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Kylar Fulthar

Kylar Fulthar

Name: Kylar Fulthar


Race: Lotharro

Date of Birth: Ashan,45th - 694

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent), Haltunga (Broken)

Partners: Crimson Voidflower

Keeping his hair long, Kylar will often have his hair on either side of his head to show his blue eyes off. He takes pride in his look, believing that everything has a beauty it should always try and show. He will wear soft, rough shirts casually – or leather when possible. Everything he wears, he tries to show off his strong physique – something else he takes pride in. He stands at 6'5.

Kylar is a strong willed character, one that took a different path to most of the Lotharro. He admits that harming people, what he does well, is wrong – but if he does it for good, he is willing to do it. He believes that it is better for him to do wrong than to watch innocent people suffer because of his own morals. His passion, however, mostly lies with his partner. Everything he does revolves around her – and that will never change. His personality is normally passive, not showing much in the way of passion. But start drinking, fighting or debating and his passionate side will show. He loves to have fun, and competition is a huge part of that. He appreciates a good drink, and when beaten in a fight he sees it as a learning experience as much as winning is - if not more so. He has strong views on many things, which also leads to more passion. To some, he may come off as aggressive - but far from it. To him, it's just his way of showing interest.

When he was young, he chose the path of the hunter. His gut told him that was the path he wanted to take, and he never once doubted that decision. The training was rigorous and tough, and he loved every second of it. The challenge, the adrenaline. Throughout his young days he felt as if he had the best life he could. The thrill was more than just enjoyable, it was addictive. As well as that, the pride and recognition he would one day have. To Kylar, the idea of being well known and honoured was a dream come true. However, as he reached his teenage years, his glory hunting came to a sudden halt. The path he had once adored started to feel wrong. He always knew that hunting was what he could do – and what he would one day thrive in. But he soon realised that his hunting was in the wrong place. What he intended to hunt wasn’t a literal monster like he had once thought, but a man or woman so far gone they had become much worse than something as simple and measly as a literal monster. His prey was clear to him – people. Not people of innocence, his morals wouldn’t allow that. But rather people that deserved it. After all, what was the difference between killing animals and people if both were hostile and both would hurt innocents? He would never pretend that what he did was good, neither would he say his lifestyle and choice of path was something to admire. But if he saved a few lives doing it, then he wouldn’t need honour or admiration.

After this realisation, Kylar knew he must travel. When people asked, he always told them he was the path of the Hunter. In his eyes, he still was. But his path was taking him elsewhere. So he started wandering, looking for a new place to settle. On the way, he met a woman. It was far from love at first sight, in fact he never thought much of her at first. But gradually they spent time, travelling together and the like. Until eventually, one day, he realised that perhaps the strongest passion he had now was no longer his path – but his friend. So he set his eyes on her, and very quickly they fell for one another. Time went by, and they grew closer. After three years, very little has changed between them – their bond is still as close as it has ever been and they are both still comfortable with eachother. They now own a house in Venora, where they live happily together. But Kylar, after settling down, has started his focus on his path again – as well as on his loved one. So his training will begin again, with his goal still in sight – to become as strong as he can and follow the path he chose. More importantly, to save lives – even if it risks his own.

Their house lies in Venora, Rynmere. Here, they have a small settlement that suits their needs enough – but isn’t anything fancy. They have a bed, a table and other basics. Kylar would like, but doesn’t have, a pet – but he soon hopes to obtain one.
Marks Section




  • Pack Bond
    • The Favored is granted an omega wolf familiar, a constant companion. The wolf is significantly more intelligent than regular wolves and is somewhat bigger. In addition, this spirit can communicate not only with it's companion, but with other wolves of its pack. Karem can, at any time, contact any of the wolves her blessing grants, but they can only contact her if she chooses to listen. If the wolf is too heavily drained or badly injured it will revert to a spirit form until it is either rested or healed. The wolf can also choose to revert to spirit form at will, though they generally only do so in crowded cities and such. The blessed can still communicate with their wolf in spirit form. The wolf can tell when someone else has been blessed by Karem, and will always be able to find others who bear Velduris.
  • Sense of Prey
    • A skill that allows the blessed to tell where a prey animal may be found nearby, allowing the wielder to always be able to find food at need. They can also tell whether people around them have weak combat skills or are easily intimidated.
  • Velduris Skills I
    • The blessing of Velduris enhances the bearer's survival, hunting, and animal skills, raising any one of the following skills by three points: Animal Husbandry, Animal Training, Fieldcraft, Ranged Combat, Thrown Combat, or Trap Making. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.


