent
Disguise 5/251 Novice


Skill Points Spent Current Level
Musical Instrument 54/251 Competent
Discipline 26/251 Competent
Research 5/251 Novice
Linguistics 5/251 Novice
Writing 5/251 Novice


Melee Combat - 6 (14)
Melee: Ambidextrous Fighters Are The Best
Melee: Build Up Strength with Weighted Weapons
Melee: Laziness is Not an Option
Melee: Holding A One Handed Weapon
Melee: Holding A Two Handed Weapon
Melee: Sword is an Extension of your Arm
  • Blades: 8
    Blades: Anatomy of a Sword
    Melee Combat (Blades): Disarming Your Opponent
    Melee Combat (Blades): Step Before You Swing
    Melee Combat (Blades): Disarming Your Opponent
    Melee Combat (Blades): Step Before You Swing
    Bladed Combat: Ready stance
    Bladed Combat: Balance during practice
    Bladed Combat: Avoiding by athletic moves
Ranged Combat - 11
Ranged Combat: How to Aim
Ranged Combat: Reloading A Crossbow
Ranged Combat: Close-Ranged Targeting (KG)
Ranged Combat: Use of a Crossbow on a Horse
Ranged Combat: Difficult While Moving
Ranged Combat: Crossbow - Proper Maintenance
Ranged Combat: Odds of Success
[Ranged] Combat: Fighting Fair
[Ranged] Combat: Teamwork
[Ranged] Combat: Two Against Two
Ranged Combat (Crossbow): Fast Reloading

Shield Fighting - 5
Shield Fighting: Is About Strength and Perception.
Shield Fighting: Position is Key.
Shield Fighting: Using your Body to Angle the Strikes Away.
Shielded Combat: Shield Bash
Shielded Combat: Moving with Uncrossed Feet

Unarmed Combat - 21
Unarmed Combat: Punch to the Nose
Unarmed Combat: Get out of the way quickly
Unarmed Combat: Punching from the elbow and arm
Unarmed Combat: Drunken brawling
Unarmed Combat: Bone breaking kick
Unarmed Combat: Fighting in Enclosed Spaces
Unarmed Combat: Fighting While Drunk
Unarmed Combat: Fighting While High
[Unarmed] Combat: Footwork
[Unarmed] Combat: Position and Stance
[Unarmed] Combat Position: Shoulder Width Apart
[Unarmed] Combat Position: Vital to Speed, Balance and Power
Footwork: Orthodox and South Paw
Unarmed Combat: Use Main Knuckles
Unarmed Combat: Leg strength is important for fighting
Unarmed Combat: Pivoting Is Vital In Dodgy Situations
Unarmed Combat: A flurry of blows
Unarmed Combat: Different styles have different moves
Unarmed Combat: Movements to control opponent
Unarmed Combat: Using opponent's momentum to throw them.
Unarmed Combat: The Brutality of Children


Acrobatics - 5
Acrobatics: Butterfly Stretch
Acrobatics: Always Warm Up Your Muscles First
Acrobatics: Balance Requires Adaptation
Acrobatics: Handstand
Acrobatics: Figure 4 Rotation Stretch

Climbing - 1
Climbing: Advancing Up a Ladder In Full Plate

Dancing - 4
Dance Move: The Baker's Bounce
Dancing: Leading her Directly.
Dancing: Keeping Pace with the Music.
Dancing: Spinning! With Threats of Much Worse!

Endurance - 23
Endurance: Don’t forget to breathe
Endurance: Enduring heat in armor
Endurance: Fighting is exhausting
Endurance: Practice Makes Permanent
Endurance: Building Muscles
Endurance: Fighting against pain.
Endurance: Feelings of hatred or defiance can help endure suffering
Endurance: Use a mantra to help endure suffering
Endurance: A lack of air can be endured for a short period of time
Endurance: When you experience a challenge, remember that you have endured worse
Endurance: Proper breathing techniques
Endurance: Leverage decreases resistance, supports endurance
Endurance: Running increases lung (regulate breathing) capacity
Endurance: How to disassociate yourself from the present moment to decrease sensations of pain
Endurance: Dulling the nerves in your limbs allows for less pain
Endurance: Shield Fighting Trains your Stamina
Endurance: Running On Icy Streets
Endurance: The sting of cleaning wounds
Endurance: Feel the burn of a good workout
Endurance: Warm up, then stretch
Endurance: Know your limits, then stretch them.
Endurance: Failure is Not an Option
Endurance: “Fight or Fail”

Mount - 5
Mount (Horse): Control and Guidance in Sharp Turns
Mount (Horse): Picking Up Speed and Stopping
Mount (Horse): Requires Endurance
Mount (Horse): Heels Dictate Speed
Mount (Horse): Steering with Reigns

Resistance - 4
Resistance: Shooting Back Victory Drinks And Still Being Able to Gamble
Resistance: Trying to Keep Your Inhibitions In Hand While Drunk
Resistance: Trying to Wink While Drunk
Resistance: Increased familiarity with a drug improves the body’s resistance to it

Running - 3
Running: Can cause stomach cramps
Running: The Art of Giving Chase
Running: Running on the spot

Strength - 25
Nutrition: Fat Versus Muscle
Nutrition: Food Has Calories
Nutrition: Protein is Found in Meat and Eggs
Strength: Push ups for focus on abdomen, arms, chest and back
Strength: Proper form builds muscle and minimizes chance of injury
Strength: A variety of exercises is crucial to overall muscle building
Strength: Running for focus on abdomen, legs and thighs
Strength: Squats to build muscle and core strength
Strength: Muscles Form through Exercise
Strength: Wearing Plate Armor Often
Strength: Running In Full Plate Armor With Shield and Sword
Strength: Lifting Your Body Up In Full Plate With Shield and Sword
Strength: Fighting Through Injury
Strength: How to Properly Lift Weights
Strength: Dig Your Heels Into The Floor When Lifting
Strength: Start With Heavier Reps
Strength: Stretching is vital
Strength: Ensuring you have a strong grip on what you lift.
Strength: Jumping Rope is Ideal for Cardio Training
Strength: Carrying the Weight of a Shield
Strength: Training Both Sides Equally
Strength: Practice and sparring to build muscle
Strength: Repetitious movement
Strength: Nutrition and healthy diet is a vital supplement to exercise.


