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Approved: Wild Zelroux

Name: Wild Zelroux Quick Facts: The Wild Zelroux is a strange creature that evolved completely separately from the Horned Carowa. However, thanks to various advantages, they evolved to be the perfect predator to the Carowa. A Zelroux is a very rare and powerful creature, often being highly sought after. A Zelroux as a companion is sign of either status, power, or luck as those are the three things you'll need in order to find and tame one. They adapt to the nature of their master and will act as they see fit to please their masters. In the wild, Zelroux act similarly towards an alpha; the master taking the form of an alpha in the hierarchy of a pet Zelroux. Natural advantages over the average beast make them powerful predators.
Height: 6-10 feet while standing (including the horns).
Width: 30-inch chest width.
Length: Typically 8-16 feet long from head to the tip of the tail.
Weight: 400-600lbs, size dependent as well as area dependent.
Native to: Forests and plains
Locations: Central Idalos is the likeliest place find a Zelroux. However, very small groups have been known to live in the east, west, north, and south Idalos. A number have been taken to the south to be used as companions and Carowa hunters, thought these are still very small numbers.

Appearance: The Zelroux vary between the two genders. Both, at their most basic level, have a form that is wolfish in nature with a touch of lion. Usually the size of a Zelroux depends on its position in the pack dynamic. Larger Zelroux will tend to take over the pack. The average Zelroux tend to range in size from small to medium. Both genders have large saber cat like teeth on either side of their muzzle. These teeth are hollow, like the fangs of a rattlesnake, with poison glands that are activated by muscles in the sides of their muzzles. At the same time, these muscles can block pressure to make sure a bite does NOT cause any venom to come out. Muscle use to release poison in conscious, the process is similar to the flexing of an arm muscle. At birth these fangs are non existent, once a Zelroux gets its first set of fangs they aren't hollow and the poison glands haven't activated. At about 4 seasons a Zelroux finally gets their first set of hollow fangs and they start to produce poison. Training is necessary during this stage of life to make sure the Zelroux knows how to control the muscles. The claws of a Zelroux are hooked to allow for better grip, similar to their fangs which are hooked inward to keep prey from escaping. Each claw is deeply serrated in a way that causes multiple punctures, bettering the ability to grip. Both genders can reach speeds of 35-40 mph on a clear stretch of land and their bite pressures have been documented to reach 2000 pounds per square inch.

The females tend to be slightly smaller than the males. Often they are more wolf-like in appearance. Their tails resembling that of a lion with a wolf's fur. They have longer legs and ears than the males and are built more for tracking and chasing down prey than anything else. The females also have a much more lion-like head when it comes to shape, they still have the elongated snout of a wolf the head itself is lion like.

While the females are adapted for hunting purposes, the males have adapted to protect the territory, pups, and females. They have much stockier, more powerful looking bodies that are somewhat more lion-like. Their heads and tails are a lot more on the lines of a wolf. The males have large manes that form around their necks and while they have shorter limbs, they have a lot more power in their compact bodies. The males additionally have very elk-like racks of antlers that adorn their heads.

Habitat: Zelroux often try to stick to forested areas, though they will leave these areas should they need to. They enjoy any kind of cover and will adapt to their surroundings. Few Zelroux like wide open plains, but they will go to plains like areas for the soul purpose of Carowa hunting.

Lifespan and Development: The Zelroux is a pack animal, usually living in groups ranging from 8-14 sometimes being smaller or larger. In a pack, there is a usually an alpha male and an alpha female. They are the mother and father figures of all the other Zelroux. Usually the pack will consist of their children and any others they took in who have lost their own pack. It is very rare for a Zelroux to leave its pack. The alpha pair are the two in the pack who are the breeding pair, though their may be a "beta" pair that is allowed to breed depending on circumstance. The pups are raised by the males of the pack while the females go off to hunt.

At one arc of age a pup will start to learn how to aid its pack. If its male then it'll start to rough house with the older males in order to learn how to fight. It is at this age that the rack of a male will start to grow in. Females on the other hand will start to be taken out on hunting trips almost immediately, expected to quickly build up the strength of muscle to run with the rest of the group and be able to start bringing prey back for the males. At arc two a Zelroux, though not yet of breeding age, will fully be considered a part of the pack. Age three is when a Zelroux is officially of breeding age and can leave their pack. However that doesn't happen often.

