[Hiladrith] Announcements

All updates regarding the city of Hiladrith are posted here.

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Hiladrith is seen as the gateway city to the other regions and is booming with trade, transport, and culture. Adventurers stop in Hiladrith at least once during their journeys across Idalos not only to buy and sell items, but to enjoy the scenery of the city and chance a look at the women there. If there is one thing Hiladrith is known for, it's the women.

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[Hiladrith] Announcements

City Announcements
In here the Prophets of Ne'haer will post any important announcements. These announcements will take two forms:
  • -Either they will share news about the city which is In Character... sometimes your PC will not know about these events, but the announcement will be clear on what is public knowledge and what isn't.
    -Or the post will be relating to Out Of Character information, such as the appointment of a new staff member to the city, or a rant about rules which aren't being obeyed.
Please pay attention to this thread and if you see a new post, please read it carefully, as the information will almost always affect your RP within this city.

Credit to Kingdom for making my life easy and letting me use her material. Thank you!

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