Acting - 5
Acting: A character requires a backstory
Acting: Putting all the pieces together
Acting: A gruff sailor used to yelling
Acting: Being the head of a group you really don't believe in
Acting: Confident, even when you aren't.

Caregiving - 3
Caregiving: Proper Holding Technique
Caregiving: Babies are curious creatures
Caregiving: The effects of alcohol on mother and baby, during and after pregnancy

Childcare - 1
Childcare: Sleep is a Rare Blessing

Cosmetology - 3
Cosmetology: The fit of clothing, armor included, is important for style
Cosmetology: Brown is a warm, autumnal color.
Cosmetology: How not to apply make up

Deception - 6
Deception: Telling a lie while in pain is far more difficult
Deception: A bad lie can be covered up by a good disguise
Deception: Looking Away Draws Attention.
Deception: Denial Alone isn’t Enough.
Deception: Playing Along With Mistaken Assumptions
Deception: The "I Have to Pee" Line

Detection - 22
Detection: Small unconscious gestures can lead to answers to questions.
Detection: Facial expressions often reveal thoughts and emotions.
Detection: Sensing sorrow or desperation in someone’s voice
Detection: How people walk
Detection: Detecting jewelry to determine wealth
Detection: Focusing on details
Detection: Following someone’s gaze.
Detection: Looking around a group from the outside
Detection: Observing physical details
Detection: Scanning the room
Detection: Seeking out identifying factors
Detection: Spotting patterns in numbers and figures
Detection: The sounds of nearby conflict
Detection: Spotting details which can tell of social class
Detection: Determining age
Detection: Determining maturity
Detection: Tension
Detection: When someone is about to cry
Detection: Recognizing The Many Physical Signs of Pregnancy
Detection: Small details and tiny gestures can suggest truth or lies
Detection: Observing the form of others to improve your own.
Detection: Conflicting Perfumes Means a Gala is Near

Disguise - 9
Disguise: Changing Attire to Blend In (KG)
Disguise: Commoners have poor posture
Disguise: Commoners prefer ale to wine
Disguise: Commoners like to complain about money and time
Disguise: The way you walk can be a giveaway
Disguise: A pebble in a shoe to make you walk oddly
Disguise: Your voice
Disguise: Observe those you want to mimic
Disguise: Face Coverings have to be Removed to Drink.

Etiquette - 14
Etiquette: Sitting correctly
Etiquette: Correct forms of address
Etiquette: Saying Things are Fine When They're Not
Etiquette: Pulling Out a Lady's Chair
Etiquette: Assisting a lady from a carriage.
Etiquette: Knowing when to talk to Servants.
Etiquette: Knowing when to refer on in debate
Etiquette: Don't say no to the king.
Etiquette: Basic rights of death
Etiquette: Basic manners remain important
Etiquette: Other Noble Women can lack Depth.
Etiquette: How to Act Backstage
Etiquette: How to Behave at a Play
Etiquette: Always Playing the Part of Noble

Gambling - 3
Gambling: Lying Helps To Hide a Bluff
Gambling: Many Gamble Until They Have Nothing Left
Gambling: Shoot or Loot

Intelligence - 1
Intelligence: Looking at those in your Life for your Answers.

Interrogation - 7
Interrogation: Asking direct questions can be the best way to get straight answers.
Interrogation: Quickfire questions to keep your subject off balance
Interrogation: Use drugs to elicit information
Interrogation: Asking questions gently
Interrogation: Start with simple
Interrogation: Doesn't have to be intimidation to be effective.
Interrogation: Asking the right questions

Intimidation - 7
Intimidation: Rank hath its privileges
Intimidation: Surprise attacks
Intimidation: Get up close and personal
Intimidation: Using a specific tone of voice
Intimidation: Hard-Nosed Guards Can be Useful
Intimidation: "Your Mom" Jokes
Intimidation: Pulling Rank

Investigation - 10
Investigation: City records are useful
Investigation: Dig into the family where you can
Investigation: Questioning about the details
Investigation: Deducting identity from physical details
Investigation: Determining the direction of conflict.
Investigation: The importance of witnesses
Investigation: Appearance can tell a lot about a person
Investigation: Sigils can be evidence
Investigation: Evidence can also be a ruse
Investigation: Questioning children

