The Gilded Crow


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The City that Sailed. Blackbrine is a moving pirate city that deals in its own currency and doesn't take too kindly to trouble makers.
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The Gilded Crow

The Gilded Crow

Located on a ship near the centre of Blackbrine within the crow's nest is a tavern known to the locals as The Gilded Crow. Here the drink of choice is usually coconut rum, though patrons are also able to purchase exotic drinks like kava, which is ground down from the plant and used for its psychoactive properties, including sedation, relaxation, and relief from anxiety. It is said to be intoxicating and bitter, but not addictive.

The ship has the capacity to host a party of up to one hundred and twenty people, along with its twenty staff and crew. The wood of the large schooner has been stained black, which has faded over the years in the sun. The sails are a deep, navy blue, and the Leviathan sigil is displayed on both the main sails, stark against the lighter backdrops. Customers are free to roam across the decks or enjoy their time down below, seated at one of the many round, mahogany tables. There is live music every night and on the eighth of each season the staff serve up a buffet of delicious seafood, boasting some of the finest and freshest shellfish for miles.

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