Velduris: Pack Bond
Velduris: Omega Wolf
Velduris: Zi'da
Velduris: Sense of Prey
Knowledge & Skills:

Skill(Knowledge)Points AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Acrobatics(1)13/100 (13/251)Novice
Acting (1)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Agriculture0/100 (0/251)Novice
Alchemy0/100 (0/251)Novice
Animal Husbandry (9)45/100 (65/251)Competent
Animal Training (9)25/100 (25/251)Competent
Axes & Bludgeons0/100 (0/251)Novice
Appraisal0/100 (0/251)Novice
Baking0/100 (0/251)Novice
Basket Weaving0/100 (0/251)Novice
Blades: Daggers (4)15/100 (15/251)Novice
Brewing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Business Management0/100 (0/251)Novice
Candlemaking0/100 (0/251)Novice
Carpentry0/100 (0/251)Novice
Cartography0/100 (0/251)Novice
Chemistry0/100 (0/251)Novice
Climbing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Construction0/100 (0/251)Novice
Cooking0/100 (0/251)Novice
Cosmetology0/100 (0/251)Novice
Dancing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Deception0/100 (0/251)Novice
Detection (9)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Discipline (7)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Disguise0/100 (0/251)Novice
Drawing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Endurance (5)27/100 (29/251)Competent
Etiquette (7)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Field Craft (2)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Fishing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Flying0/100 (0/251)Novice
Fletching0/100 (0/251)Novice
Forgery0/100 (0/251)Novice
Gambling0/100 (0/251)Novice
Gardening (1)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Glassblowing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Hunting (3)3/100 (3/251)Novice
Intelligence0/100 (0/251)Novice
Interrogation0/100 (0/251)Novice
Intimidation (2)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Investigation (4)4/100 (4/251)Novice
Jewellery Crafting0/100 (0/251)Novice
Leadership (4)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Leather Working0/100 (0/251)Novice
Linguistics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Lock Picking0/100 (0/251)Novice
Logistics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Masonry0/100 (0/251)Novice
Mathematics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Medicine (5)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Meditation0/100 (0/251)Novice
Mining0/100 (0/251)Novice
Mount (5)30/100 (35/251)Competent
Musical Instrument0/100 (0/251)Novice
Navigation0/100 (0/251)Novice
Negotiation 0/100 (0/251)Novice
Painting0/100 (0/251)Novice
Persuasion0/100 (0/251)Novice
Physics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Pick Pocketing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Poisons (1)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Polearms0/100 (0/251)Novice
Politics0/100 (0/251)Novice
Pottery0/100 (0/251)Novice
Psychology (2)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Ranged Combat: Crossbow (20)66 +3/100 (124 + 3/251)Expert
Research0/100 (0/251)Novice
Resistance0/100 (0/251)Novice
Rhetoric0/100 (0/251)Novice
Running (1)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Sculpting0/100 (0/251)Novice
Seafaring0/100 (0/251)Novice
Seduction0/100 (0/251)Novice
Sewing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Shielded Combat (1)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Ship Building0/100 (0/251)Novice
Shoemaking0/100 (0/251)Novice
Siege Weaponry0/100 (0/251)Novice
Singing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Smithing0/100 (0/251)Novice
Stealth(2)12/100 (12/251)Novice
Storytelling0/100 (0/251)Novice
(FT)Strength(1)12/100 NA/FTNovice
Surgery0/100 (0/251)Novice
Swimming0/100 (0/251)Novice
Tactics (6)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Tanning0/100 (0/251)Novice
Teaching (1)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Thrown Weapons0/100 (0/251)Novice
Torture0/100 (0/251)Novice
Trap Making0/100 (0/251)Novice
Unarmed Combat (12)0/100 (0/251)Novice
Vinting0/100 (0/251)Novice
Whips0/100 (0/251)Novice
Writing0/100 (0/251)Novice

Skill Knowledge

Acting: Trying to act natural is not as easy as it seems.