Leadership - 27
Leadership: Leading an estate
Leadership: Good leaders should be honest and communicate well.
Leadership: Good leaders are good listeners
Leadership: Confidence is important
Leadership: Hostage Situations
Leadership: Once You Start, You Must Continue
Leadership: Quick Decisions
Leadership: Managing a Squire
Leadership: Caring for More Than Just Nobles
Leadership: The Health and Happiness of Your Less Fortunate Citizens
Leadership: You Don't Have to Be THE Leader to Be A Leader
Leadership: Being a Leader Means Caring For Others
Leadership: Taking Time To Talk To Your Subjects
Leadership: A good leader provides clear instructions
Leadership: Give a little, but remain firm.
Leadership: Offer compromise
Leadership: Repeat and expand your point.
Leadership: Taking control in a panic situation
Leadership: Seeing what needs doing and doing it
Leadership: Delegating tasks
Leadership: Addressing a distressed crowd
Leadership: Appearing strong and emotional at the same time
Leadership: Kindness promotes loyalty
Leadership: Remaining professional
Leadership: Using an authoritative voice
Leadership: Offering yourself in place of someone else
Leadership: Taking control of a situation

Misc. - 7
Insulting Nobles
Culture: Homophobia
Hostages: Charge or Negotiate?
Law Keeping: On the Clock
Career: Promoted to Ouroboros Guard
Event: A Royal Tragedy
Mission: Find Zvezdana

Negotiation - 5
Negotiation: Compromising
Negotiation: Using a Positive Spin
Negotiation: Willingness to Learn
Negotiation: Willow Venora is not an easy person to negotiate with.
Negotiation: Offering to talk someone for another person

Persuasion - 15
Persuasion: How to tell if playful or serious words would work best
Persuasion: Sometimes it’s best to be blunt
Persuasion: Threatening
Persuasion: Flattery always helps
Persuasion: A moral cause can sometimes be more persuasive than a personal one
Persuasion: It’s not a flea ridden creature, it’s a fashion statement.
Persuasion: Use personal examples to gain emotional impact
Persuasion: Emotion can be a powerful tool
Persuasion: Using doctrine to be more persuasive
Persuasion: Putting forward both sides of an argument
Persuasion: Pointing out the power of words
Persuasion: Seizing an Opportunity by Assurance.
Persuasion: Explain why you are a legitimate group member.
Persuasion: Dropping the Family Name
Persuasion: Make Yourself as Presentable as Possible

Politics - 11
Politics: Playing a different game than your conversation partner.
Politics: Using Your Name At Just the Right Time
Politics: Delivering an insult with a smile
Politics: Compliment your opponent
Politics: The reality of hard decisions.
Politics: There has to be a better way?
Politics: Proposing marriage to further family affairs
Politics: Ambition vs Competition
Diplomacy: Maintaining Decorum in The Face of Unexpected Circumstance
Diplomacy: Recognizing Inappropriate Questions Before Asking Them
Politics: Avoiding pitfalls by knowing they are there

Rhetoric - 4
Rhetoric: Appealing to emotions
Rhetoric: Using doctrine to strengthen arguments
Rhetoric: Keeping the Voice Playful.
Rhetoric: Talking About Your Childhood to Bond.

Seduction - 13
Seduction: Look your target in the eyes
Seduction: Don't tell girls they're ugly.
Seduction: Fraternizing with a Criminal
Seduction: Playful and Light
Seduction: Using Your Status and Position
Seduction: A gentle touch is very effective
Forbidden Love: Why does that which is wrong feel so right
Romance: Asked Out by a Woman
Seduction: Being charming
Seduction: The dashing rogue
Seduction: Well-timed Support and Embracing of your Partner.
Seduction: Holding the Moment when it’s There.
Seduction: Breaking All the Rules.

Socialization - 4
Socialization: Addressing crowds
Socialization: Managing difficult situations
Socialization: Using a Pet to Garner Interest.
Socialization: You are Not Alone in how you Feel!

Stealth - 7
Stealth: Following at a Distance
Stealth: Grab things while no one's looking
Stealth: Look like you fit in
Stealth: Dark colors are good
Stealth: Walk silently
Stealth: Props help
Stealth: Keeping your footsteps quiet

Teaching - (1)
Teaching: Show Your Passion

Torture - 7
Torture: Squeeze the site of injuries
Buzz: Commonly used in torture and interrogation
Torture: How to set up and use chair restraints
Torture: Use drugs to enhance pain
Torture (Technique): Waterboarding
Torture: Knowing The End Is Near
Torture: Twisting Weapons Within Flesh Hurts


Animal Husbandry - 6
Animal Husbandry (Birds): Building A Makeshift Nest
Animal Husbandry (Birds): Gentle Hands Necessary for Safe Handling
Animal Husbandry (Birds): It's Best to Let the Bird Hatch On It's Own
Animal Husbandry (Birds): Nestlings Need To Be Kept Warm
Animal Husbandry (Birds): Some Birds Born Featherless
Animal Husbandry (Birds): The Hatching Process

Animal Training - 1
Animal Training: Coaxing your Bird to move toward Another’s Finger.

Business Management - 2
Business Management: The economic impact of slavery
Business Management: A living wage

Discipline - 19
Discipline: Concealing Emotions When Drunk
Discipline: How to resist a cruel urge
Discipline: Consider the effects your actions may have on others
Discipline: Pushing past distractions, physical pain and negative feelings
Discipline: Knowing when to rest
Discipline: Knowing when to keep quiet
Discipline: Repetition is key to muscle memory
Discipline: Grit your teeth to keep your physical reactions contained
Discipline: How to use pauses to regain control
Discipline: Keep focused, even when overwhelmed.
Discipline: Performing Under Pressure
Discipline: Functioning Without Drugs
Discipline: Fighting Fear To Protect The Ones You Love
Discipline: Not allowing yourself to give in to physical pain.
Discipline: Speaking of what you would rather keep silent
Discipline: Keeping your voice steady when emotions threaten to overwhelm.
Discipline: Choosing responsibility
Discipline: Hiding Hurtful Truths
Discipline: Maintain Courtesy to Those Doing Their Jobs

