The Rusty Anchor


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The City that Sailed. Blackbrine is a moving pirate city that deals in its own currency and doesn't take too kindly to trouble makers.
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The Rusty Anchor

The Rusty Anchor

With just over one hundred beds, there is always a room available for rent aboard the Rusty Anchor, and customers can even work for their stay by doing dishes, cooking and serving meals, or by helping out with maintenance and repair work around the ship. The cabins are small, each with a hammock, single bed, or double depending on the price one is looking to spend, and a lockable safe to keep all special or highly valuable belongings accounted for.

On the gun deck the crew stands ever vigilant, keeping an eye out for strange ships, troublemakers, and one of the most dangerous threats to Blackbrine, fire. The large galleon ship is a warm, chocolate brown colour with crisp, white sails and bronze finishings. There is a communal bath and showers room down below, with a small eating hall, music room, bar, and private art collection on display along the inner hallway.


Single Room: With Hammock is 5 sn a night.
Single Room: With Single Bed is 1 gn a night.
Single Room: With Double Bed is 2 gn a night.
Double Room: With two Single Beds is 2 gn and 5 sn a night.
Double Room: With Queen sized Bed is 3 gn a night.
Master Room: With King sized Bed and all the trimmings is 5 gn a night.
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