Acrobatics: Tumbles and Rolls

Animal Husbandry: Don't make sudden moves around Jacadons / Volareons in training, it frightens them.
Animal Husbandry: Animals can sense fear
Animal Husbandry: Feeding Volareon
Animal Husbandry: Distracting from unpleasant tasks with a nice ear-scratch
Animal Husbandry: How to check a Volareon's paw
Animal Husbandry: Canenula: Deals with fungal rot
Animal Husbandry: Keep him warm in the cold
Animal Husbandry: Feed your lion. Its bad not to
Animal Husbandry: Noticing when your animal is tense

Animal Training: Getting the Volareon use to it's name helps training
Animal Training: Rewarding with Food
Animal Training: Relating a Word to a Command
Animal Training: Earning the Trust of a Falcon
Animal Training: Proper Falconer's Equipment
Animal Training: Using sentences instead of just words to build rapport
Animal Training: Using an animal’s name for consistency
Animal Training: Calming an animal
Animal Training: Using clicks for simple commands

(DJ) Blades, Dagger: Know your range
Blades - Daggers: Basic Stab and Slash
Blades - Daggers: Pin and hold to throat
Blades: Practice with your Weak Hand

Detection: Look where you're going.
Detection: An innocent expression isn't always as innocent as it seems.
Detection: Spotting what someone is carrying
Detection: Growling
Detection: A distress cry
Detection: Spotting small details in the camp
Detection: Spotting signs of drunkenness
Detection: The smell of rotting corpses
Detection: Noticing signs of looting

Discipline: Following orders
Discipline: Carrying on, even when irritated with yourself
Discipline: Not showing discomfort
Discipline: Being prepared to stand and fight impossible odds
Discipline: Standing firm through fear
Discipline: Tolerating outrageous behavior
Discipline: Calming nerves

Endurance: Keeping going through pain
Endurance: Cold is uncomfortable
(DJ) Endurance: Struggling against yourself
Endurance: Multiple opponents require a lot of endurance
Endurance: Taking friendly fire
Endurance: Traveling in the cold

Etiquette: Shaking hands, not with a blade in your palm.
Etiquette: It's good manners to answer when someone speaks to you
Etiquette: How to address someone when you don't know their rank.
Etiquette: Err on the side of polite and friendly
Etiquette: Military Etiquette: Pulling rank
Etiquette: Military Etiquette: Hierarchy
Etiquette: Defending a woman's honor

Fieldcraft: Tracking: Following a doe
Fieldcraft: Identifying a doe's favorite fruit

Gardening: The seasonal nature of plants.

(DJ) Hunting: Sentient beings are the most dangerous game
Hunting: How to hunt without hurting
Hunting: Convincing a doe to come to you

Intimidation: Having already taken one person down, makes you more intimidating.
Intimidation: Being Lotharro helps

Investigation: Seeking out fungus in all the best places
Investigation: What could the beast be?
Investigation: Putting together pieces of a story
Investigation: Determining whether someone is too drunk to be left alone

Leadership: Taking charge of a situation to calm down victims
Leadership: Barking orders
Leadership: Taking control by instructing bystanders.
Leadership: Key in military situations

Medicine: Applying pressure to wounds
Medicine: Packing a wound to stem the bleeding
Medicine: Wrapping bandages tight enough
Medicine: Cleaning a wound
Medicine: Garrote Vine Sap: Anti-coagulant

Mount: Horse: Short rein to stop the horse from lowering its head
Mount: Horse: Have to be firm and retain control
Mount: Horse: Nudge with your heel
Mount: Horse: Squeeze with your legs to stay on
Mount: Horse: Don't squeeze too hard or too far back

Philosophy: Growing up takes time

Poison: Ghost Mushroom: Affects respiratory tract

Psychology: It's important to make a good first impression.
Psychology: You're never really alone in the world

Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Stance for loading
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Techniques for loading
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Clicks when locked
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Once locked, won't release unless you release it.
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: The feel of a crossbow, weight etc in your hands
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to take aim
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to hold it for maximum efficiency
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Releasing whilst keeping aim
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Different types of ammunition
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Aiming
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Firing a bolt
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to load
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to fire
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Stance
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: How to hold it
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Delivers killing blows when used properly
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Poison tip bolts may be a waste
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Recoil can hurt
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Holding steady
Ranged Combat: Crossbow: Longshot

Running: Sprinting

Shield Combat: Tower shield

Stealth: Keeping to the shadows
Stealth: Keeping a Low Profile

Strength: Building muscles through exercise

Tactics: Advantages and disadvantages of a crossbow over a traditional bow
Tactics: Different types of daggers for different jobs.
Tactics: The importance of being prepared
Tactics: Circling Around your Opponent
Tactics: Get low in a fire
Tactics: Shielding yourself from the caving roof

Teaching: Demonstrating how

Unarmed Combat: Wrestle to the ground
Unarmed Combat: Maintaining balance isn't easy.
Unarmed Combat: Disarming your opponent
Unarmed Combat: Jump attack
Unarmed Combat: Pin to the floor
Unarmed Combat: Aiming a punch
Unarmed Combat: Stance
Unarmed Combat: Movement is important
Unarmed Combat: How to make a fist
Unarmed Combat: Forward punch
Unarmed Combat: Center yourself
Unarmed Combat: Use height to your advantage

Non-Skill Knowledge

(DJ) Location: Uthaldria
(DJ) Uthaldria: Path of the Hunter
Ithecal: Big.
Crimson: Sees right through you
Crimson: Loves nature
Crimson: Followed you into town
Crimson: Wife
Crimson: A Comfort on the Front Lines
Crimson: It was the right gown
Crimson: No one but her
Crimson: Now your wife
Atashi: An Ithecal
Atashi: Looking for work
Atashi: Enjoys working with you
Atashi: Apologized
Atashi: Has a temper
Atashi: Thinks he got the easy part
Atashi: Thinks you got the worst
Atash: Didn’t know if he’d ever see you again
Atashi: Friend and Comrade
Atashi: Came to your wedding
Lazuli Warrick: A pleasant woman
Lazuli Warrick: Your teacher.
Lazuli Warrick: Kind
Lazuli: Came to your wedding
Location: Skye Verath Lodge
Nir'wei: Works at the lodge
Nir'wei: Came to your wedding
Nir'wei: A bit scruffy-looking
Nir'wei: A pacifist
Nir'wei: A passionate man
Malcolm: Not an optimist when it comes to the weather
Malcolm: Air of authority
Malcolm: A good leader
Aeon: Skyrider
Aeon: Fought the beast
Aeon: Lost his hand to the beast
Aeon: Disobeyed direct orders. Twice
Faith: A slave
Faith: Cares whether you hurt yourself
Faith: Has skill in unarmed combat
Faith: Can teach you not to break your thumb
Faith: Hates fighting
Faith: About to crossbow practice
Faith: Told Padraig about you
Faith: Bolts are intended for ‘the beast’
Faith: Was there when the ‘the beast’ attacked last season
Faith: Knows someone who fought ‘the beast’
Faith: Believes you do things with clear heart and for right reasons
Faith: Trusts Malcolm and Elyna
Faith: Met your wife the previous trial
Faith: Likes Crimson
Faith: Think Malcolm and Elyna are remarkable
Faith: Says Sintih was hurting her
Faith: No Different than Everyone Else
Location: Barracks
Location: Eastern Settlement
Location: Pyke
Location: Welles
Someone else licking your bloody finger, even in a dream, is disgusting...
Symbri: Had a dream about her.
Playing games is fun.
Symbri: Watch out, she bites!
Symbri: in your dream, she was your sister
Symbri: More lonely than she seems, you didn't want to leave her
Symbri: Best (self proclaimed) butt-kicking dancer
Symbri: Immature
Symbri: Loves attention
Symbri: Has Your Back
Padraig: Brought the antidote
Padraig: Brought 3 doses of poison
Padraig: Came on the campaign for Faith
Padraig: Knows someone who fought ‘the beast’
Padraig: Never has fired a crossbow
Padraig: Has altered bolts with hollow tips to deliver poison
Padraig: About to crossbow practice
The Beast: Blood coagulates quickly
Sintih: Put his hands on a woman
Sintih: Squire of Gawyne
Sintih: Untrustworthy
Elyna: Stripped Sintih of his rank
Location: Rynmere: Eastern Settlement
Location: Rynmere: Warrick
Location: Burning Mountains
Karem: The Immortal of the Hunt
Karem: Your guide
Zi'da: Your new companion
Saoire: The Giving Woman
Saoire: Wears a Holiday Crown
Saoire: Delivering Your Gift
Saoire: The Holiday Woman
Saoire: The Beauty of a Gift
Saoire: Wear Variable Holiday Crowns
Tristan Venora: Aristocracy
Tristan Venora: Brave
Tristan Venora: Sculptor
Tristan Venora: Writes Musicals
Tristan Venora: Worships Ilaren and Zanik
Parents: Came to your wedding
George: Officiated your wedding
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Endurance (RB)2525-
Strength (FT) (SP)1212-
Blades: Daggers (SP)1313-
Stealth (SP)1212-
Acrobatics (SP)1313-
Blades: Daggers (DJ) 22-
Endurance (DJ)22-
Hunting (DJ)33-
Moments Of Beauty 1515
Mount --105
Animal Husbandry --50
Having faith is to have wings 1515
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --150
Shield and Dagger 1414
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --140
A guided tour 1515
Animal Husbandry --150
Where only mad men go 1515
Animal Husbandry --150
Good people Drink 1515
Animal Training --150
When in doubt, punch 1515
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --150
Floating among memories 1515
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --150
Flips...and flops 1515
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --150
Ready, Steady, Lock and Load 1515
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --150
Clarity 1515
Animal Husbandry --150
Walked the lost path 1515
Animal Husbandry --150
Ranged Combat: Crossbow (IM)-3-
A gift to give 1010
Animal Training --100
Welcome to Welles 1414
Mount --140
Mountain Men 1515
Mount --114
Investigation --40
Missing the Point 1515
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --150
A new Journey 2020
Ranged Combat: Crossbow --200
Marks Section