Dreamwalking - 1
Dreamwalking: Possibility that Dreams Can Impact the Waking World

Fieldcraft - 3
Fieldcraft: Sticks for the fire.
Fieldcraft: Identifying safe berries
Field Craft: Basics to Building a Fire

Gardening - 1
Gardening: Roses and their Thorns

Hunting - 1
Hunting: Footprints lead to food

Linguistics - 6
Language: Rakahi
Language: Rakahi: Language of the Biqaj
Language: Common Sign
Language: Draketh
Linguistics: Rakahi Vocabulary
Linguistics: Knowing Another Language Keeps Conversation a Secret
  • Draketh - 5
    Draketh: Essential For The Ouroboros Guard
    Draketh: Language of the Dragons
    Draketh: Proper Pronunciation of the Alphabet
    Draketh: Writing A, B, Cs
    Draketh: Good Impression. The words were explained to you.
Logistics - 5
Logistics: Plan your drug use carefully, to avoid the mishaps of thinking you can fly.
Logistics: Managing crime scenes with witnesses
Logistics: Considering all involved
Logistics: Determining how many men you need in a situation
Logistics: Determining space for questioning witnesses

Medicine - 5
Medicine: Resetting a Broken Nose
Medicine: Sprained Ankle Features
Medicine: Basic first aid on the field
Medicine: Basic identification of what to treat first
Medicine: Food and rest aid healing

Meditation - 1
Meditation: Helps focus on simple tasks

Musical Instrument - 23
The Cello: A Beautiful Instrument
Musical Instrument: Cello Neck
Musical Instrument: Cello Bow
Musical Instrument: Cello Strings
Musical Instrument: Cello - Gentle Hands to Play Well
Musical Instrument: Notes
Musical Instrument: Scales
Music: Scales - The Foundation of Music
Music: Tempo
Musical Instrument: Cello: Tune before playing
Musical Instrument: Inspect the entirety of the piece
Musical Instrument: Using your foot to keep time
Musical Instrument: Some pieces work best with accompanying instruments
Musical Instrument, Cello: Warm up
Musical Instrument, Cello: Tuning
Musical Instrument, Cello: Bow and Strings
Musical Instrument, Cello: Invoking Emotion
Musical Instrument: Basics are the Foundations
Musical Instrument: Piano
Musical Instrument: Reading Scores
Musical Instrument: Black Keys are Sharps and Flats
Musical Instrument: Layout of a Piano
Musical Instrument: Two Clefs

Misc. - 5
Mortality: Comforting the Terminal
Mortality: Watching A Child Die
You look mighty fine in a corset
Self: Best Gift
Self: Anything but poor
Title: Kinslayer
Title: Sessfiend Slayer

Navigation - 1
Navigation: Advantage when Chasing an Assailant

Personal Vices - 11
Recreational Drugs: Thunder
Thunder's Effects
Drugs: Combined Effects of Weed and Alcohol
Substance: Drug: Heat
Substance: Drug: Fairysnuff
Substance: Fairynuff or Heat makes wallpaper all smooshy
Essence of Maiden's Kiss: Tastes a little bitter
Drug: Buzz
Buzz: A liquid drug that enhances pain
Buzz: Burns and stings at entry
Buzz: Fast acting drug

Psychology - 12
Psychology: The fine line between justice and revenge.
Psychology: Praise is a powerful motivator
Psychology: Losing a grip on your emotions is to lose grip on the situation.
Psychology: A Child's Cry is Unforgettable
Psychology: The Mindset of a Parent
Psychology: Otherwise pleasant sensations (the smell of roses), can sometimes invoke negative feelings
Psychology: Knowing your limits
Psychology: Does money buy a criminal's loyalty?
Psychological: You Can’t Always Trust unquestioned Truth.
Psychological: Protecting is Harder, but more Rewarding.
Psychology: Flattery Makes One Forgetful
Psychology: Using Good Memories To Fight Fear
Psychology: Witnessing Death Numbs The Heart

Singing - 1
Singing: Lullabies

Storytelling - 5
Storytelling: A Dragon Who Stole a Princess, Classic Storytelling
Storytelling: Andddd.... death! The Dramatic End to a Fanciful Game
Storytelling: How to tell a Message in a Story.
Storytelling: Stories often have Morals to tell.
Storytelling: The story of the Sessfiend that was your sister.

Surgery - 3
Surgery: Sutures
Surgery: Stitches and types
Surgery: How to hold open a wound

Tactics - 16
Tactics: Size doesn't mean slow - large opponents can be speedy
Tactics: In one to one combat - watch the feet.
Tactics: Using Opponent's Weaknesses to Advantage
Tactics: Never Let Your Guard Down
Tactics: Don't Turn Your Back on An Opponent
Tactics: Blocking with a Shield Drains your Endurance Faster.
Tactics: Using Yourself As Bait to Lure Carnage Away From The Populace
Tactics: Using Mirrors To Trick The Eyes
Tactics: When to Use a Large Shield
Tactics: Force your opponent to work to your advantage
Tactics: Don't get lost in your head when fighting
Tactics: Using a Plausible Lie
Tactics: Something Worth Fighting For
Tactics: Learn the Layout of a Location
Tactics: Manoeuvring and Outwitting
Tactics: Useful in Combat