At the top of the pack is the mother and father figure. Usually this pair is highly respected by every other member of the pack. Alphas are to be highly respected. Because they both rule over two different aspects of the pack neither one holds full control. The female won't be able to turn the males against the male alpha and the reverse is equally true. As such, the two alphas have to work together in unity. The loyalty of the members of the pack is something that can't be summed up in a couple of words. It's the willingness to risk one's life, travel to the ends of the earth and back, and to fight off any beast at the command of an alpha. Alphas tend to be smart and powerful, often being on the older end of the spectrum and having long lived under their own pair of alphas before heading their own pack. Rarely are there problems within the pack that cause fighting, but they are possible and can sometimes end in a lower ranking Zelroux getting kicked out by the alpha.

Because the importance of the alpha in everyday life, it is extremely traumatic when one loses their pack. When a Zelroux loses its pack, after trying everything to find it again, it will have one of two responses. Some Zelroux will try to become their own alpha and start to fill out their own pack. More often though, a Zelroux will try and find a new alpha figure. Usually they will first try to find another pack to join. Depending on the size and blood relations though, this may not be impossible. In which case a Zelroux will stoop to making anything its alpha. This is the rare case in which a human might be able to acquire a Zelroux. If one finds a Zelroux without a pack, by earning its trust you may take on the position of its new alpha. A Zelroux will adapt to its alpha in any way that it can, becoming over protective and following orders as best it can. They are easy to train but hard to find.

When a pair of Zelroux packs come face to face with each other, they will usually pass each other by, being wary but not aggressive. However, on rare occasions one pack may attack the other. This is called Claiming, an event where both alphas (male and female) will come face to face with one another. The female will start to lunge at each other, darting around to try and get at the other, while the males will start wrestling each other, each trying to overpower the other through use of horns and physical strength. Whichever alphas earn the respect of more members of both packs walk away the winners. Sometimes the defeated alphas will take whoever they impressed and run, on other occasions they will become the unofficial betas of the new pack.

Upon the death of a Zelroux usually there will be great mourning. The Zelroux's corpse will be buried and the pack will stand vigil at the spot for a couple of trials. Packs are tight and the death of each member is a pain to carry. If the death is of an Alpha, that pain is even more sharp. In some cases the remaining alpha will pick a new mate. However, sometimes the remaining alpha will be too distraught to move on; either becoming so depressed the pack has to care for them for the rest of their life, or going to far as to kill itself. Usually this is hard to do, leading to a horrifically painful scene. If this is the case, then a new pair of Alphas will step up. It takes a lot of work for the new alphas to get the pack back into working condition.

Diet: Zelroux tend to stick to the consumption of meat as they can only taste savory, sweet, and bitter. All plants taste alike to a Zelroux. The preferred prey of the Zelroux tends to be avian or equine beasts. A favorite of the Zelroux is the Horned Carowa because despite the dangers of hunting one, the Carwoa provides sustenance for a long time. Zelroux tend to hunt once every couple of trials to keep themselves going. The rest of their time is spent either resting to save energy or patrolling their territory. They try to waste as little energy as possible to avoid going hunting often. Zelroux will bury left over prey if they know they'll be returning to the area soon. In some cases they might even bring the carcass along by tearing it apart and slinging it onto the back of the largest Zelroux.

Usually it is the female Zelroux that hunt, though they are occasionally accompanied by males to take down larger and stronger prey such as the Carowa. When hunting, females usually work in a groups of about three. The females because their smaller, more agile bodies are masters of stealth and can go undetected while they encircle their prey. Once their prey is well surrounded, the three will jump out together, the highest ranking Zelroux lunging first. They will either trap their prey and take it down or be able to wound it severely and chase it down. To separate prey from groups or herds, the males will come in and disrupt the herd, allowing the females to surround one of the weaker herd members. When a target is more powerful than themselves, they will keep it ringed and isolated until more females arrive to fill in this circle to ensure the animal does not escape. At this point the males will enter the circle and start to attack. Often a Zelroux won't attack anything outside of avian or equine beasts unless they are truly desperate, so attacking sentient races is something rare and almost unheard of.

Temperament: Zelroux are pretty mild mannered towards everything that isn't prey or trying to attack them. They stick to Carowa and large animals like moose, deer, elk, etc. so they don't bother people or farmers. Only in extreme desperation will they attack anything outside a prey animal or a threat. When it comes to threats, only hunters who are actively trying to bother them are seen as threats, or anything that gets close to the pups. When a threat is spotted, the first response is for the alphas to check things out. From there the rest of the pack will follow the directions of the alpha. Zelroux are pretty intelligent. Not equal ti humans, but they do outrank the cognitive abilities of many other animals. They are able to understand orders over time and function on a level above the average beast when it comes to self preservation. They are as smart as smart can get with animals and not smarter than that.

Abilities: Poison, strange claws, females are fast while males are strong.

Credit: Night
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Wild Zelroux

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