  • Starter Pack: City Dweller!
    • One set of clothing
    • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
    • One waterskin
    • Two sets of eating utensils
    • Tinderbox
    • Good Hidden Dagger
    • Taffeta Gown (For Crimson, Wedding)
    • Chiffon Veil (For Crimson, Wedding)
    • Cotton Shirt (Wedding)
    • Cotton Trousers (Wedding)
    • Cotton Jacket (Wedding)
    • One-man tent
    • Crossbow
    • Five bolts
    • Leather Armor (Skyrider)
    • Leather Gauntlets (Skyrider)
    • Leather Greaves (Skyrider)
    • Leather Fauld (Skyrider)
    • Leather Pauldron (Skyrider)
    • Black Andaris Cloak (Skyrider)
    • Masterwork Dagger with Gemstone Hilt
    • Masterwork Crossbow (On Loan)
    • 40 Bolts (On Loan)
    • Good Kris
    • Good Misericorde
    • Warrick Lion (Trained)
    • Lynx (Trained)
    • Zi'da the Wolf (Velduris)
Starting Pack ... 100gn
Masterwork Stiletto 40gn ...
Good Hidden Dagger 40gn ...
Gold Necklace 15gn ...
Bank Loan ... 200gn
Wedding Clothes 70gn, 5sn, 6cn ...
Season Wages (Approved by Kingdom) ... 1168gn 5sn
Paying back Loan 212gn ...
Warrick Lion (Trained) 800gn ...
One-Man Tent 15gn ...
Black Andaris Cloak 50gn ...
Falcon and Extras (Holiday Event) 50gn ...
Season Wages (Approved by Pegasus) ... 795n 1sn 5cn
A New Jounrey ... 200gn (+Items)
Total Currency: 0 ON, 1171 GN, 1 SN, 9 CN
Fame Ledger
Being Lotharro 10 ...
Being a Mercenary ... 10
Being Lotharro in Rynmere 10 ...
Moments Of Beauty 1 ...
Shield and Dagger 3 ...
Good people drink 4 ...
When in doubt, punch 1 ...
Clarity 1 ...
Walked the lost path 10 ...
Mountain Men 4 ...
A New Journey 10 ...
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word count: 3703

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