Writing - 8
Writing: Obituaries
Writing: Editing
Writing: The Importance of Editing
Writing: The first draft is never the best draft
Writing: Musical Notes
Writing: Use Humor
Writing: Write What You Know
Publishing: Using a Pseudonym


Rharne - 6
Location: Rharne
Location: Lightning Cathedral
Rharne: Highly distracting
Rharne: Rude not to party while in Illaren's city
Thunder priestesses: Have something to do with knights
Rharne: Has lots of fighting pits
  • Culture - 1
    Order of the Adunih: Provides free healing to those in need
Rynmere & Villages - 9
Location: Rynmere: Venora
Location: Rynmere: Venora: Sabaissant
Layout: House Venora
Location: Ye Olde Inn
House of Roses: Brothel?
Location: Granny Ebony's room
Andaris: Full of Hopeless Romantics
Location: Venora - The Little Garden
Location: Rynmere Theatre
Location: Wisp Woods
Wisp Woods: Quiet for a Forest
Wisp Woods: More than Meets the Eye
  • Culture - 6
    Organization: Ouroboros Guard
    Slavery: Slaves are Less Important
    Ouroboros Guard: “Blood In, Blood Out”
    Ouroboros Guard: Initiation Ceremony
    Ouroboros Guard: Minimal Structure
    Ouroboros Guard: The King’s Own


General: 1
Faith (Religion): The Seven or The Immortals.

Aelig - 1
Aelig: Responsible for Faith's Rapidly Expanding Middle

Ethelynda - 1
Immortals: Ethelynda, the First Prayer

Ilaren - 1
Illaren: Did the world a favor

Pre & Pier - 9
Immortals: Pre & Pier
Immortals: Pier and Pre, Truth, Equality, and Judgement.
Pier and Pre: Immortals of Judgement, Equality, Justice, Truth, and Lies
Pier and Pre: Vri's Scales
Pier: The Bitchy and Clever One
Pier: Antagonist
Pre: Protagonist
Pre: Has Direct Interest In You
Pre: The Hopeless Romantic

Vri - 1
Vri: Immortal of Death, Sadness, Remembrance, and Love

Zanik - 2
Immortal: Zanik
Zanik: Immoral of Music Acting: Costumes


House -1
Venora: History

Kaleb - 9
Father: Assaulted Zvezdana
Kaleb Venora: A Dead Man Walking
Kaleb Venora: Father
Kaleb Venora: Has a temper
Kaleb Venora: Insists on being obeyed
Kaleb Venora: Violent
Kaleb Venora: Believes you are a disappointment
Kaleb Venora: Doesn’t Understand Me
Kaleb Venora: I Am Nothing to Him

Willow - 2
Willow Venora: Mother
Willow Venora: Passive

Ebony - 1
Grandmother Ebony: Not One Bit Amused!

Alistair - 14
Alistair: Literal closet Necromancer
Alistair: Owns two corpses, Alaric and Will
Alistair: Still cleans up your messes
Alistair: Takes the corpses of those that are special to him
Alistair: Believes in you, and only you
Alistair: Doesn't trust Tristan
Alistair: Is a sociopath
Alistair: Assaulted Zvezdana
Alistair: Beneath the helm of Ser Verne Andaris
Alistair: Would have been Baron of Venora
Alistair: Gave a Speech After Emerson Sands
Alistair: Verbose Ponce?
Alistair: Has changed
Alistair: Has quite a temper

Zvezdana - 17
Zvezdana: Strange and Secretive (KG)
Zvezdana: Is getting married to Veljorn Burhan
Zvezdana: Loved her husband
Zvezdana: Wanted to be loved and seen
Zvezdana: Beautiful, graceful
Zvezdana: Veljorn had been her salvation
Zvezdana: Didn’t want you to know about her abuse
Zvezdana: Wanted to protect you
Zvezdana: Doesn’t want you to kill father
Zvezdana: Loves you
Zvezdana: Physically attracted to you?
Zvezdana: Needs My Protection
Zvezdana: Has a wonderful body
Zvezdana: Smells of fresh Venora flowers
Zvezdana: Wants you
Zvezdana: In Rharne?
Zvezdana: The Twin-headed Beast, The Sessfiend of Rynmere
Zvezdana: Was Killed By Your Hand
Zvezdana: Doesn't Want You To Blame Yourself For Killing Her
Zvezdana: Soul in Limbo; You Decide

Nephew: Alzorn
Alzorn: Family, precious kin
Alzorn: Will be raised and treated right

Tristan - 8
Tristan: Lent you Faith
Tristan: Treats Faith well
Tristan: Snuck into Granny Ebony's room
Tristan: The sight of Tristan in a floral dress and red hat is something that you can not, ever, forget
Tristan: Wants you to play a solo in his play
Tristan: Blessed By Zanik
Tristan: Has a Reward Coming to Him
Tristan’s Play: Scandalous


Peake - 4
Peake Andaris: Engaged to a redheaded woman during Ashan 716
Peake Andaris: Son of Benji Andaris
Peake Andaris: Next in line to be Baron
Peake Andaris: Engaged to a businesswoman?

Celeste Andaris - 5
Celeste Andaris: Attacked Numerous Times
Celeste Andaris: Engaged to Xander Krome
Celeste Andaris: May be Happy with Xander
Celeste Andaris: To Be Married in Saun
Celeste Andaris: Very Well Protected

Quincy - 1
Quincy Andaris: Prone to Shouting


Elyna - 4
Elyna: A Skyrider
Elyna: Sergeant
Elyna: Killed Zvezdana’s husband
Elyna: Kingslayer to Zvezdana


Olivia - 4
Olivia Warrick: Gold eyes
Olivia Warrick: Might be your fiancé?
Olivia Warrick: Stunning
Olivia Warrick: It’s Better When you Break the Rules Together.


Duncan Oisin - 1
Duncan: You met him during training

Faith - 19
Faith: Tristan’s slave
Faith: Formal
Faith: Nervous
Faith: Takes her status seriously
Faith: Old brand on her arm
Faith: Venora brand on her neck
Faith: Instructed to use titles
Faith: Never been to a gathering
Faith: Only allowed out during last arc
Faith: Has never drunk alcohol
Faith: Follows orders
Faith: Might have feelings for Tristan
Faith: Can’t dance
Faith: Prepared and Cooked the Meal for Tristan’s Play
Faith: Was invited to Talk to the King
Faith: Unexpectedly in Rharne
Faith: No Longer a Slave
Faith: Is very, Very Pregnant

Freya DuCarinos - 4
Freya: Biqaj
Freya: Not innocent
Freya: Alistair has an interest in her
Freya: Stole your drugs

Nir'wei - 2
Nir'wei: Works for the Verath Skye Lodge
Nir'wei: Speak Poor common

Liarra - 1
Liarra: Thief

Nixie - 3
PC: Nixie
Nixie: Happy
Nixie: Bold

Vluharqih - 3
Alex (Vluharqih): Really good at acting
Alex (Vluharqih): Just a criminal?
Vluharqih: A Yludih

General NPCs

Ms. Calliste: Music Teacher
Anna Hastings: Victim of domestic abuse
Diana Hastings: Daughter of Anna
Gina: Barmaid at Ye Olde Inn
Gina: Smokes Tobacco
Gina: A Good Source of Information
Gina: Would like to sleep with you
Mrs. Maybella: Had Been Beautiful Once
NPC: Tina
NPC: Tina: You helped her before
NPC: Tina: Mother has died
NPC: Tina: Wants to be a squire
NPC: Tina: Are all nobles bad?
NPC: Tina: Your friend.
Gretel (NPC): A Thunder Priestess Healer
  • Emerson Sands - 4
    Emerson Sands: Asked for donations
    Emerson Sands: Empress of Rynmere
    Emerson Sands: Wore a simple gown to the ball
    Emerson Sands: Attended Tristan’s Play
  • Margery - 1
    Margery: Using Quips in Battle
Rodrick: A fellow knight
Rodrick: You insulted him
Rodrick: Punched you
Orion: A fellow knight
Orion: Gave you fighting tips
Bjorn: Lounge doorman
Koryv Nji'Oriq: Would like to speak to Andraska about fighting in Rharne
Koryv Nji'Oriq: Might consider sponsoring Andraska
Koryv Nji'Oriq: Chain smoker
Kenneth (NPC): Servant
Kenneth (NPC): Doctor
Kenneth (NPC): Torturer
  • King Cassander - 4
    King Cassander: Assassination Attempt
    King Cassander: Attended Tristan’s Play
    King Cassander: Interested in Faith?
    King Cassander: Liked the Play
  • Solomon - 1
    NPC Solomon: Your Childhood Instructor and Mentor.
word count: 4649
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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Skill Ledger

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Thread or Skill Points Awarded Points Spent Total
Starting Package +50 50
Racial Bonus 1 +10 -10 50
Racial Bonus 2 +25 -25 50
Ranged Combat -20 30
Melee Combat -10 20
Mount -10 10
Politics -5 5
Persuasion -5 0
Disguise (KG) +5 -5 0
Research (KG) +5 -5 0
Chasing a Headline +11 11
Unarmed Combat -10 1
Blood Brothers +15 16
Musical Instrument -10 6
Shield -5 1
March of the Dramatic Ponces +7 8
Endurance -8 0
The Sound of Music +10 10
Unarmed Combat -5 5
Strength -5 0
Kill Them With Kindness +10 10
Looking for a Lead +10 20
Musical Instrument -10 10
The Dark Knight Rises +10 20
Questioning the Questionable +9 29
Musical Instrument -9 20
My Keeper's Cousin +15 35
Strength -5 30
Endurance -19 11
Unarmed Combat -11 0
Bolts & Betrayal +10 10
Unarmed Combat -10 0
The Troubles of Twerking +10 10
Finding Pebbles +10 20
Strength -10 10
Double Trouble +15 25
Unarmed Combat -10 15
Strength -7 8
My Shattered Heart +15 23
Linguistics -5 18
Mount -16 2
Right or Wrong +10 12
Learning of Crushes +10 22
Writing -5 17
Melee Combat -10 7
Unarmed Combat -7 0
We Stole A House +15 15
Playing Pretend w/Pretty Presents +15 30
Down The Streets of Andaris +15 45
The Grand Advisor +10 55
For The Children +10 65
The Holy Sister and The Hellion +15 80
The Diary of a New Mother +10 90
Unwanted +10 100
Seduction -15 85
Exercise & Opportunity +10 95
Innocence Dismissed +15 110
Wishful Thinking +15 125
A Boy and His Blade +10 135
Dreaming of Something New +13 148
Embrace the Pain Pt. I +10 158
Corrupting the "Innocent" +15 173
Midwinter Masks +18 191
Garden Confessional +10 201
Masked Ball: Slavery +20221
Death in Disguise +15236
Good Impressions +15 251
Unarmed Combat -23228
Ranged Combat -46 186
Endurance -49 133
Strength -49 84
Melee Combat -6 78
Leadership -166
Persuasion -11 55
Detection -2629
Discipline -263
Brothers, Reunited +15 18
A Royal Tragedy +15 33
Morality of Superior Men +1548
Melee Combat -48 0
Five Days Ago +15 15
Musical Instrument -15 0
Trial By Fire+15 15
Food for Thought +15 30
The Precipice +15 45
Warming Up +10 55
Leadership -50 5
Melee Combat -50
Misery Loves Company +15 15
Acrobatics -150
Training with Margery +10 10
Whispering Woods +919
Fight Me, Bro +15 34
Unarmed Combat -24 10
Acrobatics -10 0
Honoring the Andaris +8 8
Imprisoned +15 23
Acrobatics -5 18
Seduction -15 3
Consolation 1518
Draketh -810
Musical Instrument -100
Consolation 1515
Letting Go 1530
Musical Instrument: Cello -300
When Old Meets New +1515
When One Door Closes +1530
Tactics -300
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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Andráska Venora wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:23 pm

A different language is a different vision of life. - Federico Fellini

Current Linguistics: Novice
Language Knowledge: N/A
Points Spent: Draketh (8)

Languages Fluent: Common
Languages Conversational: N/A
Languages Broken: Xanthea, Draketh

Languages Desired: Rakahi, Common Sign
Languages Heard: Common, Xanthea, Rakahi
Languages Seen: Common Sign
Language progress

Language Difficulty Current Level Points Knowledges
Rakahi Easy -- 0/25 (Broken)
Draketh Hard X 8/25 (Basic) 5
word count: 151
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Renown: 247
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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Andráska Venora wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:24 pm

We accept the love we think we deserve. - Stephen Chbosky, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Current Partner(s): N/A
Past Partner(s): N/A
First Kiss:
First Love: TBD

Friends: Zvezdana Venora
Enemies: Kaleb Venora
Love Interest(s):

Father: Kaleb Venora
Mother: Willow Venora
Siblings: Alistair Venora, Zvezdana Venora
Grandparents: Ebony Venora, Karl Venora
Other family members: Tristan Venora, Theodore Venora
Slaves, Employees

Relationship: Slave
Relevance: ??? - Present

To be written.

Personal NPCs

Margery The Monster
Relationship: "Girlfriend"
Relevance: Zi'da 716 - Present

Margery is an unarmed combat instructor and fellow knight in the Iron Hand. She began to grow bolder in her attention towards Andráska in Zi'da 716 and while the noble has very little interest in her physically, when asked on a date, he accepted after seeing how others referred to her (he was also scared she would break his nose).

  • Unarmed Combat: Competant (30)
  • Strength: Competant (30)
  • Endurance: Novice (15)
  • Melee Combat: Novice (15)
  • Discipline: Novice (10)
Relationship: Instructor [Sword Fighting]
Relevance: Vhalar 702 (Memory PC)

To be applied for.

Pets, Mounts, Familiars
Pride Venora
Relationship: Mount
Relevance: Cylus 716 - Present

Pride is a juvenile Sigh, meaning at the moment he is large enough to perch upon Andraska with a talon on each shoulder, however will soon grow up to have a four meter wingspan and the capability of being flown. Sighs are masters of silence, their bodies perfect to minimize wind resistance and are difficult to see or hear, leaving them perfect hunters and mounts for tactical espionage.


Item/Thread City Gain/Loss Total
Human +10 10
Starting Race: Human Rynmere +10 20
Profession: Journalist +10 30
Kill Them With Kindness Rynmere +9 39
Looking for a Lead Rynmere +3 42
My Keeper's Cousin Rynmere +1 43
Of Bolts & Betrayal Rynmere +2 45
The Troubles of Twerking Rynmere +3 48
Finding Pebbles Rynmere +8 56
Double Trouble Rynmere +5 61
Right or Wrong Rynmere +5 66
We Stole A House Rynmere +4 70
Playing Pretend w/Pretty Presents Rynmere +1 71
Down The Streets of Andaris Rynmere +2 73
For The Children Rynmere +7 80
The Holy Sister and The Hellion Rharne +7 87
Unwanted Rynmere +2 89
Innocence Dismissed Rynmere +1 90
Embrace the Pain Pt I Rynmere +2 92
Midwinter Masks Rynmere +15 107
Masked Ball: SlaveryRynmere +10 117
Death in DisguiseRynmere+15132
Good Impressions Rynmere -1 131
A Royal Tragedy Rynmere +45 176
Five Days Ago Rharne +1177
Trial by Fire Rharne +30 207
Food for Thought Rharne +2 209
The Precipice Rharne +20 229
Warming Up Rynmere +22231
Training with Margery Rynmere+10241
Brothers, Reunited Rynmere +2 243
Fight Me, Bro Rynmere +4 247

Point Bank Points
Item Points Awarded Points Spent Total
November 2016 +39 39
December 2016 +30 69
January 2017 +53 122
Sigh -75 47
February 2017 +93 140
March 2017 +77 217
April 2017 +63 280
May 2017 +47 327
word count: 644
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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Andráska Venora wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:25 pm

You corrupt religion either in favor of your friends, or against your enemies. - Blaise Pascal

Current Religion: Rynlism
Current Mark(s): N/A
Past Marks: N/A
Desired Mark(s): N/A
Current Curse(s): N/A
Past Curse(s): N/A

Interesting Immortals:
Ilaren - Lightening, Alcohol
Vri - Death, Sadness, Love
Zanik - Music, Seduction
Liked Immortals: N/A
Followed Immortals: Pier & Pre
Worshiped Immortals: N/A

Immortals Slain: 0
Immortals Fought: 0
Immortals Bedded: 0
Immortals Befriended: 0

Pier & Pre
Item Devotion Earned Total
Prayer +1 1
Prayer +12
Prayer +1 3
Prayer +14
Meeting Pier & Pre +20 24

Item Devotion Earned Total
Prayer +1 1
Prayer +1 2


Item Devotion Earned Total
Killing a Sessfiend (Zvezdana) -10 -10
Item Devotion Earned Total
Write Original Song +6 6
word count: 343
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Race: Human
Profession: Political Figurehead
Renown: 247
Character Sheet
Wealth Tier: Tier 6




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Re: Preparing for Greatness

Andráska Venora wrote: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:26 pm
Possessions & Professions

Money is a great servant but a bad master. ― Francis Bacon




Prized Possession(s)

Item Quality Extra
Crossbow Standard SP
Sigh Healthy Point Bank
Rose Shield Battered Gift (Alistair)


Item Quantity Material Quality Extra
Bolts 20 Wood Standard --
Throwing Daggers 5 Iron Standard --
Bastard Sword 1 Steel Standard Iron Hand


Article Size Color Quality Material Extra Extra
Coat L Black Standard Wool SP
Shirt L Black Standard Cotton SP
Pants L Black Standard Cotton SP
Undergarments M Black Standard Cotton SP
Boots -- Black Standard Leather SP
Gloves -- Black Good Leather --
Cloak -- Pink Standard -- Iron Hand
Coat L Grey Standard Wool Black Buttons
Dress Shirt L Black Good Cotton Black Black Buttons
Dress Pants L Black Good Cotton Black Fastener
Article Size Color Quality Material Extra Extra
Handkerchief Small Red/Black Excellent Silk Masquerade Ball Gift


Article Material Quality Extra
Chest Plate Leather Standard Iron Hand
Gauntlets Leather Standard Iron Hand
Greaves Leather Standard Iron Hand
Fauld Leather Standard Iron Hand
Pauldron Leather Standard Iron Hand


Item Quantity Extra
Bed 1 SP
Table 1 SP
Chairs 2 SP
Kitchen Ware
Item Quantity Extra
Knives 2 SP
Plates 6 SP
Item Quantity Extra
Wooden Chest 1 SP
Item Quantity Extra
Soap -- SP
Comb 1 SP
Razor 1 SP
Toothbrush 1 SP
Toothpaste -- SP
Item Quantity Extra
Potted Chamomile Plant 1 SP


Item Quantity Quality Extra
Waterskin 1 Average SP
Eating Utensils 2 sets -- SP
Tinderbox 1 -- SP

Money Ledger
Item Debit Credit
Starting Package +100gn
Bolts (x20) -2gn
Throwing Daggers (x5) -2gn
Venoran Wine -6gn
Ashan 716 Wages +447gn 7sn 2cp
Ymiden 716 Wages Inactive
Saun 716 Wages +240gn
Ale -1sn
Donation (Anna Hastings) -3gn
Vhalar 716 Wages +984gn
Gift (Scarf) -1gn
Gloves -2gn
Wool Coat -24 gn 6sn 4 cn
Gift (Bottle/Whiskey) -30gn
Zi'da 716 Wages +1460 gn 1 sn
Donation (Venora Orphanage) -150gn
Personal NPC (Zi'da 716) -10gn
Gambling in Rharne -3gn
Renting a Room (1 night) -3gn
Buying Shots -6gn
Masquerade Donation -100gn
Dress Pants -21gn 3sn 8cn
Dress Shirt -2gn 8sn 5cn
Drug: Buzz -10gn
Leather Straps -8gn
Syringe -10gn
Cylus 717 Wages +390 gn
Personal NPC (Cylus 717) -10gn
Ashan 717 Wages +1845gn
Nonfiction Book -10gn
Ymiden 717 Wages +1577gn
Job Loyalty Bonus (716-717)+5000gn
Total Currency: 11,628 gn 8sn 5 cn


[columns=2]Profession 1: Baron

Profession 2: King's Guard[/columns]Currently employed by:
The Ouroboros Guard
The Citizens of Venora

Previously employed by:
Rynmere Gazette


Current Wage Per Day
Daily Base Related Skill Skill Level Skill Bonus Seasons WorkedLoyalty Bonus Total
2gn Leadership Competent 2gn ---- 4gn
Company: Venora
Officially Employed: Ymiden 717
Tax Expense: ?
Pay Cap: ?

King's Guard

Current Wage Per Day
Daily Base Related Skill Skill Level Skill Bonus Seasons Worked Loyalty Bonus Total
2gn Unarmed Combat Legendary +5gn 6 +12gn 19gn
Company: Ouroboros
Officially Employed: Saun 716 (Knight) | Ashan 717 (Ouroboros)
Tax Expenses: N/A
Pay Cap: ?


Past Wage Per Day
Daily Base Related Skill Skill Level Skill Bonus Seasons Worked Loyalty Bonus Total
2gn Writing Novice -- 2 +4gn 6gn
Company: Rynmere Gazette
Officially Employed: Ashan 716
Officially Quit: Ashan 717
Tax Expenses: Beggar
Pay Cap: 50gn
Job Threads
Thread Season Payment
Looking for a Lead Ashan 716 447.72 gn
The Grand Advisor Zi'da 716 530.1 gn
word count: 1108
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